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The Latin Lover’s Secret Child

Lucio Cruz gets a second chance to make his marriage work when he's called to help in the recovery of his soon to be ex-wife, Anabella Galvan Cruz. After contracting encephalitis while on an antiques buying trip in China, Anabella awoke from a medically-induced coma with partial amnesia.

Lucio doesn't know how he'll bear such close proximity to the woman who was once the very air he breathed and who thinks that they were still married, but he knows he'll go through hell if she needs him. As Anabella slowly regains her memory, their love becomes even stronger, but can it withstand Anabella's painful and possibly truthful assertion that the child she bore before they married did not miscarry, but survived?

--from the review by The Romance Readers Connection


November 2003 in North America - isbn: 0373123582
September 2003 in the UK -isbn: 026383316X

August 2006, The Latin Lover's Secret Child re-released in a UK anthology, Their Secret Child (cover shown right) - isbn: 026384966X


North American Edition

< UK paperback edition




Also, see what readers and fellow authors have to say.

»"Jane Porter does alpha males so very well. They may be very alpha but they endear themselves to their chosen ones so that you know that is the forever kind of love.

"This book was such an emotional read. I so wanted Lucio and Ana to have their happy ending. I just knew that Jane Porter wouldn't disappoint me in this regard. The surprise twist at the end only added to my enjoyment of this wonderful book."

~ Reviewed by Tracey West, reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child for The Road to Romance
(posted December 16, 2003)

» "Jane Porter puts her characters through the emotional wringer, and The Latin Lover's Secret Child is no exception. Porter's keyword is intensity, and this exceptional entry in the Galvàn Brides series is intense to the nth degree. Ms. Porter is becoming an expert at writing sympathetic and believable alpha heroes. Lucio Cruz is one of her best. The Latin Lover's Secret Child and December's The Spaniard's Passion are without doubt Ms Porter's most superb Presents so far.

~Debora Hosey, reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child for
(posted December 5, 2003)

» "With her usual grace and unique talent, Jane Porter has put forth, for readers who enjoy daring plots and achingly real characters, another beautiful romance that makes us sit up and appreciate all that love and romance have to offer.

"The Latin Lover's Secret Child is a powerful story that deals with a subject which may or may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I for one, found it very easy to surrender my heart to Ana and Lucio.

~Leena Hyat, reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child for
(posted December 1, 2003)

» " I became so involved in the story, that I could not put it down..."

~Dina Smith reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child for
(posted November 10, 2003)

» RR@H's THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS: "Two weeks before the divorce he never wanted becomes final, Lucio Cruz receives a phone call from his brother-in-law Dante. His estranged wife has been ill and has been asking for him. He rushes home to find that Anabella doesn't remember the last 5 years...a great hero. He loved her so much that he wanted her to be happy...even if it meant her divorcing him. But the minute he heard she needed him, he was there for her immediately."

~Mad reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child at RR@H (posted November 3, 2003)

» "Ms. Porter and her books have become favorites of mine since I read Christos's Promise. Her heroes seem to come to life as I'm reading about them, and I've always been a sucker for alpha men. Mistaken For A Mistress and The Latin Lover's Secret Child are no different. Lucio just oozed charisma, and the only problem I had with Carlo's book was that it was only twenty-five pages long...I would like to have read more about him and Estrella."

~Fatin Shukri reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child for Romance Reviews
(posted November 3, 2003)

»"Within moments of cracking open The Latin Lover's Secret Child I found myself immediately drawn into Lucio and Anabella's story. I was captivated... It was taking all my self-control to not flip ahead to the final pages and read the gripping outcome. "

~ Diana Tidlund reviewing The Latin Lover's Secret Child at
(posted November 3, 2003)


»"Jane Porter writes Romance with a capital R.... I've got to add Jane Porter to my list of writers who can take a romance, the oldest, most told story in the world, and make it new again. And she does it with two of the most overused tricks of the trade: a secret child and amnesia. Somehow, in Porter's capable hands, heroine Ana's amnesia becomes a powerful, and sometimes scary, reality.

