The Wyatt Family Tree

A book extra for Montana Cowboy Romance , Montana Cowboy Christmas , Montana Cowboy Daddy

The Wyatt Brothers of Montana series is about four brothers raised by their grandfather and mom on Diamond W Ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. The brothers are tough, competitive, and successful on the professional rodeo cowboy circuit.

Family Patriarch:

Grandfather Melvin Wyatt, 83 was born and raised on the Diamond W Ranch. He married Jeannie Harris from Omaha, and brought her to the Diamond W ranch, where they raised their two sons, Joseph Curtis “JC” Wyatt and Samuel James Wyatt. Jeannie died in her fifties and Melvin never remarried.


Oldest son: Joseph Curtis “JC” Wyatt married Summer Leigh
Younger son: Samuel James Wyatt, died before he married. Father of Cade Hunt (addendum)

JC and Sam both died in a car accident together when they were in their 20’s. Melvin Wyatt moved widowed Summer and her boys to the Diamond W Ranch following JC’s death. The boys have grown up in Montana.

JC and Summer’s four boys:

Joe Wyatt and Sophie (Correia) – Montana Cowboy Romance

  • Two kids and expecting one (noted in Tommy’s book).
  • Firstborn is Elijah Michael Wyatt.

Sam Wyatt and Ivy (Wycoff) – Montana Cowboy Christmas

  • Sam is named for his Uncle Samuel who was killed with JC
  • Twins who are 2 in Tommy’s book

Billy Wyatt and Erika (Baylor) – Montana Cowboy Daddy

  • Beck Wyatt Estes (Bio mom was Erika’s cousin April Estes)
  • They live in Utah.

Cade Hunt (O’Connell) and MerriBee (Merri Bradley) – Montana Cowboy Miracle

  • Cade is the son of Samuel, Melvin’s son. Raised by Mom (Susan Hunt O’Connell) and James O’Connell. Upon learning James was not his bio dad, Cade changed his last name to Hunt, his mother’s maiden name.
  • Grace Dorothy Hunt (Dot, aka Dorothy Warner has been a pseudo grandmother to Cade, owns Sundowner Ranch in Wyoming which Cade will inherit.)

Tommy and Blake (Eden) – Montana Cowboy Promise

  • Three unnamed daughters they adopted two and a half years after they brought them home, which was one year after they settled in Marietta, which was three years after they were married.

Briar Phillips and Jet Manning – Montana Cowboy Bride

  • Briar is Cade’s half-sister through their mother.

A standalone book that also takes place in Marietta: Oh, Christmas Night

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