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The Sheikh's Virgin

Showered with diamonds: Many women have enjoyed the numerous benefits of being Sheikh Kalen Nuri's mistress.

Draped in exquisite lingerie: Not one of them has managed to keep him interested for very long.

UK paperback edition
May 2005
Mills & Boon

Whisked around the world: Kalen has given beautiful and independent Keira al-Issidri all of these things and more -- but she's still refusing to be his!

And Keira's the woman who's been chosen as Kalen's virgin bride!

Dare she surrender to the Sheikh?


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» Mills & Boon



North American Edition
June 2005 - Harlequin
isbn: 978-0373124732

The Desert Sheikh's Marriage
2008 anthology featuring
The Sheikh's Virgin

October 2008 - Mills & Boon
isbn: 978-0263867206


» The Sheikh's Virgin by Jane Porter is the perfect opportunity to revisit Bakara, the beautiful African country setting from The Sultan’s Bought Bride (part of Jane Porter’s Princess Bride Trilogy.)...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading another fantastic story by Jane Porter.”

~ Katie Stalham, CataRomance Reviewer
Read the entire review
(posted June 2005)

» "The Sheikh's Virgin is Jane Porter at her best. Her romances delve into the dark, intense aspects of love before bringing her characters--and the reader-- into the light of healing, redemptive love. The Sheikh's Virgin is beautifully written, emotionally intense and seductively sensual, but most of all, it has a heroine who discovers that the greatest freedom is in letting go of the past and being true to yourself. Kalen Nuri's a superb sheikh hero, dangerous and sexy and oh, so deliciously alpha. Highly recommended!"

~Debora Hosey,
Read the entire review
(posted June 2005)

» "Kalen is a wonderfully alpha hero; powerful, sexy, sensual, and delicious. But he is also a man of strong honor and convictions with hidden depths. His machinations on behalf of his brother often paint him as a villain, but in the end he proves to be a wonderful hero. Keira is a young woman caught between two worlds, and in an impossible situation: marry a man three times her age, or submit to being seduced by the man she has worshipped for years. It seems as if her choice would be easy, but there are depths to Keira that prevent her from readily succumbing to Kalen's seductive powers. Keira has the same hopes and dreams of any modern young woman, but her heritage makes it difficult for her to imagine her dreams coming true. The narrative is smooth and paints a vivid portrait of exotic foreign places. The dialogue is natural and flows easily. Secondary characters play minor roles, but are defined enough for the reader to understand them.

The sensuality of the story is intense, but also romantic, and will please readers who love a good solid romantic read. Grab your copy of The Sheikh's Virgin."

~Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today
(posted May 2005)

»"The Sheikh's Virgin by Jane Porter has a very intense premise with a very promising romance..."

~Reviewed by Barnes & Noble
(posted May 2005)

»"The Sheikh's Virgin is the quintessential Sheikh romance - another sizzling "must read" for this summer! In her own unique style, Jane Porter has captured the exotically beautiful and passionate spirit of the Middle East with her newest Harlequin Presents...

Set in the land of shimmering heat, soft sand dunes, camels and tall, shady palm trees, The Sheikh's Virgin promises passion, seduction and an intriguing dose of the unpredictability too."

~Leena Hyat, Senior Editor, The Best Reviews
(posted April 2005)



» Check out The Sultan's Bought Bride, the story that The Sheikh's Virgin is tied to.

More Sheikhs! Read an excerpt from Jane's first Sheikh book, The Sheikh's Wife.



Romantic destinations! The Sheikh's Virgin takes place in several locations, including beautiful London! Visit London with Jane and The Sheikh's Virgin.




Mmmmmm. Lamb Kebabs! A Barakan treat. Get the recipe for a wonderful dish that Kalen would have considered a piece of home.



