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The Sheikh's Wife

Bryn had thought their divorce was final but is shocked when Kahlil tells her they are still husband and wife. It seems Bryn has also neglected to tell Kahlil that he has a three year-old son. For a man bent on revenge, this is the final straw. He whisks Bryn and Ben to his desert kingdom with the idea of breaking her spirit for the loss of face and shame she caused him when she left him with rumors of being unfaithful. Now the man wants justice. He has not had an easy life himself as he was torn from his own mother when just a child so he has much to overcome since he doesn’t trust in love. There are a lot of issues to be cleared up between Bryn and her husband, but one thing is for certain, the sizzling sexual chemistry that hooked them from the beginning is still present. This is a time of growing up for Bryn and speaking out for what she wants out of life, and a time for Kahlil to find what is true and right in his heart and come up with some modern day standards in his life or lose the only woman he’s loved along with his son and heir.

--from the review by Tracey West for

September 2006 re-released in a UK anthology, The Sheikh's Woman (cover shown right) isbn: 0263850781

May 2002 in North America - isbn: 0373122527

September 2001 in the UK - isbn: 0263825345


North American Edition

< UK paperback edition



» "I found this a fascinating book from many viewpoints, basically from the point of a man who is a Sheikh in the Middle East that married a young American girl against the protest of his family...

~ Tracey West, Reviewing The Sheikh's Wife for
(posted June 3, 2002)



1. Bryn is afraid that Kahlil will take Ben, their son, away from her if he finds out about the child. Does their cultural difference lend credence to Bryn's fear or is she unjustified in fearing for her son.

2. At the start of the book Bryn is marrying Stanley within the week, then all thoughts of Stanley flee for the rest of the book. Should Bryn have been more concerned with Stanley's feelings?

3. Did you like Kahlil's powerful position as the hero? What made him intimidating? What made him appealing? What makes him or keeps him from being a hero in your eyes?

4. Have you ever wanted to be a desert Princess surrounded by a palace? Is this your idea of "happily ever after" or is yours something different?

5. Before you read this book did you give any thought to the current world situation? If so, did that impact your ideas about what this story would be like? If not, are you more interested in reading stories with characters who are tied to the Middle East?

6. Bryn is determined to resist Kahlil in her heart but is routinely betrayed by her physical responses to Kahlil's love making. Is this continual tug of war satisfying? Why or why not?

7. The conflict with Amin goes unresolved at the end of the story. Do you wish that Kahlil and Bryn had truly cleared the air? Or was it enough that they found each other in spite of the past?

8. Were you frustrated by Bryn's position as a woman in the Zwar culture? Did this echo your own reality or was this more restrictive?

9. Were you bothered that Rifaat could not or would not exonerate Bryn about the attack? Did his action fit with the story? Were they justified?

Like the Reader's Guide? Check out Jane's other Reader's Guide, for The Frog Prince.

10. Ms. Porter's work is pure fantasy. How does her Middle Eastern Royalty differ from what you know about present day Sheikhs?

11. If you could spend the day with one character from this book, who would it be and why?

12. Skip 18 years in the future, Ben is now an adult. How is his world different with his parents united in Zwar than it would have been if Bryn had stayed in the United States?

13. How does this story compare with Ms. Porter's other works? What makes you want to read more of her writing



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» Jane reports in: "As of January 2003 I had over a half million books in print worldwide-and that's just counting my first three books! With all my foreign editions The Italian Groom sold over 150,000 copies worldwide, Christos's Promise sold 169,000, and The Sheikh's Wife 182,000. That's a lot of books! And the best part of all? I've got tons of new releases already on the schedule for the coming year." (posted August 14, 2003)

» The Shiekh's Wife is hitting the Continent! This August The Sheikh's Wife went into translation in both Italy and France. This is the first time I've had a book picked up by Harlequin France. The beautiful covers will be up soon. (posted August 22, 2002)

» Exciting news for The Shiekh's Wife. For Week ending May 4, 2002, Sheikh is #5 on the Waldenbooks Romance Bestsellers list. (posted May 6, 2002)

» The Shiekh's Wife hits #77 on the UK on the Booktrack Hot 100 Index! (posted September 17, 2001)



German anthology

Portuguese Edition

Italian Edition

Australian Edition

The Netherlands/Dutch Edition

French Edition

German Edition

Greek Edition

Japanese Edition

Japanese Edition

Japanese Edition

Spanish Edition

Spanish Edition



Bryn caught a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror as she headed towards the front door, doorbell still ringing in the carpetless hall.

Sheen of white dress, brilliant blue eyes, flushed cheeks. A radiant bride. And she did feel beautiful, more beautiful than she had in years. In just seven short days she'd be a bride again.

She'd be Stanley's wife.

Smiling, Bryn hummed the wedding march as she swung the front door open, late afternoon sunlight washing over her in streaky gold waves, briefly blinding her.

Blinking, she made out broad shoulders. The high curve of cheekbone. A beautifully shaped mouth. And only one man had that mouth. Her heart staggered to a stop. "Wh...what...are you doing here?"

"Hello, darling. It's nice to see you, too."

Time stopped, changed, and for a split-second she was somewhere else, spell-bound. It was just like the day she met him, the day she reversed her small Volkswagen, and slammed into his silver Mercedes Benz. Her car was totaled. His was merely dinged.

Bryn felt the impact again, the air knocked out of her lungs, her lips parting in shock. "Kahlil."

"You remembered, good." He looked amused, but then, his gold eyes always smiled when he was angry. Lifting a sheet of paper, he dangled it in front of her face. "Now perhaps you'll remember this," he drawled softly, giving the paper a gentle shake.

Bryn stared at the paper blankly, unable to read the words. Only his voice penetrated the muddle inside her head, his voice still husky, his English formal, the same English he'd learned as a child in an English boarding school. "What is it?"

"You don't recognize it?"

Her fingers felt nerveless as she clutched the door. "No."

Kahlil chuckled, the sound warm, indulgent, an indulgence he'd shown towards her early in their marriage when she'd been his prized American bride. "It's our marriage license. The little piece of paper that legally binds us together."

She couldn't speak, her throat swelling closed. He must be out of his mind, she thought, forcing herself to look into his face, meet his eyes.

He didn't look crazy. If anything he looked calm, perfectly controlled, as though he knew exactly what he was doing, as though he'd planned this surprise visit on purpose.

A week before her wedding...

Her thoughts spun, her brain fogged by shock and fear. What if Kahlil discovered Ben? What if he found out about their son?

No. She'd never go back to him. Never return to Zwar. Bryn drew herself tall, conviction making her back straight, her determination reinforcing her courage. "I don't understand what that has to do with us."

"Everything, darling." He was gazing down at her with considerable interest, thick black lashes fanning his carved cheekbones and the bronzed luster of his skin. "I've come to see why you're getting married again when you're still married to me."




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