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Lazaro’s Revenge

On the way to visit her pregnant sister in Argentina, Zoe Collingsworth is kidnapped, by Lazaro Herrera, her brother-in-law's right hand man and President of Galvan Enterprises... He has Zoe and he's begun the hostile takeover of Galvan Enterprises. Zoe's desperate to escape and get to her sister, but she can't deny the feelings, and the desire, that Lazaro stirs in her. Lazaro's whole life has been dedicated to getting back at the Galvans, who shamed his mother and ignored his existence. Yet Zoe Collingsworth offers him the two things he's never had in his life: love and acceptance. Will his desire for revenge keep him from having a future with Zoe? 

--from the review by
The Romance Readers Connection

November 2005 Her Latin Lover, the anothology featuring Lazaro’s Revenge in UK (right) - isbn: 0263844811

October 2005 in Large Print (below right, in pink) - isbn: 0263173550

February 2003
in North American - isbn: 0373123043

May 2002 in the UK - isbn: 0263829316


North American Edition

< Anthology UK paperback edition (2005)



< UK paperback edition (left)

< Large Print edition (pink)


Also, see what readers and fellow authors have to say.

» "Lazaro's Revenge is everything you want in a Presents: a wounded alpha hero, exotic settings, intense sensuality, explicit yet deeply emotional love scenes, and a heroine who gives as she gets. Book Two in the Galvan series, Lazaro's Revenge is a must-read for both Presents fans and any romance fans. Jane Porter is a Presents author to watch!"

~ Debora Hosey, The Romance Readers Connection
Read the entire review
(posted February 5, 2003)


"In Argentina to visit her pregnant sister, Zoe is kidnapped at the airport. To get revenge against his half-brother, Lazaro Herrera agrees to his boss's plan to kidnap his sister-in-law. But strange things happen when the two fall in love. Lazaro has to deal with the consequences when Zoe's heart is ripped apart when she has to choose between him and her family. Jane Porter's Lazaro's Revenge (4) is a fast-paced, emotion-packed read with highly charged characters who understand that love doesn't necessarily conquer all."

~ Romantic Times BOOKclub

» "Hell-bent on revenge, Lazaro Herrera is determined to let nothing stand in his way. Raised in poverty, though his father was a wealthy man, Lazaro has been planning and waiting†for his chance to bring down the powerful Galvàn family headed by his half-brother, Dante. Lazaro's chance comes in the form of Zoe Collingsworth, Dante's sister-in-law. But his careful plans are in danger of falling by the wayside as their attraction to each other ignites. Suddenly, nothing seems quite as important as keeping the blonde beauty by his side. Another sizzling, sexy romance by Ms. Porter just in time for Valentine's Day! And a great follow-up to her In Dante's Debt."

~ Sue Burke, January issue of Old Book Barn Gazette
(posted January 15, 2003)



» "This book is emotionally packed from the moment Zoe and Lazaro meet. They are both very strong characters that realize that love will not solve all the problems, but they know that love is a precious commodity. Bravo Ms. Porter". (excerpted from the February 2003 issue)

~by Julie Kim, reader, reviewing in her "Interludes" newsletter

» "Jane Porter has written several books about the aristocratic Galvàn family of Argentina. If you're like me and enjoy reading connected stories about families, then grab a copy of Lazaro's Revenge. A finalist for the Romance Writers of America's coveted RITA award, Lazaro's Revenge features a strong but wounded hero, fabulously exotic settings, and intense emotion.

"If you want more of the Galvàn family, check out their family tree (easy to get to on Jane's site). Like my diTalora family tree (on this site for my three San Rimini books), it points out which books are about which family members, so you can follow all your favorites. Another great family-connected series are the Julia Quinn Bridgerton books. A family tree is easily found on Julia's site as well." (pick posted: August 01, 2003)

~by Nicole Burnham, author, on her Nic's Picks feature on her website:


The aristocratic Galvàns of Argentina are a complicated family, their relationships with each other stretched and tangled as they struggled to come to grips with their troubled past and hopes for the future.

Lazaro’s Revenge is set in Argentina. Visit Buenos Aires, Argentina (right) and South America (below) with Jane and Lazaro’s Revenge.


» GREAT NEWS! Lazaro's Revenge will be included in a new anthology, Her Latin Lover, featuring two fabulous authors, Lynne Graham and Michelle Reid. It will be released in the UK November 2005! Order it today. :: The North American edition of Lazaros’s Revenge is still available to order and it’s also available in Large Print format! (posted October 19, 2005)

» FINALIST! Lazaro's Revenge is a finalist for this year's Romance Writers of America's coveted RITA Award in the short contemporary series category! (posted March 27, 2003)

» Romantic Times magazine has given both In Dante's Debt and Lazaro's Revenge four-star reviews, and will be featuring the Galvàn series in Romantic Time's February issue with the article, "Viva La Argentina!" (posted January 16, 2003)


Italian Anthology

Australian Edition

Dutch Edition

Greek Edition

Italian Edition

Spanish Edition



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"Be quiet, do as you're told, and everything will be fine."

She'd been kidnapped -- abducted in the middle of the day from Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires in full view of airport security.

Zoe Collingsworth's stomach plummeted as the helicopter tilted sideways and flew at a peculiar angle to the earth below.

She gripped her boxy seat tighter, fingers clenched so hard that the knuckles ached. He'd told her not to talk and she hadn't, but she was very afraid. This couldn't really be happening...this had to be a bad dream...

"We'll be landing in a few minutes."

She jerked at the sound of his voice. It was the first time he'd spoken in the two hours they'd been aboard the helicopter. She'd never heard a voice pitched so low and it rumbled through her like a slow-moving freight train.

"Where are you taking me?" she whispered, hands trembling.

He briefly glanced her way, his narrowed eyes barely resting on her. "It doesn't matter."

Her mouth went dry, fear sucking heat from her limbs. She touched her seatbelt, checking the tension in the belt, as though the small firm strap across her lap could somehow protect her from whatever was to come next.

She wanted to say something fierce and defiant, wanted to be brave because that's how Daisy handled problems. But Zoe wasn't a warrior woman and she felt the worst kind of terror imaginable. She'd never even been out of Kentucky before, and now on her first trip anywhere she was...she was...


Her heart thudded so fast and hard she thought it might explode. She stared at her captor. He wasn't looking at her, but staring out the window, his gaze fixed on the darkening landscape below. Twilight swathed all in shadows. "What do you want from me?"

Finally she had his attention. He stared at her in the fading light, long dark lashes concealing his eyes, his expression curiously hard. There was nothing remotely gentle in his grim features. "Let's not do this now."

His English was flawless and yet his tone cut razor sharp. He'd been schooled in the States she thought blankly, numb from head to toe. "Are you going to...hurt me?"

She heard the wobble in her voice, the break between words that revealed her fear and exhaustion. He heard it, too, and his firm mouth compressed, flatter, harder. "I don't hurt women."

"But you do kidnap them?" she choked, on the verge of hysteria, her imagination beginning to run away with her. She'd been up twenty-four hours without sleep and she was losing control.

"Only if I'm asked to," he answered as the helicopter dipped. He glanced out the window and nodded with satisfaction.

"We're landing. Hold on."



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