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The Sheikh's Desert Marriage» BACK ON SHELVES as part of a duo or sexy sheikh books! The Sheikh's Virgin makes an encore appearance in the UK int he anthology The Sheikh's Marriage.
(posted October 2008)

» BESTSELLER, three weeks in a row! The Sheikh's Virgin debuted at #3 on the Waldenbooks bestseller list (week ending May 29) and held at 3 for the second week (week ending June 5), and held on for the third week in the top ten!
(posted June 15, 2005)

» GREAT NEWS! The Sheikh's Virgin made a great appearance on Bookscan's Top 100 for the week ending May 29th! (posted June 3, 2005)


Portuguese Edition

French Edition

Italian Edition

Lithuanian Edition

Russian Edition

Spanish Edition


RECIPE from The Desert Sheikh's Marriage

Delicious Desert Torte (Moroccan Torte)

» 6 eggs, separated
» 1 cup Sugar
» 1 cup walnuts, chopped coarsely, untoasted
» 2 cups unsweetened shredded coconut
» 1/2 cup orange juice
» 1/4 cup orange liqueur
» 1 cup whipping cream
» 1 square bittersweet chocolate for garnish

1. Preheat the oven to 325F.
2. Beat the egg whites with 1/2 cup of Sugar in a large bowl. Electric mixers are usually best for this. The mixture should become quite stiff.
3. Next, beat the eggs yolk, with the same beaters, in a small bowl with the rest of the Sugar.
4. Add the yolks to the whites but don't mix them - don't stir yet!
5. Add the walnuts after a few minutes and gently fold the ingredients together. Repeat this with the coconut, adding a little bit at a time.
6. Pour the mixture into a greased cake tin, and put it in the oven for 45 minutes. When it is golden brown, remove it from the oven and leave it out to allow it to cool.
7. Mix the orange juice and orange liqueur and pour it over the cake while it is still in the pan, don't wait until it has cooled to do this.
8. Put the cake in a cool place until serving, and then put some bittersweet chocolate on top!

This recipe serves 6 to 8.




Force a girl to marry?

Take her from her home? Carry her hostage across the Atlantic Ocean? Isolate her from family and friends until she finally caved, acquiescing to her father’s desire that she marry…even if the man were twenty years older?

Sheikh Kalen Tarq Nuri had heard worse.

Draining his martini, he pushed the empty glass away, black eyebrows flattening over narrowed eyes.

He was in New York having closed a big deal and was now out to dinner celebrating the acquisition with his top brass, those who’d executed the nasty buy-out. The other company hadn’t wanted to be bought. Sheikh Nuri had wanted the purchase.

Sheikh Nuri got what he wanted. Always.

Tapping the rim of his empty martini glass, Kalen Nuri felt a surge of desire, the desire of a hunter, the desire of a predator. Like the hawks he used to own in Baraka, the beautiful fierce falcons, Kalen was ready to hunt.

To give chase.

To pounce.

There were worse things than forcing a young woman to marry against her will.

There was betrayal. Attempted murder. And the revelation of a plot to assassinate not just the Sultan of Baraka, but the Sultan’s young sons. Kalen’s nephews.

Sheikh Kalen Nuri’s jaw hardened, eyes narrowing to slits of masked rage. No one touched his family. No one would be allowed to hurt Malik or the children. No one. Not even Omar al-Issidri, Malik’s chief cabinet member.  Secret agitator.

Kalen had learned that Omar had plans, big plans, plans to consolidate his power in Baraka by marrying his daughter to Ahmed Abizhaid, a radical fundamentalist. A man that also happened to be Malik’s harshest critic.

Omar was dangerous because he was weak. Ahmed was dangerous because he was violent.  The two together could destroy the Nuris. But Malik, honest, honorable, noble Malik, refused to believe that Omar was anything less than a dedicated public servant.

Kalen’s fingers tightened around the stem of the martini glass. The marriage between twenty-three year old Kiera al-Issidri and Ahmed Abizhaid couldn’t take place. It was a dangerous relationship, an alliance that would give Ahmed respectability and access to the palace. As well as proximity to the Sultan and his children.

Which is why Kalen had made arrangements to ensure the marriage didn’t take place. 

And then someone made a mistake. Botched the job. Someone had been let down. 

It infuriated Kalen. If the situation had been handled correctly, everything would have been sorted, settled, the problem contained. 

Instead Keira al-Issidri would be flying back to Baraka tomorrow night and into her new bridegroom’s bed.

Unless Kalen did something about it immediately. Personally. And given the circumstances, it was exactly what Kalen intended to do.


End of Excerpt
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