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The Sultan’s Bought Bride

What's a Princess to do when she's gun-shy about marriage and falling for a Sultan?

Princess Nicolette Ducasse would do anything for her family, even head to a foreign country and pretend to be her sister and marry Sultan Malik Roman Nuri. Her plan: impersonate Chantal for awhile, break the engagement and return home. But, Nic never imagined Malik Nuri to be one sexy Sultan and soon finds herself over her head in wedding plans, classes about Baraka history and in the middle of bone-melting kisses that she is quickly becoming addicted to.The Princess Brides

Sultan Malik Roman Nuri picked Princess Chantal Ducasse to be his Queen. But when she arrives, Malik is faced with a woman who lights a fire within his heart and soul that can't be put out. Everything he had planned turns to chaos as Malik learns that his soon to be Queen isn't quite what he expected, but he wants her just the same.

Will Malik get his bride to the altar or will she fight him every step of the way?

--from the review by Road To Romance

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North American Edition
September 2004 - Harlequin
isbn: 037312418X

< 2008 trilogy featuring all three of Jane's Princess Brides books. Visit Book 2 and Book 3.

Available for the
first time in years!

UK paperback edition
May 2004 - Mills & Boon
isbn: 0263837378

Princess Nicollete's Tiara


This is the first book in The Princess Brides Trilogy

The Princess BridesPROLOGUE:

"You're not going to go." Princess Nicolette tossed the heavy parchment paper into the garbage can. "You just pick up the phone and tell the sultan -- or sheikh -- or whatever he is that you're not doing this disgustingly barbaric arranged marriage thing again. For heaven's sake, Chantal, you're a woman -- not a human sacrifice!"

Chantal's mouth curved, but the tight smile didn't touch her gray eyes, or her tense expression. "He's wealthy, Nic. There's a chance he might be able to buy Lilly's freedom, and if this is the way --"

"It's not the way! Absolutely not the way. You barely survived one hellish marriage. How could you even consider another?"

"Because our country needs it. Our people need it. "Chantal's slim shoulders lifted, fell, as did her voice. "My daughter needs it."

Chantal's resignation killed Nic. Her sister had lost her spirit, her backbone, her courage. The last couple of years had virtually annihilated the elegant princess, the eldest of the Ducasse royal grandchildren.

"You have needs, too," Nic shot back. "And you need to be treated kindly, lovingly, with respect. Another marriage of convenience -- to another playboy -- will only crush you." Nic's emotions ran high. If Chantal couldn't fight anymore, than Nic would have to do it for her. "And I know you want to help Lilly, but your daughter needs to come home to Melio, Chantal. She doesn't need another foreign country, another foreign culture, or another foreign nanny saying no princess, you can't princess, don't smile princess, we don't approve of laughter, princess!"

Chantal winced. "You're not helping, Nic."

Nic dropped to her knees, and wrapped her arms around Chantal's legs, holding her sister close. "So let me help. Let me do something for a change!"

Chantal's fine dark brown eyebrow arched and she lifted one of Nicolette's long blond curls. "You'll marry the sultan?" Chantal gently mocked. "Come on, Nic. You'd never agree to a marriage of convenience. And you're not even close to being ready to settle down. You're still sowing all your wild oats."

Nicolette pressed her cheek to Chantal's knees. "I'm not sowing wild oats. I'm just dating--"

Her sister laughed and tugged on the long blonde curl. "You don't date, love. You hunt and destroy."

"You make me sound like the Terminator! I don't destroy men. I just haven't found Mr. Right yet."

"And how are you going to find the right man when you sleep with all the wrong ones?"



The Sultan's translator turned to the Princess. "The King thanks you for your concerns, and assures you that you need not worry, or troubled. As the wedding details are set, there is nothing for you to do in the next two weeks but relax and familiarize you with our life here in Baraka."

Nothing to do in the next two weeks but relax? Nicolette puzzled over the king's answer. "What's happening in two weeks?"

The translator bowed his head. "The wedding, Your Highness."

The wedding already planned. The ceremony here. In two weeks. It couldn't be. Surely this was a language problem, an issue with the translation. "I'm afraid we're losing something here. Are you telling me that the wedding date-and all detail -- has already been set?"


Nicolette touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip. She'd been in Baraka, King Malik Nuri's North African kingdom, less than two hours and already things were wildly out of control. What had happened to her plan? What about the quiet, private ceremony she'd dreamed up in America? "How can it be set?"

The robed translator bowed head politely. "His Highness has chosen a date blessed by the religious and cultural calendar."

