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See more snapshots following the book store event at the Flirting With Forty official launch party at Ooba's. Tons of people showed up to make it a HUGE HIT!


Special thanks to Kira Stewart, photographer, for the amazing photos.



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Barnes & Noble Bookstore :: July 12, 2006

Some of Jane's best Bellevue gal pals, Joan Lambert, Sinclair Sawhney,
author Susanna Carr, and Dina Meier

We sold 70 copies of Flirting With Forty
at Barnes & Noble and another 20 at the party.

Jane signing Margaret's book

Jane answering questions after her reading


Above: Robin and her mother chatting with Jane at her signing.

Jane had a great time at the book event to celebrate the release of Flirting With Forty.

The night didn't end here... Click over the FUN photos from the after party at Ooba's!


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