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Visalia – My Hometown

I love these shots of my hometown and Visalia’s beloved Fox Theatre! I rode my bike down Main Street every day on my way to ballet. What’s your hometown? Do you still live there or have you moved away?  Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of The Frog Prince.  My heroine, Holly Bishop was a Visalia girl too!  Contest ends Tuesday with winner announced Wednesday.  

Celebrating Life & Love

Four years ago today Ty and I married in Las Vegas.  We wanted a celebration, and we wanted it to be fun.  I hadn’t planned on ever marrying again and I’m a deeply spiritual person but being married by Elvis in a tacky little chapel seemed right.   Why? Because it was Ty and me, combined, doing this–love, life, marriage–our way.  We’d done everything backward to that point and so making our wedding uniquely us, felt right.  It felt hopeful and fresh, making our commitment, new and strong. In just minutes we’re taking off for the Dana Point Harbor to take a boat to Catalina for the night.  It’s a quickie escape as we’ll be back by noon tomorrow, but … Continue reading Celebrating Life & Love

The Return of The Frog Prince!

After years of being out of print– and totally unavailable because it wasn’t even an ebook– my first chick-lit/women’s fiction novel, The Frog Prince, is back…now…. at Amazon.  It’s the same story my readers loved in 2005 but now, with a brand new cover.  Even better is that for this weekend, The Frog Prince is just .99 instead of $4.99. This is a favorite story with a twenty-five year old heroine from my hometown of Visalia, California, learning to make her way in ‘the big city’.  It was my first book for Warner Books, and I sold it ten years ago Monday.  It’s amazing to think I’m able to re-release it on it’s ten year anniversary. For my readers who love … Continue reading The Return of The Frog Prince!

Vintage JaneBlog: Respecting the Turtles

Every now and then I go back into the archives of my JaneBlog, and revisit something I’ve written, and share it with you again. Some I share because I like the blog or the story.  Others I share because I’m still working on that life lesson.   Respecting the Turtles is one of those blogs about learning a life lesson.  I wrote it in January 2010, three years ago, when Mac was nine months old and I was struggling with my writing and losing weight and my self-esteem.  I don’t know if you know, but I had terrible post-partum blues following Mac’s birth, and the medicine they gave me made it impossible for me to focus and write…but I had … Continue reading Vintage JaneBlog: Respecting the Turtles

Jane’s Favs: The Secretary’s Seduction

I’ve written over 40 books now and of the 40 there are reader favorites, and critics’ favorites, and then there are my favorites.  I don’t know why I love some books more than others.  I put the same amount of effort and energy, passion and patience into each.  But some books are a struggle, and you wrestle with the characters and the plot, and wonder why you’re even writing that story, while others just pour out in an easy, smooth draft. I haven’t had an easy smooth draft kind of story in awhile.  (Flirting was one, Mrs. Perfect was another, and then there was Lazaro’s Revenge, which is one of my all time favorite Harlequins, and my second Rita finalist … Continue reading Jane’s Favs: The Secretary’s Seduction

VINTAGE JANE: Spotlight on Greece for Readers and Travelers

With its ancient ruins, breathtaking architecture, and dramatic glimpses of sky and sea, Greece is a setting that inspires passion and romance. It’s no wonder then that I set three of my most beloved Harlequin Classics—Christos’s Promise, The Greek’s Royal Mistress, and At the Greek Boss’s Bidding—in gorgeous, romantic, sun-drenched Greece. My Travel Spotlight on Greece features scenic photos, a list of useful travel guidebooks for the region, and information for travelers with disabilities. It’s a must-see for future travelers and readers enthralled by the setting. Have you been to Greece? What were some of your favorite spots? If you plan to visit someday, what do you hope to see on your Greek travels?

VINTAGE JANE: Literary Lions

This is one of my favorite blog posts because it’s just so me. Yes, I can look glamorous in a headshot, but the truth is, I’m rather dorky. You’ll see in this blog why Surfer Ty calls me “Stumblelina.” Literary Lions originally posted to the JaneBlog on March 11, 2006 I hurt. Not mentally, it’s more of a bruised ego thing, as well as a shin, arm and shoulder thing, too. You see I fell down the stairs tonight at a big event. In front of everyone. Just when I was feeling so literary. Back up–set scene, Bellevue’s big downtown library, elegant evening fundraiser honoring corporate sponsors and outstanding authors (yes, I was invited, and it might have been a … Continue reading VINTAGE JANE: Literary Lions

VINTAGE JANE: Spotlight on New York & The Secretary’s Seduction

I love, love, love New York. I try to visit the city every year for at least one weekend, and I even took Surfer Ty and my boys there a year and a half ago just before Christmas.  New York has always been magical, even when its freezing or blistering hot. I love the buildings, the noise, the energy, and of course Times Square with all the great theatres. I’ve had characters based in New York in several books (Marta and Shey in Odd Mom Out) but The Secretary’s Seduction, a Harlequin Presents published back in August 2005, is set smack dab in the middle of Manhattan. In The Secretary’s Seduction plain, mousy, insecure Winnie Graham works for fabulously rich, … Continue reading VINTAGE JANE: Spotlight on New York & The Secretary’s Seduction

VINTAGE JANE: Headline News

Way back, circa The Frog Prince, I wrote the following post, and though I’ve said the same thing in different ways since, I thought it could bear repeating, especially for my sake. I need to follow my own advice more often! Headline News originally posted to the JaneBlog on September 13, 2005 The headlines in the papers continue to be grim. Even our local headlines are grim. Boulder falls from cliff, crushes car with three young women inside. Father of a three year old jumps into lake in front of son to save dog, and drowns. Frankly, it’s just too much.And here’s not even a headline from the news, but something that really happened, something that’s got to be put … Continue reading VINTAGE JANE: Headline News

VINTAGE JANE: Desert Romances and Exotic Desserts

Long before I ever sold to Harlequin, I was an avid reader of Harlequin romances.  I grew up reading Harlequins, although when I first discovered them I was thirteen and living in Europe and they were called Mills & Boon romances.  My favorite stories were always with foreign settings, the more exotic the better. Today I write for Harlequin and my favorite settings are still exotic.  I’ve lived all over the world, and traveled extensively, but still have several places I’m dying to visit.  Those places include the Middle East and its magical desert kingdoms of Egypt, Morocco, and Dubai.   In some of my books I’ve made up my own desert kingdoms (i.e. Baraka instead of Morocco), while in others I’ve explored the … Continue reading VINTAGE JANE: Desert Romances and Exotic Desserts