April 1, 2021

Montana Cowboy Daddy

Book 3 of the Wyatt Brothers of Montana series

Professional rodeo cowboy Billy Wyatt is in the prime of his career. He’s having a fantastic year on the circuit, earning big money and leading the standings. Too immersed in his success and enjoying bachelorhood, he’s not interested in getting serious. But when a woman he’s never seen before shows up at the Clovis Rodeo with a baby she claims is his, Billy’s world is turned inside out.

Erika Baylor, a PhD grad student, never planned to be a single mom, but when her older sister dies in a car accident, orphaning her infant son, Erika steps forward. She’ll help to care for her 6 month old nephew until the baby can be reunited with his dad. She doesn’t expect the dad to be cocky, infuriating, and utterly irresistible.

Billy never thought he wanted to be a father, but looking into the eyes of the baby who is supposedly his—and whose blue eyes mirror his own—he’s hooked. But he’s hooked on the woman who’s holding the baby too…

November 9, 2021

Montana Cowboy Miracle

Book 4 of the Wyatt Brothers of Montana series
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