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Christos’s Promise, a full length novel from 2001, reissued in the 2005 UK anthology:
A Marriage on Paper

Heiress Alysia Lemos has a dream. More than anything, she wants to get away from her domineering father and all the sad memories of her past. She is shocked to learn that her father has sold her to Christos Pateras and is now forced into a marriage of convenience. She's even more shocked when she discovers that Christos wants more than a marriage of convenience, he wants children and a real marriage. Alysia has no intention of giving into his demands.

Christos Pateras has always loved Alysia. When he found a way to make her his, he jumped at the chance. He is certain he can make Alysia love him, build a strong family structure and be truly happy. He is not prepared to face the anger and hatred Alysia threw at him every day. Somehow he will find a way to make her realize that they can be a very happy couple.

Alysia fights off the attraction she feels for Christos and vows to find a way to break free. Although he had been warned by her father, Christos is stunned and hurt to discover that Alysia has run away. He is determined to find her and bring her to her senses.

--from the review by Reader to Reader

October 2001 in North America - isbn: 0373122101
May 2004 in the UK - isbn: 0263825116

January 2005 - UK - Marriage on Paper isbn: 0263844714


North American Edition

< Anthology containing the rerelease of Christos's Promise... Now Available in the UK

UK paperback edition


»"Jane Porter delivers a fast-paced romance filled with sizzling love scenes. Each page is a scorcher! Her characters are sympathetic and realistic. She paints a beautiful tale of two lonely people desperately needing each other, but unable to admit it to each other. Readers will be cheering for the couple's "happily-ever-after" ending. Ms. Porter gets better with each story she tells.

~ Review of Christos's Promise by
(posted June 5, 2001)


Christo's Promise is set in Greece. Visit's spotlight on Greece. Lots of photos! Click over!



"You'd rather remain locked here in the convent then marry me?"

Disbelief echoed in Christos Pateras' voice. How could this girl-woman, actually, although she didn't look a bit like the twenty-five her father claimed she was -- prefer living in the spartan convent over marrying him?

He was no barbarian. Compared to the Greek men she'd been raised with, he was downright civilized.

"You had my answer earlier," Alysia Lemos retorted coolly. "You needn't have wasted your time coming here."

He turned his back on the anxious nun hovering in the background, intentionally making it harder for her to hear. The Abbess might have insisted on providing Alysia with a chaperone, but that didn't mean the sister needed to be privy to the conversation.

"You told your father no," Christos answered, his tone mild, deceptively so. "You didn't tell me no." He rarely raised his voice. He didn't need to. His size and authority generally were persuasive enough.

But Alysia Lemos' fine dark eyebrows only arched higher. "Some women might find such persistence flattering. I don't."

"So, your answer is...?"

Alysia's incredulous laughter contrasted sharply with the dark blaze in her eyes.

"I know you're an American, but surely you can't be this much of an idiot!"

Her cutting dismissal might have crushed a man of lesser ego, but he wasn't just any man, and Miss Lemos wasn't just any woman. He needed her. He wasn't going to leave Oinoussai without her. "You dislike Americans?"

"Not all."

"Good. That should help ease the transition when we move to New York."

Her eyes met his, the dark irises all the more arresting against her sudden pallor.

"I'm not moving. And I'd never agree to an arranged marriage."

He dismissed this along with her other protestations. "In case you're worried, I consider myself Greek. My parents were born here, on Oinoussai. They still call this home."

"Oh, happy people, they."

He almost smiled. No wonder her father, Darius, was feeling desperate. She was not an eager bride-to-be. "I don't know if they'll be happy with you for a daughter-in-law, but they'll adjust."

Bands of color burned along the curve of her cheek. "I'm sure your mother dotes on you."

"Endlessly. But then, most Greek mothers live for their sons."

While daughters are disposable."

He gave no indication that he'd heard the hurt in her voice, the small wobble in her breath as she spat the bitter words. "Not mine. My daughters will be cherished."

At thirty-seven, he needed a wife and Darius Lemos needed a husband for his wayward daughter. This was no love match, but a match made in a bank in Switzerland. "I'm an only child, the last of the Pateras in my branch of the family. I've promised my parents a grandchild before my thirty-ninth birthday, and I shall deliver."

"No, you hope I'll deliver!"

"I stand corrected."




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» Jane reports in: "As of January 2003 I had over a half million books in print worldwide-and that's just counting my first three books! With all my foreign editions The Italian Groom sold over 150,000 copies worldwide, Christos's Promise sold 169,000, and The Sheikh's Wife 182,000. That's a lot of books! And the best part of all? I've got tons of new releases already on the schedule for the coming year." (posted August 14, 2003)

» Jane reports in: "I had a call from Anne Eames, coordinator of the Booksellers' Best contest. My second Presents, Christos's Promise, finaled in the short contemporary category. The winner will be announced at the RWA conference in Denver this summer, but I'm just thrilled to know that the four booksellers who read it, really enjoyed it. For more information on the Booksellers Best contest, visit and then click on Booksellers' Best." (posted June 3, 2002)

» Christos's Promise hit Waldenbooks bestseller list for series romance -- #3 for week ending Sept 29! See the whole list. (posted October 2, 2001)

» Jane's article ONE NIGHT IN ATHENS has been posted on the newandusedbooks website in the section: Amazing Historical and Contemporary Facts From Your Favorite Authors. Check it out! (posted September 10, 2001)

» UK's BookTrack Hot 100 lists Christos's Promise at #81. (posted June 11, 2001)

» The Bookseller shows Christos's Promise at #3 in the Top 15 heatseekers list for the week ending June 2nd. (posted June 11, 2001)



Arabic Edition

Australian Edition

German Edition

Korean Edition

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Russian Edition




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