Nicolette glanced past the slim translator to King Nuri reclining on the sofa. This was going to be far more difficult than she'd anticipated. King Nuri was the kind of man she'd assiduously avoided -- smart, suave, sophisticated-and far too much in control. "But the King hasn't consulted my calendar," she said firmly, turning towards the sultan, meeting his gaze directly to convey her displeasure. "He can't set a wedding date without my input."

The translator nodded again, his expression grave, and still unfailingly polite "It is customary for the King to consult with his spiritual advisors."

"The King is very religious then?"

The translator paused, appeared momentarily at loss for words before recovering. "The King is the King. The ruler of Baraka --"

What nonsense was this? "And I am Princess Chantal, of the royal Ducasse family." Her temper was getting the best of her. She hated double-speak, especially hated royal double speak. This is one reason she'd always dated commoners. Playboys, her sister's voice echoed in her head. "Perhaps you'd care to remind your king that nothing is set until I say it's set."

The translator hesitated. He didn't want to translate this.

Nicolette's jaw hardened. "Tell him. Please."

"Your Highness --" the translator protested.

She shifted impatiently, set her cup on the low wood table. "Perhaps it was a mistake coming to Baraka. I'd assumed King Malik Nuri was educated. Civilized --"

"Western?" the King concluded, languidly rising from his sofa to again dominate the royal chamber.

Nic's jaw dropped even as her stomach flipped.

So he spoke English. But of course he spoke English. He'd gone to Oxford for heaven's sake. Yet he'd allowed all introductions, all awkward conversation, to be made via the translator. He'd had their first meeting conducted like an interview.

"Why did we have a translator?" she demanded, head tilting, scarf sliding back, revealing her long dark hair.

He didn't look a bit apologetic. "I thought it might make you more comfortable."

Wrong. It was to make him more comfortable. A passive display of power. Nic scraped her teeth together. Think like Chantal, she reminded herself. Be Chantal.

But Chantal's become a doormat.

And yet it's Chantal he wants, not you.

The sultan was waiting for her to speak. Her eyes flashed fire even as she struggled to retain her flimsy smile, nodding her head the way she'd seen Chantal nod graciously so many times on official state business. "How considerate," she said from between clenched teeth, rising as well. "I really ought to...thank you."

King Nuri's lips curved faintly. "My pleasure." He lifted his hand in a small imperial gesture and the translator discreetly exited the room.

They were both standing, far too close for Nic's comfort, and the sultan studied her fierce expression for a long moment before knotting his hands behind his back and slowly circling her.

It was an examination. A study before a purchase.

Like a camel at an open-air market, she thought uneasily, as he circled a second time, his hawk-like gaze missing nothing.

"Do I meet your approval, King Nuri?" She choked, her sarcasm lost as her voice broke. This was not going to be a two-week vacation. She was scared. Not for Chantal, but for herself. King Nuri had a plan, and as the wild beating of her heart reminded her, his plan was swiftly annihilating her own.


Read the excerpt from Book 2 in The Princess Brides trilogy.


» The Sultan's Bought Bride is the first installment of Jane Porter's new Princess Brides trilogy. It is romantic, sexy, and fun, and it more than delivers everything you'd expect in a book written by this author.

(posted September 27, 2004)

» "Sultan Malik is wonderful, strong and proud, arrogant without being overbearing, yet with a touching vulnerability that tugs at the heart. Porter's writing is a feast for the senses and each sentence is to be savored. With its breathless sexual tension and exquisite love scenes, The Sultan's Bought Bride is an amazing addition to the sheikh romance."

~ Debora Hosey, reviewing The Sultan's Bought Bride for The Romance Reader's Connection
(posted September 15, 2004)

» A fairy tale for the kid in you. No talking frogs or wicked witches, but you'll find it a satisfying fun read all the same with lots of romantic action to tickle your fancy... Recommended for any romantic, especially those who love the "Once upon a time" tales with exotic settings and stories involving a mingling of two vastly different cultures. Talented Jane Porter will keep you reading...

~Mary Emmons, reviewing The Sultan's Bought Bride for ReaderTo
(posted September 1, 2004)

» High-scoring FOUR STARS from Romantic Times BOOKclub for The Sultan's Bought Bride. "Malik and Nic have a strong, tangible chemistry, and it's a delight to watch the masquerade and unveiling that goes on..."

~September 2004 issue of Romantic Times BOOKclub
(posted September 1, 2004)

» "Jane Porter romances her characters and readers in her latest release, The Sultan's Bought Bride. This is book one of The Princess Brides Trilogy and there are many characters within this book that I hope to see have their own stories! Malik is a hero that makes a woman sigh with just one glance from him. He is wonderful, sensual, caring and very intelligent. Nicolette meets her match in Malik and it's thrilling and wondrous to watch the romance unfold and see it conquer these characters.

