The Brennan Family Tree

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Eldest of the Brennan Children:

Mary Margaret “Meg” Roberts, 42, almost 43

Meg is 42, almost 43, and her husband Jack Roberts is 47. They’ve been married 17 years, and met when they were both studying abroad in Italy. Today they live in Santa Rosa where Jack is an architect and Meg works as the PR person for Dark Horse Winery in Napa.

Meg and Jack have three kids:

  • 15 year old Jack Jr. – a typical jock, loves football, baseball, and basketball
  • 12 year old Tess or Tessa – very girlie, serious about ballet, dreams of being accepted to the San Francisco Ballet School
  • 10 year old Gabriela or Gabi – feisty, headstrong, and into horses
Daughters 2 & 3:

Catherine Elizabeth “Kit” Brennan and Brianna Brennan (fraternal twins)

Kit and Brianna are 38, and neither are married, no kids although Brianna had a rash impulsive wedding at 19 with a rocker, wedding annulled by family after it failed miserably.

Kit is conservative, more self-controlled than Brianna, and now at forty, secretly worries that she’s bordering on inflexible. She teaches English at a Catholic School teacher in the East Bay, and has spent the past ten years living with her engineer boyfriend, Richard, hoping for a proposal and a wedding ring.

Brianna is a tropical disease nurse. She once traveled all over the world with her work, but now remains in Africa. She’s daring, adventurous and a free spirit, as well as the family wild child. Brianna isn’t interested in settling down or having kids and rarely returns to the States.

4th child:

Son Tommy Jr. Brennan

Tommy Jr. is 37 – Marilyn got pregnant with him within 10 weeks of delivering the twins.

Married to Cassidy or Cass for ten years. He works as a fire fighter on the East Bay and she’s a Labor and Delivery nurse. They both work and live in the East Bay.

His wife Cass is 36 and they haven’t been able to conceive yet, but have been trying for six years now, including three rounds of IVF.

5th child:

4th daughter Sarah Anne “Sarah” Walker

Her husband is Boone Walker, he is 38 and Sarah is 35 and they have 2 kids:

  • Son Brennan Walker, 7 years
  • Daughter Ella 4 years – starts kindergarten in book 2 of the series.

Husband Boone is a professional baseball player, nearing the end of his career, and currently playing for Tampa Bay.

Sarah is the baby of the family and considered the family beauty. She’d once had plans for law school but gave up her career ambitions to be a full time wife and mom. Sarah is madly, passionately in love with her husband but is fully aware he’s been unfaithful in the past and it haunts her always.


Tommy and Marilyn Brennan

Tom Brennan, is almost 68 and is close to retiring after 40 years with the San Francisco Fire Department. Tom, a 6th generation San Francisco fire fighter, loved his career, and with three brothers, three uncles who all served in the SF fire department as the same time as Tom, it’s definitely a family business that binds the family together. With an August 1st birthday he’s all Leo with his thick head of white hair, burly chest and handsome, rugged features. He’s a dedicated father and the Brennan family patriarch.

Tom’s wife, Marilyn, is 64, will be 65 the 10th of Dec. Tom and Marilyn met while attending the same grammar school but her family moved, and then they met again when he was playing pro baseball in the minors. They married that summer—he was 23, she was 20, and moved around with his baseball career for a couple years before returning to the Bay Area where they have lived ever since. Marilyn had her first child at 22 and then returned to college when Sarah started kindergarten to earn a nursing degree coupled with a business degree and until recently was the director for a nursing home on the Peninsula.

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