Home Sweet Home

I’m tired.  Very, very tired and I’ve a brunch to host in less than two hours and then I’ve promised to do ‘something fun’ with the boys this afternoon who haven’t seen me since Wednesday, but between you and me, just dragging myself around the house right now is hard.   I managed to catch an earlier flight home and every flight was on time, but still it’s seven hours of flights and airport waits followed by driving.  Yuck.  The travel girl/adventure girl in me is so long gone.  I’m homebody/bookworm girl and I’ve been this way for months.  Pregnancy hormones, maybe?

People always say that I’m so friendly and outgoing that they can’t believe I’m an introvert, but my very close friends will tell you–I’m not just an introvert, I’m a recluse!  It’s true.  I hide in my house.  There are days and days where I don’t go anywhere but to drop my son off at school and then its home again.  And while I love the idea of events, they’re very demanding on me psychologically, as well as physically.   Jane Porter Author versus Jane Porter person, is a lot of work.

Jane Porter person is slouchy and reclusive and snickers at her own jokes.

Jane Porter Author has great hair and accessorized wardrobe and a ready smile for everyone.

Jane Porter person will spend all day in her pajamas.

Jane Porter Author makes sure her make up is always flawless and her energy is up!

Jane Porter person ignores her cell phone, avoids her desk, and curls up in bed with a book.

Jane Porter person is much less impressive but far easier to live with.  🙂  And after today’s auction party brunch ends, I swear, I’m going to be Jane Porter person for the rest of the day.  Slouchy, comfy clothes, messy ponytail, and hopefully a long nap followed by a long read in bed.  Ahhhh, heaven. 

If only my kids would let me climb back into bed…

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