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Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife

From rags to riches... the Hollywood bride!

Love-'em-and-leave-'em leading man Wolf Kerrick is never out of the headlines. This time the sexy Spanish superstar has outdone himself: he's taken Alexandra, an unknown, ordinary girl, and turned her first into an overnight celebrity, then into his Hollywood bride!

But all the glitz and glamour of their lavish wedding is tarnished by a dirty secret -- and if the tabloids ever find out, there'll be shock waves throughout the world...

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North American edition
October 2006 - Harlequin
isbn: 0373125747

UK Paperback
September 2006 - Mills & Boon
isbn: 0263192326


2012 Anthology Release featuring
Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife

May 2012 - Mills&Boon
isbn: 0263901718


Chapter Two

"We both know I'm not pretty enough to be taken seriously as your new love interest."

"You could be if you tried to do something with yourself," Wolf answered with brutal candor. "Alexandra, you don't even try."

She bit down, not knowing where to look. "I don't try because I know already what I am and who I am. And I don't need makeup or fake hair or nails or a tan to make me something I'm not."

"Which is what?" he asked quietly.

"A bimbo. I'm not going to be a bimbo. I want to be respected. Taken seriously. And if I change myself--"

"You're changing your hairstyle, not your soul."

Her head jerked up.

"You're smart," he added. "Serious. And I'm sorry, but that eliminates the bimbo category for you."

She should have been flattered. Instead his words merely left her even more flustered.

Every time he looked at her she felt sparks on the inside, little bits of hot fire flaring here and there. It was like being a human sparkler, only worse because the heat didn't die.

"I just don't want to be laughed at," she said after a moment. "People can be unkind. I know the tabloids are famous for publishing unflattering photos and pointing out celebrities' flaws."

"Before we go public, you'll meet with stylists, receive wardrobe consultation. I have a team of professionals who will help ease you into the transition."

Alexandra was intrigued despite herself. "When would that happen?"

"As soon as you signed the contract."

Alexandra tried to imagine being groomed by top Hollywood stylists but couldn't. She might have lost twenty pounds since moving from Montana to California, but she still thought of herself as the sturdy country girl who'd worn cowboy boots before high heels. "A beautiful starlet would be far easier to introduce to the public," she said in a small voice.

"I'm not interested in squiring around a young actress desperate to make a name for herself--"

"But in real life--"

"This is real life, and I'm quite aware that I'm responsible for dozens of people's jobs. I just want to get The Burning Shore made and I want to do it without emotional complications."

She fell silent digesting this. "You don't want anyone to fall in love with you."

His dark eyes creased, his mouth compressed. That's exactly what I'm saying."





"Porter again reveals herself to be a fantastic storyteller. Wolf and Alex are complex, sensitive and attractive characters who engage the reader from the first page to the last. Additionally the diverse settings of Hollywood, Africa and Montana add richness and an exotic air."

~ Romantic Times BOOKreviews awarding Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife 4 STARS!
Read the entire review in the November issue.
(posted November 2006)

"Written with the emotional intensity for which she is known for, Jane Porter once again dazzles her readers with her latest page turner. Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife is another triumph for the supremely talented Jane Porter, a writer who never disappoints and whose books never fail to tug at her readers’ heartstrings. Jane Porter’s irresistible blend of intense emotion, compelling drama and passionate romance ensures a delightful reading experience for romance readers everywhere!"

~ Julie Bonello, CataRomance Reviews
Read the entire review.
(posted October 2006)

»Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife is a wonderful and powerful Presents with
everything you've come to expect from Jane Porter: excellent writing, exotic locations, breathless sensuality and intense emotion, and most of all, an extraordinary hero and heroine... If Hollywood-themed romances aren't usually on your reading list, then it's highly recommended to make Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife the exception.”

~ Debora Hosey, The Romance Readers Connection
awarding it 4 1/2 STARS
(posted September 2006)

» "...Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife packs single title punch into a category length romance.  It has all the elements of an emotional romance that Jane Porter fans have come to expect and enjoy."

~ Once Upon a Romance
Read the entire review.
(posted September 2006)

» “Wolf is the reason to read this book. He is an Alpha, male -- sarcastic, compelling and sexy. Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife is an entertaining read with a compelling male main character.”

~ Nickole Yarbrough, Romance Reviews Today
(posted September 2006)


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Lithuanian editon
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I spent four years in Los Angeles while attending UCLA. I chose UCLA because of its close proximity to Hollywood, and like thousands of other hopefuls in L.A., I went there dreaming of becoming an actress. In the end, I decided to leave Los Angeles and pursue another career, but I'm still crazy about movies and my fascination with the film and television industry remains. One of my favorite things about writing Hollywood Husband, Contract Wife was including some of these Southern California hot spots, places favored by celebrities and industry elite.

Below are a list of some places mentioned in the book. If you're in the area, you should check them out:

» The Beverly Hills Hotel
» Juan Carlos Hair Salon
» Hotel Casa del Mar, Santa Monica
» Houston's Restaurant
» Malibu Coffee House
» Spago
» Asia de Cuba
» Mondrian Los Angeles Hotel
» Beverly Hills Hotel, Polo Lounge
» Ivy Restaurant
» Four Seasons Biltmore, Odell Cottage
» Nobu, New York City


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