Celebrating Life & Love

Four years ago today Ty and I married in Las Vegas.  We wanted a celebration, and we wanted it to be fun.  I hadn’t planned on ever marrying again and I’m a deeply spiritual person but being married by Elvis in a tacky little chapel seemed right.




Because it was Ty and me, combined, doing this–love, life, marriage–our way.  We’d done everything backward to that point and so making our wedding uniquely us, felt right.  It felt hopeful and fresh, making our commitment, new and strong.




In just minutes we’re taking off for the Dana Point Harbor to take a boat to Catalina for the night.  It’s a quickie escape as we’ll be back by noon tomorrow, but we wanted a chance to do a little celebration of us, and our committment.

We make a point of celebrating little things and big things as often as we can.  Why?

Marriage is hard.

Love is complicated.

But life wouldn’t be anything without love, and I cant imagine my life without my husband and three sons.


I’ve learned that we celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries because we don’t just want to celebrate, we need to celebrate.  We crave reasons to get together and talk.  We need to laugh, remember, and share.  We need joy, and we need moments that cement us, and stablize, allowing us to put down deeper roots to hold us fast when the next storm hits.

So celebrate life and love.  We should focus on the good as often as we can!


PS And to celebrate that love, I’ve got a fun giveaway for one of you.  Comment below and winner announced Sunday!  xoxox

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