"The Sultan's Bought Bride is another hit for Jane Porter and another keeper for my bookshelf. I enjoyed it immensely and loved the surprises in store for Nic. This is a fast-paced, one-sitting read that I laughed over and found myself shedding a couple tears for. I am eager as never before for the next Jane Porter release. Each story seems better than the last and as a fan, I love that she continues to keep her readers on their toes! I can't wait to see which Princess Bride walks down the altar and the groom who will be waiting for her! Take a trip to Baraka, fall in love with a Sultan and enjoy the feisty Princess he tries to get to the's a trip well worth it!"

~ Tracey West, reviewing The Sultan's Bought Bride for
(posted May 17, 2004)

» "This book is the best I have read yet this year -- Jane Porter has kept up with her amazing track record of writing fantastically emotional and gripping stories with The Sultan's Bought Bride.

The book is the first in The Princess Brides trilogy by Jane Porter where each of the Princesses need to make a marriage of convenience to save their country and their people... The book is fantastically written and took me through every emotion possible. There were times when I had tears in my eyes due to some of the extremely moving descriptions and scenes. The love scenes are brilliant -- very hot (!) and I finished the book with a big grin on my face."

~ Katie Stalham, awarding FIVE STARS to The Sultan's Bought Bride for
(posted May 3, 2004)

» "The Sultan's Bought Bride is a wickedly fun read! The chemistry between Nic and Malik is red-hot and scorching! Nic is an independent woman determined not to follow the rules of old, and Malik is determined to win her at all costs. I zipped through the book within two hours and can only hope that Ms. Porter won't keep her readers waiting long for the next book of this series. I enjoyed it immensely!"

~ The Sultan's Bought Bride reviewed by Mad for
(posted April 15, 2004)


Jane gives as an extra: Real Royal news/gossip links.


Danish Royal Watchers
World of Royalty Blog

And an unofficial site, chock full of information:
Netty's Royalty Page (Her links alone are outstanding.)

(posted September 2008)



Princess Nicollete's Tiara

The Princess Brides Trilogy
(they can be read in any order)

Book 1: The Sultan's Bought Bride
Book 2: The Greek's Royal Mistress
Book 3: The Italian's Virgin Princess


(posted May 3, 2004)

Serves: 4 - 6 (main course)
Active time: 30 minutes
Start to finish: 3 1/2 hours (includes marinating)

3 cloves garlic, crushed
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon packed fresh thyme leaves, or to taste 1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste
1 3/4 lb boneless leg of lamb, trimmed and cut into 1-inch cubes 24 cherry tomatoes

Special Equipment: 14 (10-inch) wooden skewers, soaked in cold water 1 hour, or metal skewers

* Stir together garlic, oil, tomato paste, spices, thyme, and salt in large bowl, then add lamb, stirring to coat. Marinate lamb, covered and chilled, stirring occasionally, 2 hours.

* Thread lamb evenly onto 10 skewers and tomatoes onto remaining 4 skewers. (Because the tomatoes cook twice as quickly as the lamb, use separate skewers.)

* While lamb is marinating, prepare grill for cooking.

* When fire is medium-hot (you can hold your hand five inches above rack for 3 to 4 seconds), grill kebabs on lightly oiled grill rack, turning once, until tomatoes are wilted but not falling apart and skins begin to split, about 4 minutes total for tomatoes and about 8 minutes total for medium-rare lamb.

Cook's note:

* If you aren't able to grill, kebabs can be broiled on an oiled broiler rack 3 - 4 inches from heat, turning once, about 3 minutes total for tomatoes and 8 minutes total for medium-rare lamb.


Read an excerpt from The Sheikh's Virgin, a book that is tied to this one.


»The Sultan's Bought Bride has spent 3 weeks on the Waldenbooks bestseller list for series romance -- the last two weeks (the 4th and 11th) at #2! (posted September 27, 2004)

» The Sultan's Bought Bride hits #4 on Amazon's List of Presents Bestsellers. (posted September 15, 2004)

» Best Mills+Boon Modern... and the winner is The Sultan's Bought Bride! Link the whole list of winners from CataRomance. (posted August 16, 2004)


UK paperback edition

Italian Anthology Edition

Lithuanian Edition

Portuguese Edition

Brazilian Edition

Lebanese Edition

Italian Edition

Japanese Edition

Greek Edition

(Above: Jane's three princess books, The Sultan's Bought Bride, The Greek's Royal Mistress, The Italian's Virgin Princess make up this Greek anthology)

Finnish Edition

Norwegian Edition

Danish Edition



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