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Book 5 of The Galván Brides Series

Classic Romance

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Sophie knew she could never give in to her overwhelming attraction to South American millionaire Alonso Galván. So she agreed to a loveless marriage to a man who left her with a pile of gambling debts. But Alonso has never renounced his vow that, one day, Sophie will be his! Now, finding her alone and widowed, it seems his prayers have been answered. At last he can show her what real passion is all about—and that he means to make her his bride!

Classic Romance

The Spaniard’s Passion

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Sophie knew she could never give in to her overwhelming attraction to South American millionaire Alonso Galván. So she agreed to a loveless marriage to a man who left her with a pile of gambling debts. But Alonso has never renounced his vow that, one day, Sophie will be his! Now, finding her alone and widowed, it seems his prayers have been answered. At last he can show her what real passion is all about—and that he means to make her his bride!

The Spaniard’s Passion

Book 5 of The Galván Brides Series

Classic Romance

Themes & Archetypes

Latin Lover, Second Chances

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The Spaniard’s Passion

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The blazing sun dazzled the eyes and the steady crash of waves on the long sandy beach lulled Sophie Johnson to sleep. She snuggled deeper into her towel on the warm sand. She’d had more fun in the last ten days then she had…well, then she’d had…ever.

Abruptly the sand shifted and a shadow stretched over her. Sophie’s stomach tensed, a knot of excitement and fear. Shading her eyes, she glanced up, knowing it was Alonso Huntsman. How could she adore someone so much when he made her this nervous?

Alonso was standing over her, dripping wet, his wet black hair slicked back from his face, the hard planes of his chest darkly tan from a summer spent in the sun.  “You smell fantastic, Sophie. I think I’ll eat you.”

She tried to ignore the way her heart jumped.  “It’s just lotion, Lon. I’d taste disgusting.”

He flashed her a wicked grin.  “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Clive Wilkins, son of prominent banker, Lord Wilkins, stirred restlessly on his towel next to Sophie.

“Will you two kindly shut up?”

Alonso reached for his towel, bicep rippling as he mopped his face dry.  “Are we disturbing your sleep, old man?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, you are,” Clive retorted, burying his blonde head deeper into the crook of his arm.

“Just one little taste,” Lon whispered to Sophie over Clive’s head, his light blue eyes glowing. He knew he was being wicked. He also knew it thrilled her.

“One taste?”

He nodded seriously.  “Just one good lick.”

Squirming on the inside, trying not to laugh, she picked up her bottle of sun tan lotion and tossed it to him. Lon caught it with one hand. “Here you go, big boy. Enjoy.”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” Clive swore, sitting up.  “You’ve just ruined a brilliant nap. “He grabbed Sophie’s arm, pressed her wrist to his mouth and his tongue flicked across her warm skin.

“Disgusting,” Clive pronounced, tossing her arm away. He lay back down again, nestling his unshaven cheek to his arm, the blonde bristles glinting gold.  “She tastes like synthetics and plastic.”

“You’d hate it, Lon. Now will you two please shut up so I can sleep?”

“You just don’t want me to taste her,” Lon mocked, dropping down next to the two of them.  “I think you’re jealous, old man.”

Clive didn’t even bother to open his eyes.  “Jealous of you two pathetic human beings?” His aristocratic English had never been more precise. “Of course, you big Scottish meat head. You and princess are the two best friends a man could ask for.”

Meat head. Princess. Sophie bit her lip, trying not to giggle, but she couldn’t hold the laughter in. Once she started to laugh, Lon and Clive joined in, and suddenly her eyes were burning with tears she wouldn’t cry.

This was the best school holiday of her life. No, make this the best summer of her life. Clive and Lon were impossible. Incorrigible. Irredeemable. And she’d never loved anyone so much.

Nothing, she thought as she surreptitiously wiped a tear away, gazing out at the Pacific Ocean where the waves crashed against Buenaventura’s white sandy beach, nothing would ever top this. Nothing would ever be as sweet, nothing would ever be as innocent.

If only time would stop and the three of them could remain together, forever, like this.

end of excerpt

The Spaniard’s Passion is currently available in digital format only:

Harlequin Presents

ISBN: 0373123639

December 1, 2003

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The Spaniard’s Passion


  • The Galván Family Tree →

    The aristocratic Galváns of Argentina are a complicated family, their relationships with each other stretched and tangled as they struggled to come to grips with their troubled past and hopes for the future.