"The setting here is exotic, Lucio and Ana are Argentinean -- she's an aristocrat and he's a former gaucho, another angle that could be cliche in a lesser talent's hands. Porter skillfully swept me up and into this foreign adventure, and I was, for a few hours, happily taken from my comfy reading chair. (5 out of 6) "

~reviewed by Cynthia Harrison, a reader
(posted November 17, 2003)




None of the Galvàn men would call their loves "Sweetie" or "Hon". These are alpha male men of strong South American and Spanish descent. When writing The Latin Lover's Secret Child and The Spaniard's Passion I let them speak as they would. Here is a glossary cheat sheet to help non-Spanish speaking readers get the full sense of how these characters speak.


negrita/negrito > feminine and masculine form, slang, special friend, pal

flaca/flaco > feminine and masculine form, slang, buddy or friend, literal is "skinny"

carida > darling

chica > slang, little girl, girlfriend

mi amor > my love

mi mujer >"my woman" (modern day women don't like this one very much!)

carnino > dear what a woman would say to a man

The aristocratic Galvàns of Argentina are a complicated family, their relationships with each other stretched and tangled as they struggled to come to grips with their troubled past and hopes for the future.

The Galvàns, created by Jane Porter > updated for this book!





» Back in the UK! In August, The Latin Lover's Secret Child will be re-released in the UK in an anthology, Their Secret Child.
(posted July 2006)

»The good news keeps coming: The Latin Lover's Secret Child hits the Waldenbooks list at #10 for the week ending November 1st. (posted November 4, 2003)

» The Latin Lover's Secret Child spent the first two weeks of September 2003 on's list of top 20 Harlequin sellers! (posted September 4, 2003)


UK paperback edition



Brazilian Edition

German Edition

Greek Edition

Korean Edition

Portuguese Edition

Spanish Edition




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North American Edition


The Latin Lover's Secret Child is set in Argentina. COMING SOON: Jane will spotlight Argentina. In the meantime visit Jane's favorite destinations to see a list of travel spotlights currently posted at



It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny, cloudless, the sky a pristine blue. Anabella Galvàn felt the warmth of the sun inside her, her happiness almost as bright.

"Tonight, Lucio, we're going tonight. It's finally happening." She couldn't help smiling. It was impossible containing her excitement.

"You just like the idea of running away together," Lucio answered, tweaking her nose. "You're such a rebel, Ana."

"Maybe. But I want to be with you and if we worried about what everyone else thought, we'd never be together."

The gaucho nodded his head slowly, his thick black hair loose to his shoulders. He usually wore it tied back but Ana had pulled the leather tie from it moments ago. "You're sure your brother has no idea-"

"Dante's not even at the estancia. He's in Buenos Aires. He's left me with his American, Daisy." Ana's fine black eyebrows arched. "And Daisy is very sweet, but she's far too trusting."

"Your brother 's going to be furious."

Ana pressed against Lucio's chest and drew his arms around her. "Stop worrying. Everything's going to be fine."

They were sitting on a stone plaster wall behind the small town center and he dipped his head, kissed her cheek, near her ear. "I just don 't want you hurt. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you."

She laughed at his fears and snuggled closer. "Nothing will happen, Lucio."

They were silent for a moment and the warm breeze ruffled Ana's hair and danced across their skin. Anabella closed her eyes, savoring the afternoon's warmth, the feel of the sun on the top of her head, the strength of Lucio's arms. Everything would be perfect now. She and Lucio together. She and Lucio and the baby. She couldn't forget the baby. The baby made all things possible.

His arms tightened around her. His mouth brushed her ear. "This is crazy, you know," he said, his voice deep.

Ana broke free and turned to face him, her hands supporting her on the rough stone and plaster wall. She studied his face, the black brows, dark eyes, long nose, sensual mouth. He was lovely, but what made him lovely wasn't the symmetry of his features or his imposing size, but rather the beauty on the inside. You could see the fire in his eyes. You could feel his energy. He was so alive. So real.

Unlike the people in her world.

Unlike her family.

Anabella swallowed and reaching up lightly traced his temple, his nose, his cheekbone and chin. "I love you, Lucio."

His dark eyes burned hotter, the heat and desire a tangible thing. "Not half as much as I love you."

But his fire didn't scare her. She loved it. She wanted it. He made her feel big and powerful and free.

"We'll take the world by storm, Lucio. We'll do it all. See it all. Have it all."

He laughed softly and shook his head. "You're not a dreamer, are you?"

"We will have it all," she insisted stubbornly, glaring at him. "We'll have each other. We'll have the baby. What else is there?"




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