The Wyatt Family Tree

A book extra for Montana Cowboy Romance , Montana Cowboy Christmas , Montana Cowboy Daddy

The Wyatt Brothers of Montana series is about four brothers raised by their grandfather and mom on Diamond W Ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. The brothers are tough, competitive, and successful on the professional rodeo cowboy circuit.

Family Patriarch:

Grandfather Melvin Wyatt, 83 was born and raised on the Diamond W Ranch. He married Jeannie Harris from Omaha, and brought her to the Diamond W ranch, where they raised their two sons, Joseph Curtis “JC” Wyatt and Samuel James Wyatt. Jeannie died in her fifties and Melvin never remarried.


Oldest son: Joseph Curtis “JC” Wyatt married Summer Leigh
Younger son: Samuel James Wyatt, died before he married.

JC and Sam both died in a car accident together when they were in their 20’s. Melvin Wyatt moved widowed Summer and her boys to the Diamond W Ranch following JC’s death. The boys have grown up in Montana.

JC and Summer’s four boys:

Joe Wyatt, hero of Montana Cowboy Romance
Sam Wyatt, hero of Montana Cowboy Christmas
Billy Wyatt, hero of Montana Cowboy Daddy
Tommy Wyatt, hero of title TBA

A standalone book that also takes place in Marietta: Oh, Christmas Night

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