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The Italian Groom

Meg is determined to keep her secret when visiting home and tries to come to terms with her future as a single mum. But there's no fooling Niccolo Dominico, handsome winery owner and family friend. In true Italian style he insists that he take care of her and her baby -- only Meg knows that a marriage to Nicco wouldn't just be in name only!



March 2001 in North America - isbn: 0373121687
May 2004 -UK- Anthology Mediterranean Playboys - isbn: 0263840700




North American Edition

< Anthology containing the rerelease of The Italian Groom... Now Available in the UK

UK Paperback Edition


» 5 Stars!

"I am a great fan of author Jane Porter, and her writing speaks to a woman's heart! I recently read her first book, The Italian Groom. I was delighted, but not surprised, that Jane's voice as an author has always been strong and true. The Italian Groom is a touching, passionate romance between two old friends who take the long way around to find happiness. When Meg Buckner returns to her home area in California to accept the job assignment of her dreams, she brings along a secret and must also confront hidden truths from her past. Niccolo Dominici, the best friend of Meg's late brother, is also the man with whom Meg has always been in love. Niccolo tries to dominate Meg's stay in California, insisting that he knows what is best for her and persisting in calling her "Maggie". After Niccolo learns that Meg is pregnant by a married man, he insists upon marrying her as a matter of honor and to protect and provide for her future and that of her child. After much protesting and soul-searching, all the while acknowledging her growing attraction to Niccolo, Meg agrees to the marriage. Niccolo must admit to himself that he is not only attracted to her, but he has some very deep feelings for "his Maggie". Old friendships, family secrets, and newfound passions all come together for a beautifully told romantic tale in The Italian Groom."

~Virginia Campbell, Reviewing The Italian Groom For EHarlequin Reviews

» "Jane Porter Skillfully Delivers."

~Jane Bowers, Reviewing The Italian Groom For Romance Communications

» "Debut author Jane Porter has made a memorable entrance into the romance industry with The Italian Groom."

~Elena Channing, Reviewing The Italian Groom for Heart Rate Reviews

» "The word flow in this beautifully crafted story of a marriage of convenience set to a backdrop of the lush wine country."

~Yvonne Hering, Reviewing The Italian Groom for
(posted December 21, 2001)

» The Romance Journal gives The Italian Groom a keeper award!

» 4 Stars!

"Meg had been a trouble maker all her life. She didn't want to but trouble just seemed to follow her..."

~ Kathy Boswell, Reviewing The Italian Groom
(posted March 30, 2001)

» "When Landscape Designer Meg "Maggie" Buckner comes home to wine country, Napa in California, she knows she has a lot to sort out in herself. The main priority being formula and diapers for the baby she is going to have in five months. The product of a 'relationship' gone bad, Maggie is going it alone in every way..."

~Lyssa Davis, Reviewing The Italian Groom for
(posted March 19, 2001)

»"Niccolo Dominici is a man of old-fashioned values and traditions and a very strong sense of responsibility. When his best friend's beautiful sister, Maggie Buckner, shows up on his doorstep..."

~ Elena Channing, Reviewing The Italian Groom
(posted March 19, 2001)


The Italian Groom is set in Napa Valley. Visit Napa Valley, California's Wine Country, with Jane and The Italian Groom.


"Ten years, and you still haven't changed." Niccolo's softly-accented voice echoed with disgust, his sensual mouth flattening in anger. "You never would listen to reason --"

"Nic, I'm only asking for the spare set of keys to my parents' house," Meg interrupted, trying to ignore the churning in her stomach. "These are not trade secrets."

One of his black eyebrows lifted. "Is that a joke?"

She fought her fatigue and impatience. It wouldn't help to get into an argument with Nic. Nic would win. He always won.

Struggling to sound reasonable, she reminded him of the long-standing agreement between their families. "It's always been policy to keep a spare key for each other, in case of emergency. It's never been a problem before, and I don't know why you're making a big deal out of it now."

"Because it's not safe for you to stay alone at your parents. The ranch is isolated. I'm ten minutes away if something should happen."

"Nothing will happen."

His voice fairly crackled with contempt. "Maggie, you attract trouble like pollen attracts bees. I've saved your skin from more scrapes --"

"I never asked for your help!"

"No, but you needed it."

"You don't know what I need, Nic. You just like to think you do." She clenched her jaw, furious with herself for coming to the villa in the first place. If she hadn't misplaced the key ring to the house, she wouldn't be having this conversation with Niccolo Dominici, nor would she be receiving another of his famous lectures.

He made a choking sound and muttered something in Italian.

"What was that?" she demanded, knowing how he loved to resort to Italian when he wanted to say something particularly unflattering.

"I said I should give up on you."

Meg stiffened indignantly, her shoulders squaring. She'd allowed him to crush her years ago, her tender seventeen-year-old heart broken by his harsh rejection, but thankfully she wasn't a teenager anymore. "Then do! I don't need your so-called help."

"So-called?" he bristled, golden eyes glinting. The rapid pull of muscle in his jaw revealed her barb hit home. She'd insulted him, bruising his considerable Italian machismo. Nic stared at her through narrowed lashes. "You're fortunate that we have a very old friendship."

"It's not much of a friendship," she retorted grimly. "In fact, you're the last person I'd describe as a friend."




» Once is not enough! The Italian Groom returns! This month Mills&Boon rereleases The Italian Groom in a BY REQUEST anthology called Mediterranean Playboys featuring Jane's tale of Niccolo and Meg, and sexy stories by Anne Mather and Michelle Reid. (posted May 4, 2004)

»Jane reports in: "As of January 2003 I had over a half million books in print worldwide-and that's just counting my first three books! With all my foreign editions The Italian Groom sold over 150,000 copies worldwide, Christos's Promise sold 169,000, and The Sheikh's Wife 182,000. That's a lot of books! And the best part of all? I've got tons of new releases already on the schedule for the coming year."(posted August 14, 2003)

» Jane in Japan! The Italian Groom, along with Christos's Promise, and The Sheikh's Wife will all be released by Harlequin Japan spring 2002, in March, April, and May, respectively. Jane will be featured in Harlequin Japan's April newsletter. (posted January 19, 2002)

» Jane's first book gets translated! Jane proudly announces her Spanish Edition of The Italian Groom, a December 2001 paperback release from Harlequin. (posted December 21, 2001)

» Jane's 1st book, The Italian Groom, took the 2001 Emerald City Keeper Award for Best Short Contemporary. (posted October 22, 2001)

» Italian Groom makes the Waldenbooks Bestseller list for Series Romance at #7 the week of March 10th. (posted March 2001)

» The Italian Groom appeared on the Whitaker BookTrack hot 100 in the UK at #95. (posted February 2001)



Brazilian Edition

German AnthologyEdition

Israeli Edition

Italian Edition

Japanese Edition

Portuguese Edition

Spanish Edition



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