Home Sweet Home

I’m tired.  Very, very tired and I’ve a brunch to host in less than two hours and then I’ve promised to do ‘something fun’ with the boys this afternoon who haven’t seen me since Wednesday, but between you and me, just dragging myself around the house right now is hard.   I managed to catch an earlier flight home and every flight was on time, but still it’s seven hours of flights and airport waits followed by driving.  Yuck.  The travel girl/adventure girl in me is so long gone.  I’m homebody/bookworm girl and I’ve been this way for months.  Pregnancy hormones, maybe?

People always say that I’m so friendly and outgoing that they can’t believe I’m an introvert, but my very close friends will tell you–I’m not just an introvert, I’m a recluse!  It’s true.  I hide in my house.  There are days and days where I don’t go anywhere but to drop my son off at school and then its home again.  And while I love the idea of events, they’re very demanding on me psychologically, as well as physically.   Jane Porter Author versus Jane Porter person, is a lot of work.

Jane Porter person is slouchy and reclusive and snickers at her own jokes.

Jane Porter Author has great hair and accessorized wardrobe and a ready smile for everyone.

Jane Porter person will spend all day in her pajamas.

Jane Porter Author makes sure her make up is always flawless and her energy is up!

Jane Porter person ignores her cell phone, avoids her desk, and curls up in bed with a book.

Jane Porter person is much less impressive but far easier to live with.  🙂  And after today’s auction party brunch ends, I swear, I’m going to be Jane Porter person for the rest of the day.  Slouchy, comfy clothes, messy ponytail, and hopefully a long nap followed by a long read in bed.  Ahhhh, heaven. 

If only my kids would let me climb back into bed…


  1. Jane,

    I am a homebody. I love to read and be left alone…My neighbor called the other night because she driving a child home and going past my house, she saw me in the office again. I spend all my days in here. I love it in here. But yes, I am known as the recluse with my friends. And hey, that’s not a bad thing to be…Too much drama and stress out there…I think I will stay in:)

    Hope you enjoy your afternoon no matter what you end up doing. I have the flu and think I will go back to my room now:(

  2. Hi, Jane:

    Hope the brunch went well and that you will soon be able to curl up and relax. Received the cookbook, bookmarks, pens etc. that you sent and I wanted to thank you. Can’t wait to make some of the cocktails once the weather warms up. The thought of a frozen cocktail when it’s so cold outside just does not appeal to me.

    I know what you mean about home persona vs work or social persona. I am the same way anymore. I get up for work each day at 6 a.m. and don’t return until 6 p.m. or later – must grocery shop, plan dinner, cook dinner, then do the laundry, pay the bills, etc. and on the weekends, you just want to do something for yourself or stay on a spontaneous schedule so you can lose some of the work week stress. Hopefully your Jane Porter Author Extraordinaire schedule will slow down a bit for you until after Little Mac makes his first appearance.

    Thanks again for the goodies and hopefully the boys will be willing to keep themselves amused this afternoon.

  3. Hi Jane!!!
    I am a type A personality and love to socialize etc BUT reading is my down time, my peace and tranquility!
    So thank you for your great books that aid my sanity,lol
    Sending Love and Positive Energy your way.


  4. Hi Jane!
    I completely understand what you are saying. I love to be home and just read! I can put myself out there and be social but if I do it too long, it just wipes me out. I volunteer a lot at school but by the time vacations roll around, no one sees me! LOL I have to recharged! Take care of yourself and little Mac! I hope you can take a nap…hey-take one for me, too!

  5. You and I sound so similar.
    It is like I am two different people.
    When I am home I am in yoga pants or sweats, hair in a
    ponytail and barefoot. I fear getting in an accident when taking my daughter to school for fear of what I might be wearing. When I go out I am done up and ready to go .
    Everything in place with a smile on my face.

    You just be Jane the person amd sleep the day away today.

  6. Both Jane Porters sound wonderful!
    This was the weekend for PJ’s and books. After week 2 of my new job, I stayed in mine most of yesterday and slept in today. My stack of books and magazines are waiting for me! Even with the 80 degree sunshine outside calling me.
    Enjoy your day. Nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself.

  7. Good for you Jane. Aren’t we all different out side the house? Everyone always tells me ‘you have sooo much energy’ or ‘wow how do you do it with all four boys and still have a smile on your face’. Well, that smile I throw on when out I public is just a small bit for being so gratefull for everything I am and have. I know you are the same way. We are also just human and love our pj’s.
    A little game when we go to the zoo…I tell the kids to walk around and smile. Smile the entire time b/c everyone at the zoo seems to be mad, hot, fussing. When you go to the zoo, you know it’s going to smell and it’s going to be hot, soooo…why go? When we go, I make sure that we smile at everyone we pass. The kids crack up at the way people look at us like we are crazy. In the end, the person generally smiles back and maybe, just maybe we put a smile in their heart.
    Have a great week!!

  8. I’m exactly the same way. I love planning for the one event every few months where I connect with my good friends but in between, I love to be home on my computer or reading a good book.

    I love living in the country where it’s not easy for people to just drop in on me! ha!

    Glad you are home safely and I hope the brunch went well.

  9. I have had a great birthday weekend, I went to bed at 7 last night and hubby watched child so that I could rest. Got up and went to Church today and have just rested up to get ready to go to work tomorrow. I am glad that you are home safe and sound. Have a great week!
    Amy Fendley

  10. Jane, you are singing my song!! I’ve had many days where I thought I could not do ONE MORE thing, yet it was 3:00 and there were at least a dozen more on the list. And of course after 3:00 it involves two more people (the kids home from school)!

