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What Do Romance Writers Think About?

I was so happy to have attended my first RWA National Conference since July 2019.  It was a much smaller conference than in the past, but the setting–at the Gaylord National Harbor–was perfect, giving me a chance to meet my niece Krystyna for dinner in Alexandria’s Old Town, and then have lunches with author friends, as well as lots of time with the amazing editor Julie Sturgeon. Kay Freeman, another author attending the conference, did a wonderful write up of the conference and gave me permission to share! Thanks Kay! I’ve got a writer’s giveaway for one of you. Leave a comment below and let me know if you’re a writer and if you’ve ever attended the RWA National Conference! Winner … Continue reading What Do Romance Writers Think About?

Getting Going: Goals & Writing

I often get questions from fellow writers about the writing life, and I forget that Tule has put out a great book with articles and essays and writing tips with lots of my thoughts and advice on the writing life, but not everyone wants to read a book with tips and suggestions.  Many people just want the short version, or the secret to getting words down. Well, there is no secret.  It’s work.  It’s always been work, and yes, it was maybe more fun before I made it a full-time job, but it’s actually really fun being comfortable with what you do, and having some skills and the ability to manipulate craft to get the story you want. So as … Continue reading Getting Going: Goals & Writing

CJ Carmichael’s Conflict Workshop

I am so excited to share that my very good friend and frequent conference roomie, the gifted  C J Carmichael will be teaching the next online workshop for the RWA-WF chapter April 18th and 19th.  It’s a free two day workshop for RWA-WF chapter members, covering one of the most essential aspects of writing…conflict. Here is a workshop description from CJ Carmichael: CONFLICT—   The Secret Weapon For Writing A Page Turner Have you ever read a bestselling novel and been annoyed to find the writing not very impressive. “Why is this selling like hotcakes?” you’ve probably asked, when it’s written so poorly… It seems that a writer can get away with a myriad of sins, as long as she hooks … Continue reading CJ Carmichael’s Conflict Workshop

Kickstarting a Book

It’s February 26th today.  I’d like to have a book done by May 1st.  That’s approximately two months from now, and the next eight weeks includes lots of travel, and speaking, and the kids’ Spring break.  I can do it.  But I have to be focused, and motivated.  I’m not focused yet.  Not really motivated, either.  I’ve so enjoyed seeing all my readers and friends these past three weeks, but I confess, I’m dragging a little.  The hopping on and off airplanes and burning the midnight oil with early flights and different time zones has made me long to crawl into bed and sleep. Maybe I will tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow will be a stay-in-bed morning and rest.  Or maybe it’ll … Continue reading Kickstarting a Book

Writer Inspired: Join Me for One Day Writing Retreat!

I normally don’t plug my own writing workshops but this is a special one because its all day, of me, teaching, and its really affordable, too. Many of you ask me about opportunities to hear me teach craft and talk about writing, and what it takes to make our books not just good, but brilliant.  You know I’m passionate about story, and making sure every book will surprise, delight, entertain, and reward our reader, and in this one day retreat sponsored by the Yosemite Romance Writers chapter of RWA, I will be giving four different workshops. That’s right.  Four. That is some serious workshop action.  Even better, the $65.00 fee includes lunch, too.  What more do you need?  Here are the … Continue reading Writer Inspired: Join Me for One Day Writing Retreat!