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This has been a big week for me—personally and professionally. It’s special because we released Megan Crane’s Tempt Me, Cowboy ten years ago, which kicked off the 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo, launching Montana Born, and what would soon be Tule Publishing.

Montana Born was started with three of my closest author friends: Megan CraneCJ Carmichael, and Lilian Darcy. I thought it would be fun to write something together and after calling everyone, we booked flights and met in early May 2013 at CJ’s new cottage on Flathead Lake, to brainstorm our individual series and create some connecting threads in our new fictional town, Marietta.

While brainstorming outside on the deck of the cottage with the gorgeous views of the deep blue lake and the Mission Mountains, CJ suggested we come up with four linked stories that would help drive readers from one series to another, and within an hour or two, the rodeo was created, and Marietta was plotted out with a prominent place on the map for the rodeo and fair grounds.

Marietta has grown over the past ten years but it is still a place of my heart and important to readers. To celebrate the 10 year of anniversary of TuleMontana Born and Marietta, we brought the founding authors back together (with Sinclair subbing for Lilian since Lilian isn’t writing at this time) and created the 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo.

On Tuesday of this week, I kicked off the new series with Take Me Please, Cowboy.  Megan Crane’s rodeo story releases on Tuesday Sept 12th, followed by Sinclair’s on Sept 19th and CJ’s on the 26th.  A character we introduced ten years ago as the town gossip—Carol Bingley—gets her own book on Wednesday Sept 27th.  If you’ve wondered about Carol and why she is the way she is, now you can find out!

If you haven’t yet purchased Take Me Please, Cowboy, do order your copy soon.  Your support means so much to me—and all of Tule.  I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and love for all things bookish.

Thank you for being part of my world. It’s a much better place with you in it!

All my love,


PS: For a chance to win a fun prize featuring my book, Take Me Cowboy from the 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo that kicked off the beginning of Montana Born, leave a comment below and tell me what you love most about cowboy romances!

*Flathead Lake and Yellowstone images courtesy Megan Crane.



  1. I was hooked on cowboys by the age of 11 thanks to Zane Grey’s wonderful books…I’ve been reading them ever since.
    Congratulations on 10 years of Tule Cowboys!

  2. Steadfast. Loyal. Trustworthy. Handsome too. This is how see cowboys and I think that is why they always appeal. Men who are salt-of-the earth. I just love reading about them.

  3. Congratulations on 10 years! Thank you for all the wonderful ❤️ Cowboy stories. I have been a huge Tule fan for the bast 5 years. I loved how you linked two of my favorite towns Last Stand and Marietta in your new book.
    Thank you and keep writing all the stories I love.

  4. I love how committed cowboys are with their family and job. And when they find the right woman, he is all in. Nothing will come between him and his woman. And who can resist they way they call everyone “mam”?

  5. I love a good cowboy. Honesty and manners will go a long way! Always thought I would marry one, but chose a coach instead. Congratulations on ten years girls…that is a great story too!

  6. Cowboys are loyal, hardworking, sexy, outdoors guy that you just want to get to know and Cowboy Romance let’s you do that!

  7. I love the closeness and community of cowboys. I like how it comes into the romance as care, love, protectiveness,and being on an intimate level.

  8. I love that cowboys are very considerate, honest and when they love they are very protective and attentive. They seem rough on the outside, but extremely loving on the inside

  9. My nephew is a true cowboy, and from him I know cowboys are strong, kind loving and family oriented. Cowboy romances are just that, strong sexy men who are very loving and protective.

  10. I just love how family oriented cowboys are. Their values and loyalty and of course their strong work ethic and dependability. It’s so admirable.

  11. I love cowboy romances because it seems as though there is such cohesion within the cowboy community. Even if somebody is upset with someone else, they seem to come back together and support each other.
    I also love the description of the ranch homes and all of the cooking and family time experienced in them.

  12. I love cowboy romances, because the guys are generally incredibly honest, honorable, respectful, hard working, fun loving and good looking!