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  • Spanish Endearments, a Glossary →

    None of the Galvàn men would call their loves “Sweetie” or “Hon”. These are alpha male men of strong South American and Spanish descent. When writing The Latin Lover’s Secret Child and The Spaniard’s Passion I let them speak as they would. While reading, refer to this quick glossary cheat sheet.

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  • Argentina →

    I traveled to Argentina to soak up the culture before writing the Galván series. Click over for pictures and tales from that trip!

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  • London →

    I confess. I’m an Anglophile. Growing up my father read Charles Dickens aloud to us. As a teenager I fell in love with Shakespeare’s plays and like most romance readers, I devoured everything by Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. For a writer, England is exciting. England is rainy and green and home to literature, chivalry, and Harlequin Mills & Boon.

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The Spaniard’s Passion


  • “…from one of Harlequin Presents most talented authors and one of my personal favorites, Jane Porter…
    “I love that Ms. Porter always writes strong males who are softies where their families and the women they love are concerned. Lon is definitely one of those men and then some.

    “The sexual tension between Lon and Sophie could be felt from the moment I cracked open The Spaniard’s Passion and started reading the prologue. I’ve only come across a handful of Harlequin Presents authors who are consistently able to deliver compelling must-read romances. Jane Porter is one of them. Original and well plotted with two larger than life characters, The Spaniard’s Passion sparkles with undeniable brilliance. It’s a true deep-sigh book.”

    — Diana Tidlund, Writers Unlimited Reviews

  • The Spaniard’s Passion, Jane Porter’s fourth entry in the Galvan Brides series, is an exciting ride into the South American jungle, filled with many twists, turns, and surprises. The characters are passionate and believable. Quite simply, The Spaniard’s Passion is a wonderful book that you will not be able to put down until the very last page is finished.”

    — Brooke Wills,

  • “Sophie is still terrified of the intense feelings she has for Lon, even after years apart. She knows that she must … escape Lon before he makes her lose control…

    “Heated, explosive and intense is Jane Porter’s latest tale, The Spaniard’s Passion. Lon is an Alpha male who can work one up to frustration with his stubbornness and make one burn with his sensuality. Sophie learns so much about herself in this tale. She learns that it is okay to lose control sometimes, she discovers her own needs and desires and learns to grab happiness when she finds it. Ms. Porter does a wonderful job of keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, biting their nails and yelling at Sophie to take what is right in front of her…her perfect soulmate. This tale literally takes one’s breath away with a roller-coaster of emotions, danger, intrigue and the bonds of love and family. Jane Porter is an author to read when looking for action and adventure, sensual characters, an Alpha male who is sexy as sin and for love that transcends time. The Spaniard’s Passion is definitely a must read.”

    — Tracey West, The Road to Romance

  • “Jane Porter delivers a powerful entry to the Presents line and her Galvan family series. The Spaniard’s Passion will knock your socks off with its drama and intense emotion and sensuality. Alonso Huntsman Galvan is one extraordinary Presents hero, and this reviewer’s favorite Galvan. “

    — Debora Hosey,

  • “Sophie is the perfect heroine for Lon even though she has been fighting her attraction for the man ever since she first met him. She is so afraid of losing control. It is such fun to watch these two spar — the sparks fly sky high.

    “Porter’s trademark alpha male characters are strong, capable, intelligent, and well… alpha with a capital “A”. They take your breath away. The Spaniard’s Passion is a rich, passionate, emotional read that deals with more than just the usual romantic love. “

    — Suzanne Colburn,

  • “Sophie, Clive and Alonso were the best of friends until Sophie had to choose between them. Scared of Alonso’s intensity and feelings, Sophie chose Clive and the tranquility of his affection. Years later, Sophie is widowed, and Alonso comes back to England to reclaim the woman who has always been destined to be his. But before Sophie can do anything, she is determined to go to Brazil to discover the secrets of her husband’s death. But what she discovers is more than she wants to know. The Spaniard’s Passion (4) by Jane Porter is an intense read that blends action, adventure, romance and passion into a well-crafted story. Alonso is arrogant, sexy as hell and protective. He’s a perfect alpha hero — nothing will get between him and his woman again.” (awarded 4 stars!)

    — Romantic Times Book Club

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