Spanish Endearments, a Glossary

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None of the Galvàn men would call their loves “Sweetie” or “Hon”. These are alpha male men of strong South American and Spanish descent. When writing The Latin Lover’s Secret Child and The Spaniard’s Passion I let them speak as they would. Here is a glossary cheat sheet to help non-Spanish speaking readers get the full sense of how these characters speak.


negrita/negrito > feminine and masculine form, slang, special friend, pal
flaca/flaco > feminine and masculine form, slang, buddy or friend, literal is “skinny”
carida > darling
chica > slang, little girl, girlfriend
mi amor > my love
mi mujer > “my woman” (modern day women don’t like this one very much!)
carnino > dear, what a woman would say to a man