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Flirting With Forty

Flirting with Forty

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Click over for photos of Jane and Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley, the stars of Flirting with Forty.



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Flirting with Forty photo album
Jane and Friends on the Movie Set as Extras :: April 2008

Jane in front of the pool scene where Jackie first meets surfer Kai

Extras and crew prepare for a new take

Signing books and postcards for new Flirting with Forty fans

Surfer Ty, his surf crew, and Jane as extras on the movie set, which is
also our beach.

Jane on the beach between takes
trying not to get burnt

Jane loving being part of the action

Ty and Dana.
(Dana was a much requested extra!)

Producer Lucy Mukerjee and Jane
listening to direction

Lunch break means a tropical drink

Trevor & Kessa chilling between takes

LA Producers and Jane's Hawaii pals hanging out at the end of the day

Jane’s “Kai”… the inspiration behind the novel, Flirting With Forty.

Don't miss the photos with Jane on set with Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley!


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