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Booklaunch Event at Barnes & Noble and
Perfect Party at Ooba Tooba's :: May 6, 2008

Stacks of Mrs. Perfect, along with Jane's other novels.

the crowd at Barnes & Noble

sharing a laugh with the audience

Jane, close friend Kristiina Hiukka and friends

Jane signing books

Shannon, Jesse, Carolyn & Kelli waiting in line

The line for booksigning

Jane & good friend Janie Lee

Outside to escape the crowd

Jane signing Mrs. Perfect

Lisa Johnson and Jane

My web designer Emily Cotler and fellow author Susanna Carr

Don't miss the photos of all the fun setting up for the party and Jane's pre-party dinner with friends.

Partying at Ooba's

Carolyn Estes
, Donna Sarkar, Christina Arbini and Kelli Estes

Serena Robar, Elizabeth Boyle & Sinclair Sawhney

Jenn Stewart, Christina Arbini and Kelli Estes

Girls Night Out

Jane and Kari Andersen

Eastside RWA members Christina Arbini, Kelli Estes, Carolyn Estes,
Dona Sarkar, Shannon McKelden, Serena Robar, and Jenn Stewart

See more photos and hear first hand from Jane -- check out the Janeblog!


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