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September Q&A with Jane

I’ve been doing lots of interviews this summer in conjunction with the release if It’s You, and my attendance at various writers conferences and book festivals and thought I’d share some of the questions (and answers!) from the interviews. You might already know this stuff but a few of you might be new readers and find it interesting! You’ve just had your 50th book published in June. What has changed in the 15 years since you sold your first book? Besides the massive transformation of the publishing industry?  I’ve changed.  I’m a very different woman now than when I sold that first book back in 2000.  I’m stronger, more confident, and more resilient, too.  I’m also less interested in being … Continue reading September Q&A with Jane

A Chat with Marie Force

 I’m so happy to have Marie Force here with us today as a featured author on my JaneBlog.  Marie is literally a force of nature.  I’ve followed her career, impressed, dazzled, and then–pencil out, taking notes. I love Marie’s commitment to her readers, who are her #1 priority, and yet she’s also managed to scoop up the indie published authors and make them a community, too.  Can you tell I’m a fan? We’re lucky to have Marie with us today, on her big release day for FATAL JEOPARDY, out right now, so without further delay, help me welcome Marie! Marie, what do you love most about being an author? I love everything about being an author, but mostly I love the readers. … Continue reading A Chat with Marie Force

Karen Doornebos

Last December, I had the lovely Karen Doornebos visit for a guest blog and she told us all about her book Definitely Not Mr. Darcy, a book I absolutely adored!   I have been waiting impatiently for Karen’s new book, Undressing Mr. Darcy, and it is out now!  It actually just released yesterday and I begged Karen to come back and tell us about her new story as I know many of you are Jane Austen fans like me.  So here’s Karen, and she’s taking us far far from Montana, and all my crazy Marietta fuss, whisking us to the Roman Baths! UNDRESSING MR. DARCY – The Blog Tour & Giveaway!   Hello from the Roman Baths! As an ice-breaker to … Continue reading Karen Doornebos

Bringing my friend Hope Ramsay back!

In October I attended the NJRWA conf, Put Your Heart in a Book Conference, held just outside of Newark and it was so awesome.  My seond Brennan sisters novel, The Good Daughter had finaled in their mainstream with romantic elements contest, and most wonderful of all, I had the pleasure of dinner with Hope Ramsay. I’d “won” dinner with Hope in Brenda Novak’s auction last May and was thrilled to finally have the chance to sit down with her, have dinner and a drink, and talk about, books, writing, faith, and life. I’ve always loved Hope’s writing, but our dinner together made me a forever and ever Hope fan. Hope is…incredible.  Inspirational.  And so when I heard she had a new … Continue reading Bringing my friend Hope Ramsay back!

Seattle Sunday!

So excited to be back in Bellevue/WA! It’s been a great weekend so far. I met with my reader friend, Elisabeth Ringvard on Friday night and her awesome book club for a lively discussion and Elisabeth even made the Lauren Summer’s Chocolate Cake! Yesterday I was with the Inland Empire Chapter of RWA for a great workshop and then went onto Auntie’s Books in Spokane for a fun booksigning! The staff is so warm and welcoming. Thank you, Linda for making my event so wonderful! I am on the road this morning, leaving Ellensburg for the Eastside.  I can’t wait to see my friends in the Seattle area. I’ll be at these events today- Sunday, September 15th, 2013 :: 2:00pm The … Continue reading Seattle Sunday!

The Good Daughter Launch & Readers Guide!

The Good Daughter, Book 2 of the Brennan Sisters officially releases today!  Hooray!!! So happy to have this book available for all. I love, love, love Kit and her family and the bad boy she meets that she shouldn’t like… This story means so much to me, has lots of topical stuff in it, which makes it great for book clubs, too. We’ve made it easy for my readers in book clubs and reading groups by uploading the Readers Guide to my website. You can download it in an easily-printed PDF. Here are a few sample questions from the Readers Discussion Guide: In the first chapter, the Brennan family comes together to celebrate Cass’s birthday. When asked to make a wish, Gabi … Continue reading The Good Daughter Launch & Readers Guide!

Readers, Books, & A Great Discussion

I truly enjoy talking books (and smack!) with women.  I love hearing what people are reading and enjoying, as well as what doesn’t work for them and why.  One of my favorite things to do–besides treat friends to afternoon tea–is join readers for their book club get together. It’s not always possible for me to attend in person.   Usually I call in or Skype, but I love it when I can be there.  I enjoy sipping wine and noshing on the appetizers (book clubs do the best food!) and then sitting down to discuss the book. I said this a few weeks ago, but I never truly understand what I’ve written until I hear it discussed from the reader’s … Continue reading Readers, Books, & A Great Discussion

Inspiration for My Brennan Family

I love joining book clubs when they’re reading and discussing my books.  I learn so much about women and their thoughts, opinions, and feelings through book club visits and call-ins.  I don’t think I ever truly understand the novel I’ve written until I hear it discussed from the reader’s perspective, and it’s the reader that does matter…because what I create has to resonate with readers, or they won’t come back for the next book. I’ve been fortunate to join three different book clubs in person now for The Good Woman–in Visalia, Carlsbad, and Bellevue–and I got a crazy idea for a future Brennan story while sitting in on the discussion in Visalia, and understood why readers connected with certain characters … Continue reading Inspiration for My Brennan Family

Almost Three

Mac is so much fun right now, and just a month shy of turning three.  He’s full of stories, talks nonstop, and loves making us laugh. Mac’s favorite words are (and in no particular order):  skeletons, zombies, pirates, cats, chocolate, adventure, ghosts, fighting, swords, brothers, gross, disgusting, and weird. And with those as your vocabulary, you can imagine all the stories he tells. I’m working hard on stories of my own, with Kit’s book due in less than two weeks.  It’s an intriguing book and I lay awake at night thinking about Kit and the complexities of her world.  On the surface she’s a simple woman–an English teacher at a Catholic high school in Oakland, California–but there are layers to … Continue reading Almost Three

Book Club Call Ins

A couple weeks ago I got an email from a woman in Hawaii named Karen asking if I would be on Oahu in early February to join their bookclub for a discussion of She’s Gone Country.  I wasn’t going to be on Oahu then but offered to send the bookclub reader goodies, which included a copy of Flirtng with Forty.  As it turned out, I was able to call in and chat with the group for a half hour even though I couldn’t be there in person.  It was fun, easy and a great way to connect with readers.  Karen emailed me the next day a photo of the book club and I loved seeing who I chatted with the … Continue reading Book Club Call Ins