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Flirting With Fifty!

Readers have been asking forever and it’s finally on the schedule! Flirting With Fifty is going to be hitting shelves in May of 2022! Jane will share the cover and pre-ordering links as soon as they are available but meanwhile, click here to learn more about this long awaited romance!

Covid Relief for India

Jane is excited to support Covid relief efforts for India and is offering a 40 minute chat with her about anything—publishing questions, career, branding, cooking…managing an alpha male!  Click here for more info!


Montana Cowboy Daddy Release Day!

It’s release day for Montana Cowboy Daddy, book 3 in Jane’s Wyatt Brothers of Montana series!

Professional rodeo cowboy Billy Wyatt is in the prime of his career, earning big money and leading the standings. He’s not interested in getting serious. But then Erika Baylor shows up with a baby she claims is his, and turns his world  inside out. Billy never thought he wanted to be a father, but looking into the eyes of the baby who is supposedly his—and whose blue eyes mirror his own—he’s hooked. But he’s hooked on the woman who’s holding the baby too…

Join Billy and Erika on their journey to falling in love in Montana Cowboy Daddy, which is out today in ebook and the print version will follow very soon! Read an excerpt or jump ahead and order your copy to read without interruption!

A Fresh New Excerpt! Montana Cowboy Daddy

Montana Cowboy Daddy, Book 3 in Jane’s amazing Wyatt Brothers of Montana series, will be here in April and there’s a fresh new excerpt from the Wyatt family ranch just for you! Here’s a quick peek at what’s happening at the Diamond W Ranch —

“She’s got to get back to town,” Billy said flatly, again giving her that same don’t-try-me look.   “The baby needs to eat and nap.”  His gaze locked with hers, the blue in his eyes almost icy.  “It’s what you’d said, right?”

            She stared into his eyes, anxiety fading, anger growing.  Who did he think he was?  She held his gaze another moment, letting him know she wasn’t intimidated, or impressed.  He didn’t care about his son, or April.  He didn’t seem to care for anyone but himself.  “Not exactly,” she answered, not bothering to smile or soften her tone.  “But I will go, as you’ve asked, and since you’ve promised to call me in the morning, I look forward to speaking to you then.” 

Click here to read the full excerpt and don’t forget that Montana Cowboy Daddy will be available on April 1st so be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Another gorgeous Wyatt Brother is coming soon!  

If you read Sam Wyatt and Ivy Wycoff’s story in Montana Cowboy Christmas, you probably got a good glimpse at Sam’s brother, Billy. Jane can’t wait to for you to get to know him better in Montana Cowboy Daddy!
Billy’s story will be available for download on April 1st, 2021 and is already available for pre-order. Be sure to click through and pre-order your copy right away. And if you’re new to the Wyatt Brothers, you can download Joe’s and Sam’s stories right now. There’s so much great reading in store!


Montana Cowboy Christmas – An Excerpt!

Release Day for Montana Cowboy Christmas is coming in less than a month and Jane has a yummy excerpt to share! Here’s a quick peek –

Sam grabbed the half-and-half cart and returned it to the fridge, closing the refrigerator door a little more force than necessary. “That’s because she isn’t my girlfriend. She hasn’t been my Ivy for two years now.”

“Are you going to go see her? She’s working again tonight.”

Sam gave his brother and incredulous look.  “No, I’m not going to see her. Why would I do that?”

Read the full excerpt here and remember, Montana Cowboy Christmas will be available on November 10th from your favorite online retailer so be sure to pre-order your copy today!


The Price of a Dangerous Passion, Now Available in All Formats

The Price of a Dangerous Passion is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook, as well as print — order your copy today! If you haven’t already, meet Charlotte and Brando in this excerpt… here’s a little taste:

“We shouldn’t do this,” she whispered, air catching in her throat as his thumb stroked the side of her neck, lighting little tongues of fires just beneath the surface of her skin.

“We’ve done nothing wrong,” he murmured. “We’re simply dancing.”

Done nothing wrong yet, she silently corrected, with yet being the operative word.

Want more Classic Romance stories? Jane has many more to carry you through the summer. And for endless diversion, check out Jane’s Book Extras — so much to explore.

The Price of a Dangerous Passion: Now Available in Print!

Badboys, Italians, and tycoons, oh my! Jane’s newest hot summer read, The Price of a Dangerous Passion is NOW AVAILABLE in print!

Read how Charlotte shows up on Brando’s doorstep to tell him the news of her pregnancy in Jane’s newly-extended excerpt, then order your copy today!

If ebook is more your thing, it will be released very soon (Pre-order now!) on various dates, depending on where you live and how you like to read:
~ in the US: ebook on Aug 1
~ in the UK: ebook on July 23

And if you are a fan of badboys, Italians, and tycoons, be sure to click over to see all the other titles that has to offer readers for those character archetypes. Jane has also organized her books by theme — something for everybody!