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The Setting for Once Upon a Christmas

Bakewell, England is the setting for Once Upon a Christmas, and the first of a series set in Derbyshire and I thought I should share a few things about Bakewell to introduce you to the wonderful little town, known as “the gem of the Peak District, the treasure in Derbyshire’s chest.” Bakewell has been a recognized market town since the 14th century, and locals and tourists alike are drawn to its cottages, historic old town, and picturesque setting on the river Wye.  The population today is just under 4,000 which has allowed Bakewell to retain its character and charm, although in the late 17th century determined visionaries built a bath house, tapping the spring water, hoping to turn Bakewell into … Continue reading The Setting for Once Upon a Christmas

#TBT The Galvan Brides!

The aristocratic Galváns of Argentina are a complicated family, their relationships with each other stretched and tangled as they struggled to come to grips with their troubled past and hopes for the future. I wrote five books starring the Galván family that were reader favorites in 2002 + 2003 — an exciting couple of years filled with Latin lovers, dramatic stories, and lush, international settings. Responsibility for the family problems rests squarely on the late Count Tino Galváns shoulders, a man blessed with stunning good looks and tremendous wealth, but a man lacking moral character. Married twice, Tino Galván indulged in numerous affairs, shamelessly flaunting his lovers before Buenos Aires society. In Dante’s Debt and Lazaro’s Revenge (Books 1 + 2) … Continue reading #TBT The Galvan Brides!

#TBT The Princess Brides!

In honor of the soon-to-be-born royal baby, here is a throwback to one of my series featuring princesses. This trio of dramatic royal romances from 2004 features three sisters: Princess Chantal (the oldest sister, The Greek’s Royal Mistress), Princess Nicollette (the middle sister, The Sultan’s Bought Bride), and Princess Joelle (the youngest sister, The Italian’s Virgin Princess). These books were hard to find until re-released in recent years in ebook and are now all available on Kindle. Excerpts that were not posted when this new site of mine launched last fall are now up for your reading enjoyment — just click on any title above for an excerpt, and cover below for the Kindle link. Part of the great fun in … Continue reading #TBT The Princess Brides!

All this, and more to come!

I’ve done some re-decorating here at my home on the web. Welcome! My old site served me well and through it I have connected with so many of you. But it was time for a make-over, and besides, I wanted to make sure that I was accessible to those of you who come here to visit on your phones. Yes, is now fully responsive — visit me here via your phone or your tablet, the site will now be as easy-to-read and easy-to-interact-with regardless of how you come here. Why make this big change? Because I adore you all. I loved my red site, and over the years I poured all kinds of content into it to help extend … Continue reading All this, and more to come!

Kickstarting a Book

It’s February 26th today.  I’d like to have a book done by May 1st.  That’s approximately two months from now, and the next eight weeks includes lots of travel, and speaking, and the kids’ Spring break.  I can do it.  But I have to be focused, and motivated.  I’m not focused yet.  Not really motivated, either.  I’ve so enjoyed seeing all my readers and friends these past three weeks, but I confess, I’m dragging a little.  The hopping on and off airplanes and burning the midnight oil with early flights and different time zones has made me long to crawl into bed and sleep. Maybe I will tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow will be a stay-in-bed morning and rest.  Or maybe it’ll … Continue reading Kickstarting a Book

Vintage JaneBlog: Respecting the Turtles

Every now and then I go back into the archives of my JaneBlog, and revisit something I’ve written, and share it with you again. Some I share because I like the blog or the story.  Others I share because I’m still working on that life lesson.   Respecting the Turtles is one of those blogs about learning a life lesson.  I wrote it in January 2010, three years ago, when Mac was nine months old and I was struggling with my writing and losing weight and my self-esteem.  I don’t know if you know, but I had terrible post-partum blues following Mac’s birth, and the medicine they gave me made it impossible for me to focus and write…but I had … Continue reading Vintage JaneBlog: Respecting the Turtles

Blast from the Past!

I was going through my files trying to clean up my folders on my computer, and came across this blog I wrote in June 2006.  It made me smile and those of you who have followed me a long time might remember it, and  hopefully those of you who are new to me, will enjoy it.  Happy summer and apologies for not posting more right now but I’m determined to enjoy and savor every moment I can of my Hawaii trip before I return to San Clemente in two weeks and start work on my new book! ——– Slimey Adventures 03 Jun 2006 I love having boys. I love the purity of their energy. Their drive. Their fierce passion to … Continue reading Blast from the Past!

Summer Reading: Liza Palmer

I am beyond delighted to introduce the brilliant, funny, insightful, wonderful, funny (I know I said that already but she really, really is funny) Liza Palmer as this week’s featured guest author.  I love Liza Palmer’s books and am crazy about her newest novel, More Like Her, and I’ve asked Liza to write something special just for you, my readers.  Lucky us!   IN PRAISE OF LIFE, LOVE AND BIRTHDAYS   “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” –Satchel Paige   I’m writing this blog post on my birthday.  And as birthdays tend to do, they make one reflect on the year that’s just passed.  Did I do enough?  Did I make the most … Continue reading Summer Reading: Liza Palmer


A Guest Blog by Julie Brannagh I’m thrilled to be making a guest appearance at Jane’s blog while she takes a little time off to enjoy sweet baby Mac! When I started thinking about what to write, I kept coming back to the same subject: Courage. We don’t think much about courage in our daily lives, despite admiring those who seem to have it. What is the indefinable thing that causes people to decide they’re going to be brave one minute longer than everyone around them, or take a risk that leaves most people paralyzed with fear? Over the past month, we’ve seen an example of courage on a world-wide level. She didn’t pull someone out of a burning building. … Continue reading A JANE EXTRA: Courage

A JANE EXTRA: The Magic of Jane

A Guest Blog by Megan Crane Once upon a time, a little less than a year after my first book came out, my editor sent me another book she thought I might like, by another one of her authors. This book: Do you remember your first Jane Porter book? I do. I remember feeling enchanted—captivated—from the very first line. The story was magical. I felt swept away in Holly’s story. I could smell and see and taste her life in San Francisco. It was like a modern fairy tale, and it made my heart ache. I read the entire thing in one sitting, and soon after emailed my editor to rave incoherently about the book. Then I had to sit … Continue reading A JANE EXTRA: The Magic of Jane