  13. I grew up going to rodeos. Cowboys are tough, kind and love their family and community. That makes for a great romance.

  14. Gotta love yourself a big strong snuggly man! A man who knows how to treat a woman and knows how important family is. Give me a cowboy any day ❤️

  15. How can I not love books about real cowboys who embody all that is good about the men? They are hardworking, loyal, honest, respectful, fair minded, and treat women, children, and animals with kindness. The fact that they are physically strong, handsome, and rock their jeans and boots is just bonus. 😉

  16. Cowboys are strong and caring and so easy to love, there isn’t anything not to love about them 🙂

    Have Fun


  17. Cowboys represent the good in men. Strength, intelligence, animal loving, bottled in a fit, delicious pair of jeans and boots. There’s a huge heart under that flannel shirt, too.

  18. I like reading about cowboys because they have a dedication to their families, are hardworking, and they’re respectful.

  19. So glad to see that you are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo with new releases. I think those were some of my first reads from Tule Publishing. I now have 291 downloads in my Tule collection.
    Cowboys and westerns were some of the first television shows we were able to watch. Since I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, there’s not much difference — some farmers are cowboys!!

  20. I loved hearing how Tule was born and seeing the pictures. I knew some of this, but some is new too. Happy Anniversary Tule! I honestly discovered a love for cowboys through these books.

  21. There is just something about a cowboy-his sense of commitment, honor, and enjoying what he does. These are usually reflected in stories with cowboys in them.

  22. All the women who say, ‘there aren’t any good men left,’ haven’t been around cowboys much. They seem to be the only good ones left sometimes. Respectful, honest, loyal, and hardworking. These qualities make them the sexiest men to not just read about, but have around in real life. Thanks for giving us stories about them. Congrats on the 10th Anniversary!

  23. I like the fact that a cowboy is the real deal. He doesn’t have to pump iron for big muscles or sport tattoos or pretend to be a big shot. A cowboy usually has honor, friendship, loyalty and love of country.

  24. I think I love the strength and compassion most cowboys have. Living in the midwest I’ve met a lot of cowboys! Ha!

  25. I love how they bring a rough around the edges cowboy into an unexpected romance & softens them to allow a real love story to emerge! I’m married to my real life cowboy & am forever blessed with our love story.

  26. I’m watching Yellowstone now and I love how a cowboy takes care of the many farm animals. They also have a good work ethic and love a man in chaps!

  27. Love Cowboy romances❣️ Love that maybe they were just friends, have much in common or even baggage from another relationship then they fall in love Jane’s books are the best Thank u & congratulations Nothing better than girlfriends

  28. I love cowboy romances for many reasons. Cowboys tend to be a “little” bit stubborn and rough around the edges. They have to be to deal with the day to day dealings of ranch life. It’s a hard life. You’re up early in the morning and come home when the sun goes down. Sometimes you have to go back out and check on things and animals in distress. It takes the right woman to break down that rough exterior and get to the kind heart of a cowboy. It also takes the right kind of woman to live in the cowboy world as it can get lonely, but the reward is a loyal and loving man who will protect his family and home from anything and anyone. What more could you ask?

  29. I love cowboys. I find them to be hardworking and protective of their families. BONUS they look pretty hot in their cowboy hats

  30. Ever since I read book by Zane Grey when I was in 7th grade I was hooked up on cowboys. Love their honesty and hard work.

  31. I’m back for another comment. If I was younger, I would sell everything that we have buy property and at least have a little animal farm. Maybe a couple chickens or a goat. My husband loves were cowboy hats and he does have cowboy boots. So I guess I have my own cowboy.

  32. Congratulations #33, Tina Bartunek!! You are the winner for this Take Me Please giveaway!
    Please email me at jane (at) janeporter dot com with your mailing info and I will get package in the mail to you ASAP. Tina, please mark the subject as Take Me, Blog Prize winner so I send you the right prize.:)
    Lots of love to all of you!

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