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This is the Real Thing

I don’t relax easily.  Find it difficult to sit still unless I’m reading something, and even then I’m wiggling a foot up and down, a constant jiggle perfected by my fellow Porters…my dad, my brothers, even my sister to a certain extent.  I’ve a quick temper, too, far too impatient, and easily irritated when I have to repeat myself to the kids…or probably anyone. But something happens in Hawai.  I unplug.  I write less blogs, visit Facebook more infrequently, and I read lots lots more. Better yet, if I’m not on deadline, I have less childcare, or none whatsoever.  Which means I get to nap with Mac.  Every day.  It’s my favorite part of the day.  He can sleep for … Continue reading This is the Real Thing

Work, Work, Work

I’ve had my head down the past few weeks, writing feverishly and sitting long hours at my computer, to meet my October 15th deadline. Meg’s story, the first in the Brennan trilogy, is really shaping up and I’m so excited about the next two stories in this trilogy, too. Meg’s book will be out next September, with Kit’s in Spring 2013, and Sarah’s in Fall 2013.  It sounds like a long time away but I do have several Harlequins out before then and they are really fun reads! To spotlight my newest Harlequin release, Mistletoe Wishes that includes my Venice Christmas novella, I posted a new blog yesterday on the Harlequin Presents website about my wedding (we romance readers love weddings!) … Continue reading Work, Work, Work


Last week my great friend Liza Palmer shared this Operation Smile Video with me, and I shared it with my guys and it literally turned my day around.  I’d been having a hard day and the video gave me perspective and helped me remember what’s important in life…and why I love Operation Smile. I’m having another couple of tricky days back to back this week.  The kids have appointments and lessons and activities all at the same time and need so much from me right now, Gurney is back in Hawaii for ten days, my childcare is uneven, my deadline is rushing at me, and the stress is making me twitchy and nervous.  And so I thought it was time … Continue reading Smile


The wedding was great.  Had so much fun.  I should say more but I’m wiped out, and have so much writing to do today that my head is buzzing with noise, so I’ll just share a few pics and promise to return later today or early tomorrow with some more. Favorite things about the wedding?  The friends and family who came.  The cool retro feel of old Las Vegas with the wedding chapel, the pool side cocktails on top of Binion’s with the setting sun in the background, and then entering Binion’s Steakhouse on the 25th floor and discovering the glamorous red and black color scheme…black table cloths, red roses, red glass votives glowing with light and the little black … Continue reading Wedding


I’m walking out the door in ten minutes to grab kids from school and head to airport for Las Vegas.  I’m a little bit nervous from all the last minute things to do.  I’m not a calm traveler until I hit the plane, and then I chill.  But I always stress a little about packing, getting to airport, parking, checking in, getting through security, boarding the plane…silly, but that’s me. My crazy Ty Gurney headed off on his motorcycle last Friday for a solo trek to Vegas and has had quite an adventure.  He’s my guy.  Can’t quite believe that two people so opposite work so well, but we do.  People always say we have a fairy tale relationship and … Continue reading Craziness

Books, Kids & Vegas Weddings

The little Vegas wedding on September 17th has gotten pretty big and we’ve just switched to a bigger chapel to accomodate everyone!  Ty has 25 family members coming.  I have another 21.  And then there are the friends, and the friends with kids and so it looks like we’re going to have roughly 70 there for the weekend.  Yesterday I took my dress in to have it hemmed and Ty saw a tailor to get his black velvet jacket fitted.  Son Ty has found blue velvet shoes and we’ve got everything else pretty much nailed down.  Now I just need to write. I’m back in Bellevue and tomorrow I get back to my desk.  I’ll be pulling some long hours … Continue reading Books, Kids & Vegas Weddings

My Baby is 16!

Jake, my first born, my first baby, turns 16 today.  This boy owns my heart and he knows it, too.  Jake is tough.  He has struggled at times but he always battles through.  I love that about him.  I love that he won’t quit and he has big dreams and he’s determined to make them come true. I’m not with him today, though, as he’s in Bellevue and he’s dedicated June and July to water polo and training for the JO’s.  I hate not being with him on his birthday but I hope this blog let’s him know that he’s on my mind and in my heart and that I love being his mom. Happy birthday, Jake.  I am so … Continue reading My Baby is 16!

Viva Las Vegas

It’s been eight years since Ty and I met, and we’ve been bouncing back and forth between Hawaii and Seattle as if we own stock in the airlines, but after a couple houses, and a baby, and some nervous laughter, Ty and I have decided to make if officially official. We’re getting married in September in Las Vegas with Elvis. That’s right.   Surfer Ty and I are getting married at A Elvis Chapel with Elvis conducting the ceremony.   (Love it.) Love that it’s going to be a small wedding and super relaxed, and really fun.    I love that Ty’s a great dad.  And I love that even after eight years I think he’s seriously sexy, and he still … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas

Mommy’s Bed

My littlest guy is crying his heart out right now.  A month of traveling–and sleepig with us because we’re in hotels and strange places and the Hawaii house–has made Mac only want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.  Tonight he’s cried for twenty-five minutes without stop and I don’t think I can take it much longer.  I know what the baby books say, and last night we let him cry it out, but it took him almost 45 minutes with Ty standing there for twenty-five minutes rubbing his back and singing to him but it was still exhausting.  Mac is such a little Taurus…so very stubborn…and all he wants is to sleep between Ty and me in our bed. … Continue reading Mommy’s Bed

Bubbly Mac

My Mac is away from me this weekend and I miss him already.  He’s with his dad for his grandmother’s memorial service in Oceanside this weekend while I’m on a business trip in Canada.  I was so sorry to miss Pat’s memorial–and just as sorry to not see Ty’s family.  I will be heading to Hawaii Wednesday night to join Mac and Ty there for a week, but in the meantime I had to share a few of my favorite pics of Mac this week playing with bubbles. He is such a fun boy. I have a very cool prize for one of you–a copy of Beth Kendrick’s brand new release, The Bake-Off, a big beach towel, a $15 Starbucks … Continue reading Bubbly Mac