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Featured Author: Leslie Lehr

I met novelist Leslie Lehr in January 2009 at the Girlfriends Weekend in Jefferson, Texas. The Girlfriends Weekend is a weekend of awesome sisterhood among women who love books, and was founded by the amazing, generous, spirited Kathy Patrick–one of my favorite people because she’s combined her hair expertise (she’s a stylist, and you know I love great hair) with her passion for books with her famous Beauty & the Book store, before going on to found the Pulpwood Queen Books Club, which gave birth to the Girlfriend Weekends, and more. But this blog isn’t about Kathy, its about Leslie, whom I met in Jefferson and promptly adored.  The lovely Leslie has a new book out and I’m really excited … Continue reading Featured Author: Leslie Lehr

Introducing Judy Mollen Walters!

Happy April 1st everyone!!  It’s such a gorgeous morning here in San Clemente…the bluest of blue skies, warm weather, flowers blooming…I couldn’t be happier today despite my cold.  I’ve had a week straight with my family and its been heaven.  I missed the kids so much during my traveling and it feels good to be mom again.  I’m not leaving them until mid April when I head to the East Coast for four days of events so I can just relax a bit and focus on the house, the kids, and getting Jake organized for graduation and then off this summer to college.  It looks like he’s going to be an Aggie…watch out Texas A&M…he’s all yours soon! I should … Continue reading Introducing Judy Mollen Walters!

Festive Tidbits & Good Daughter Contest

  Hi everyone!  I’ve been asked to be the guest blogger over at  The Book Reporter.  It’s a rather nostalgic piece about my Christmases as a little girl. If you can, leave a comment there, but its okay if you can’t, because you can still comment here, and if you do, you have a chance to win an arc of my February release, The Good Daughter, plus a B&N gift card, and lots more special reader goodies.   This is my first sneak peek at The Good Daughter so its a special contest.  The winner will be announced here on my blog, before midnight, on Saturday, December 22nd, so do drop by the Book Reporter blog, read what I had … Continue reading Festive Tidbits & Good Daughter Contest

Checking In

It was a wonderful treat to have so many of my family here for Thanksgiving.  We also had some of Ty’s best friends from Hawaii, Tucker and Nichole, here, too, which made it a full house, and a fun house, and with all the work we did, trying to get ready for our guests, this 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival finally feels like home. I did spent Saturday and Sunday writing, and am about to get down to writing now.  This book I’m working on is really interesting, and I love the story and how the characters are coming to life, but I’ve got a long way to go.  Writing always takes time, and its the one thing (like so many … Continue reading Checking In


It’s November 1st.  Can hardly believe it.  It’s been such a crazy, busy, turbulent Fall. One of my friends told me over the weekend she missed my blogs, and wished I was writing more in my blogs, and sharing more, and I told her that I couldn’t.  That things had actually been very hard for the past eight weeks….ten weeks…and that I was barely getting from one place to another, and from one event to another, and yet, because I’m so private, and protective of my family, I don’t share that.  I don’t tell people too much.  I’m proud.  And I have a public face…the author face.  So I tend to shut down when I’m in the middle of a … Continue reading Truths

Settling in…Sort of

I’m in my house…barely! It’s a juggling act still, trying to get settled when we’re having contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, heating specialists, and audio/visual techies in virtually every room.  My office, though, is pure chaos and I can’t write until it’s unpacked and organized, and sadly, I can’t even get to my office to unpack and organize when I’m needed in every other room to make decisions.  Help!! One of my boys, too, has decided not to move with me and it was a very sudden, shocking decision…at least for me.  I’ve never not had my boys live with me but son Ty didn’t want to leave Bellevue, and his dad was willing to move back there from Arizona so … Continue reading Settling in…Sort of

A Special Good Woman Contest

We leave Washington tomorrow. We’re on an 8 am flight to Orlando and then Saturday morning we board our Disney cruise with all my family, (Mom, sister, both my brothers and all their kids, too) and then after the cruise ends, we fly straight to Orange County to settle into the new house. It’s been a bittersweet month…..highs, lows, and tons of emotion as we say goodbye to Belleve which has been our home for sixteen years.  I moved here late June, just before Jake, my first baby, turned one, and now we leave end of June, just before he turns 17. Because of all the writing deadlines and family dramas (do any of you have family drama?!?  Please tell … Continue reading A Special Good Woman Contest

Happy Father’s Day!

I’m really pushing hard to finish this novella and I’ve got to be honest…I’m exhausted.  I need a vacation from writing and getting the new house ready for us, and worrying about the kids who are so sad to leave Bellevue.  But things work out, they always work out, so I’m sharing some photos of my wonderful surfer guy who definitely has his own cool vibe. He’s in Hawaii right now working, so that I can wrap up my story, so I’m sending a shout out to him, and all the wonderful fathers out there.  Good job Dads!!!           Love to all, and now, sadly, its back to work for me.  Can’t wait to have this … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mac!

It was my littlest guy’s 3rd birthday yesterday…can you believe it?  So many of you have been reading my blog and chatting with me since before I was even pregnant with him and now he’s a boy…playing Viking and knights and pirates.  He loves to dress up and wield a sword…and has quite an impressive sword collection at this point.  I’d be worried if I hadn’t had two other boys before him and realize this is just a boy loving being a boy! For his pirate party we invited his preschool class and his friends from soccer and five were able to come.  Every time a little boy or girl arrived he’d beam and say, “I have a friend here!” … Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday, Mac!

Easter Parade

This will be a very short post as I’m on a plane right now heading to Hawaii with Ty and Mac and we’re going to lose our internet connection any moment.  I am so happy to be getting to Hawaii for Easter…but sorry I didn’t get my book in before I left, so Hawaii is going to be all about writing for the first four or five days, and then hopefully I’ll get it in mid week and have a few days to play with Mac on the beach Sending you all love and wishes for a wonderful Easter and beautiful Spring.  I’ve been writing a lot and its been an intense book…I’ll feel so much better when I hit … Continue reading Easter Parade