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A Fresh New Excerpt! Montana Cowboy Daddy

Montana Cowboy Daddy, Book 3 in Jane’s amazing Wyatt Brothers of Montana series, will be here in April and there’s a fresh new excerpt from the Wyatt family ranch just for you! Here’s a quick peek at what’s happening at the Diamond W Ranch —

“She’s got to get back to town,” Billy said flatly, again giving her that same don’t-try-me look.   “The baby needs to eat and nap.”  His gaze locked with hers, the blue in his eyes almost icy.  “It’s what you’d said, right?”

            She stared into his eyes, anxiety fading, anger growing.  Who did he think he was?  She held his gaze another moment, letting him know she wasn’t intimidated, or impressed.  He didn’t care about his son, or April.  He didn’t seem to care for anyone but himself.  “Not exactly,” she answered, not bothering to smile or soften her tone.  “But I will go, as you’ve asked, and since you’ve promised to call me in the morning, I look forward to speaking to you then.” 

Click here to read the full excerpt and don’t forget that Montana Cowboy Daddy will be available on April 1st so be sure to pre-order your copy today!