    Hopefully your guys are out of school tomorrow so you can relax and make the most of it (from your sofa in your pajamas!).


  11. I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one. My favorite thing to do is spend the day in my most comfy PJs and stay on my computer or read. Enjoy your day and getting back to a slower pace and getting some rest.

  12. I’m sure you are happy to be home!
    and I know what you are saying — I love to socialize and be out but I also love to be a hermit and stay home. I boast that with an attached garage I never actually have be outside in the COLD Wiscinsin winter except for Tuesday nights when I take my kids to their dance class. On the flip side I complain that we never have company or see our friends because I am too lazy to extend the invitations or make plans. Then if we do have something I wish we didn’t! LOL
    Completely bi-polar. As soon as I get home I put my fleece & pj pants back on and curl up with the pup and a book!

    Get some well earned rest! Hope you are feeling well!

  13. Jane, Glad you got home safely. You are more than entitled to be Jane Porter the person 24/7. It’s not your outward appearance that makes you special, it’s the inner you that you share with us. Here’s hoping that you got to have some ME time today. happy Reading.

  14. The person you is very understandable, heck I know I’m happiest when reading a book instead of being in public.

    Just call me a homebody as well..Cabin fever what’s that? 🙂

    Glad you made it home safely

  15. I hate socializing. I used to have a zillion girlfriends and go out a lot and all that. But now….it is work to go to the store. I much prefer sitting at home and vegging. Tonight I finished up Fried Green Tomatoes and wondered how I had that book in my bookcase for so many years and never read it. !!

  16. I can totally relate! I struggle a lot with the introvert that I have become. I love to be out with friends, but have become very selfish with my time and find myself hiding in the car while my daughter is at dance to be by myself and read or write instead of chatting with all of the other dance mommies. The bad part is that I like it!

    My husband bought me a Sony reader for Christmas and I downloaded a ton of your books that I haven’t read yet. I’ve already finished one (The Sheiks disobedient Bride) thumbs up!!!! and I am looking forward to being anti-social this week at dance to read more of your wonderful work!



  17. It’s always nice to come home, isn’t it?

    Recently, my husband’s job is demanding a lot more social time on my part and that conflicts with my desire to live in comfy “writer at work” clothes and never leave the house.

    Enjoy your day as Jane Porter person.

  18. Dear Jane,
    I agree that there are usually two people in all of us. I recently took a year off (a voluntary leave of absence) from my job as a flight attendant and am currently working as a special education teacher. Part of me misses the getting up and going all the time, but the other part of me feels very comforted by the fact that I am working around my kids’ schedules. It is kind of nice to wake up on Sunday mornings and make fresh waffles and hang out around town, (when I am flying full time I am usually in about 15 different cities each week and 3 different hotel rooms -usually on the weekends when the kids are off).
    I have been debating quitting the flying gig all together and keeping the teaching job, but deep down in my heart I am a girl after adventure and enjoy the variety of people and places that my flight attendant job affords me.
    My kids will not be young forever and I should do something that I love – which is to travel and explore.
    Jane if you are reading this, I have a question for you – how did you know it was your time to have a third child? I am a mom of 2 (11 and 9) and all of a sudden this longing for a third has hit me hard, but I am torn because I feel that I will be giving up a piece of my freedom.
    If you have any input, please let me know!
    Please enjoy your time as Jane Porter person – also if you feel like watching a movie I saw two great ones over the weekend that I can not believe I missed years ago..”Before Sunrise” and the sequel “Before Sunset”. I am not much of a movie person, but loved these two flicks.
    Take care of yourself and Mac and enjoy sometime for yourself when you can!

  19. I had today off work and slept until 10am! Of course, I was up half the night, but still it felt wicked. Sometimes you need to sleep and your body makes you. Jane, listen to your body and don’t push yourself too much. Things can wait and don’t have to be perfect (just ask Mrs. Perfect).
    Stay in bed if you can and watch the big event tomorrow and take care of yourself!

  20. Sounds like you had a good trip and now it’s time for some R&R….

    I’m with you on the homebody bit….I’m always glad to get back home, and curling up with a good book is a perfect way to spend the evening.

    Tale care of yourself and that baby boy….

    Wishing you all the best for the months ahead.

  21. Welcome back Jane! Boy do I relate to the Jane Porter person–more and more I have to work not to be such a recluse!

    Take care. Kick up your feet and pull out that book.


  22. I think that all of us are multi-faceted. I know for myself, that I am Mandy-mom, wife, daughter, employee, friend, self. Life seems to be a balancing act or delicate dance trying to fulfill and nurture each role. I think the key is being true to oneself and to consistently fill ourselves up with those things that inspire, empower, motivate….I think nature gives us winter AND pregnancy so that we are forced to relax, rest, and recharge. I’m hoping by now you are more rested and are enjoying your family at home. They didn’t make the saying “Home Sweet Home” for nothing!!

    Wishing ALL of you a day to refuel!!


  23. I can relate Jane. I love being at home. We don’t travel much ourself for one thing my hubby doesn’t like to and I am not much into it myself. Even on the days I go to visit my sister and spend the day it seems like I am worn out when I get home and so happy to be home.

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