Reader’s Guide for Easy On The Eyes

A book extra for Easy On The Eyes

Women and their Loyal Friends:

  • Tiana says, “Research shows that women with close friendships live longer and healthier lives than women without. Spending time with girlfriends is supposed to be one of the best stress-busters out there.” How valid do you think this assessment is? How much do you rely on your girlfriends to help you manage your stress?
  • Shey and Christie are depicted as exceptionally strong, loyal friends to Tiana. What are your thoughts about Tiana’s friendship with each woman? Do you have friends like Shey and Christie?

Women and the Slow Graceful Flow of Age:

  • Tiana is now the exact age her mother was when she died. How does this affect Tiana’s memory of her mother? How does this factor into Tiana’s self-image? What does it mean to Tiana that her industry is suddenly coming down on her for being old when she is the exact age she remembers her mother most?
  • Tiana is uncomfortable with the magazine articles labeling her as a “cougar”. Do you think this label it carries a stigma for women? Do you personally know of women you would label “cougar”?
  • Tiana is strongly against the use of plastic surgery to enhance her looks just to save her job. How do you feel about the pressures women face today to look young and fit, especially in the media and entertainment business? Would you say men are subjected to the same amount of pressure to constantly look young?

Romantic Relationships:

  • How would you describe Tiana’s relationship with her deceased husband? How has his loss influenced her outlook on relationships and finding love again?
  • From what we know of Keith and what we’ve come of know of Michael, how do the men’s personalities differ?

Tiana’s Character:

  • We learn quite a bit about Tiana’s childhood and the time she spent in South Africa. How has this shaped her personality?
  • Tiana doesn’t let many people into her heart because when she does, she’s wide open and totally vulnerable. “… just because I didn’t laugh or cry as easily, didn’t mean I didn’t feel… The problem is, once you’re in my heart, you stay.” Do you find it easy to open up to people right away or are you more reserved initially also?
  • If you could write an epilogue for this book, how would you imagine Tiana’s life to be five years from now?

The Entertainment Industry:

  • Tiana’s boss, Glenn, informs her of the studio’s decision to bring in a younger co-host on her show in an effort to help boost show ratings, which have been low. What is your impression of Tiana’s relationship with her boss and her standing in the entertainment industry? Do you think if Tiana had been a man she’d have been treated differently?
  • What’s your point of view on the fact that entertainment industry professionals do want young blood on the screen to help boost ratings? Do you think it’s fair on women who work in the entertainment industry? How much of an impact do the host’s looks have when it comes to your own tv viewing preferences?
  • If you could fill Tiana’s shoes for one day, who are some of the celebrities you’d want to meet or interview?

Real World:

  • Tiana’s trip to Africa uncovers a lot of hard facts about our world. What was your reaction to the stories she covered and people she came into contact with on her trip? Have you ever been to Africa? If not, would you like to?
  • What is your opinion on charity work? Do you contribute regularly to charities? Do you have a favorite charity?
  • What other books have you read that are based along some of the same themes you encountered in Porter’s Easy On The Eyes? What is similar or different about these books?
  • What theme(s) from this book impacted you the most? Discuss your reasons.