Blast from the Past!

I was going through my files trying to clean up my folders on my computer, and came across this blog I wrote in June 2006.  It made me smile and those of you who have followed me a long time might remember it, and  hopefully those of you who are new to me, will enjoy it.  Happy summer and apologies for not posting more right now but I’m determined to enjoy and savor every moment I can of my Hawaii trip before I return to San Clemente in two weeks and start work on my new book!


Slimey Adventures

03 Jun 2006
I love having boys. I love the purity of their energy. Their drive. Their fierce passion to compete, to do, to be. And yet every now and then, when my son Ty fills my purse with sticks and rock gardens, shoves weedy flowers in my pockets, or creates snail houses with my tupperware, I wonder what it would be like to have a shy, pink-cheeked girl who liked dresses and dolls and princess costumes.

Yesterday driving to Sinclair’s for dinner my son Ty, who is buckled into his booster chair in the back seat says, ‘hey, there’s my slug’ in a happy, chirpy voice. I knew Ty was holding his slug house on his lap (a blue small to medium tupperware box with two ventilation holes) and glancing into the rearview mirror I see him holding the tupperware lid with a nice big fat slug in the middle.

It’s not what I want to look at before dinner. I don’t see anything pretty about slugs. They’re long and grayish brown and damp looking and…just really unappealing. But since I haven’t agreed to Ty buying his gecko or newt yet, Ty’s been building his own animal (read bug and slug) habitats with my tupperware and stuff from the gardens. It’s essentially a good, creative idea. And cheap. I’ve lots of soil and pebbles and leaves. And apparently slugs. And Ty can practice his nurturing skills.

So gross but that’s beside the point.

I’m still driving to Sinclair’s when Ty asks, ‘Mom, how do I put the lid back on without smashing Slimey’s eyes?’

Cranking my head around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist I see the slug hovering over the edge of the tupperware lid. Disgusting. I really could use a girl that loves playing with Barbie and cute accessories.

I suggest to Ty that he use a leaf and push Slimey towards the middle of the lid and then close it fast.

This works and Ty carries his Slug House around Sinclair’s garden and finds another slug or two. It’s a magical evening. Sinclair relates. She used to raise snails at one point–had twenty, even let them crawl on her legs (this is *not* the kind of girl I want).

Back at home boys go to bed, Ty says goodnight to Slimey and his pals and leaves Slug House on my antique Irish sideboard in the hall.

This morning after breakfast–some purply pop-tart–Ty goes to check on his pet slugs. I tell him to check on them outside as I don’t want the container to spill inside.

And then Ty shouts, ‘They’re gone, Mom! They’ve vanished. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding. They’re gone.’

And he brings me the blue tupperware box with plants and dried up leaves that are minus any signs of slug life.

They were there when we went to bed.


And then a minute later I find one on the kitchen floor, stretched out, creeping along near the pantry. It’s almost the same shade as my hardwood and the bulldog puppy wants to jump on it. I call for Ty who is still lamenting his loss, and he grabs a cereal spoon and starts trying to scoop it up as Jake yells at Ty not to use a spoon we eat with. Slug finally recaptured and restored to Slug House I make Ty look for the others. I look for the others. Jake even looks but we don’t find them.

They’ve vanished.

And I seriously suspect it’s right into my nice plush carpet.


That was written 6 years ago and it’s still madness around my house.   A veritable three ring circus of noise, chaos and craziness!  And to celebrate my boys–all of them, big and small–I’m giving away one special prize from Hawaii.  It’s a cool surf tote bag packed with great things…over $50 of wonderful…so comment below, and hopefully you’ll win!  Contest runs through Wednesday night and winner will be announced Thursday morning.  Good luck and now I’m off to the beach with my boys!



  1. I have been following you since I first read, Flirting with Forty in 2008, so the post was new to me and so hilarious! I hope you shared it with Ty. Did you say, “start work on a new book?” That is music to my ears!!! 🙂 Enjoy the beach, Jane!

  2. Okay…I hated going into my kids’ pockets before laundry, because I never knew what I would find… and the worst by far was my youngest daughter, now 19. I still wash all kinds of wrappers and garbage from her pockets. But this adorable little girl with huge brown eyes, blonde hair and dimples loves reptiles – and has since she could walk. If we go/went to a pet store, she walks right past the bunnies, puppies and kittens and heads for the reptiles. She’s still campaigning for a lizard (I won’t have anything in the house I have to feed live things to). But when she was 2 1/2… oh my… our house is built into a hill and the grounds have several levels. She was in the sandbox outside the kitchen and I was up on the driveway, weeding, about 20 feet away and listening to her imaginary chatter (she still has an awesome imagination, she’s my artist) and suddenly I hear, “You so handsome, you be my prince”, and the sound of big smacking kisses. Curious, I walked to where I could see her clearly and to my horror, she had a large (6 inches) shiny black salamander with yellow stripes gripped in her hand and she was kissing it!!! How do you explain to an almost 3 year old that salamanders (and frogs) DON’T turn into princes when you kiss them?

    Enjoy the beach with your boys, Jane… I only have my youngest left at home now as her older brother and sisters have all moved out and I truly miss the chaos, laughter and general busy-ness that four children at home brought to the house and my life.

  3. I had both girls and boys. They are mostly alike for a time and then the girls get obsessed with diet, clothes, and boys. And the boys get obsessed with keeping their tummies ful, and girls. Yes, there are sports along the way for both and also when Mom insists there is the dreaded homework!!! Kids are fun, grands are more so….Dee

  4. Oh the joy of having little boys. I have been there with the slugs and such. My little boy is 22 not so I don’t have to deal with those kinds of things now. Now its mom I am hungry, what do you have to eat?

  5. I have 2 grown daughters, and have never had slug issues, but your blog made me giggle!

    I’m down in your new area for a mini vacation get away with my wonderful husband! We are staying at the Laguna Cliffs Resort & Spa and as we passed a sign for San Clamente, I mentioned to my hubby…that’s where Jane Porter just moved to.

    So your gone to Hawaii, but not forgotten! Enjoy the time with your family and I’ll enjoy mine down here!!

  6. Jane,

    I have 3 boys (who are now all in college)and have done all of the things that you were referring to. I love my boys and miss the little messy faces of their youth. I now have the girly, girl that I’ve longed for and am enjoying her (age 2) immensely!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii. You deserve the time off to have some “you time” and spend with your family 🙂

  7. That’s too funny. I can only imagine being there. I don’t think I would be able to stop laughing (even though slugs totally freak me out).

  8. That Ty story is great! What a mom to let slugs and snails into the house. You are super mom!

    Boys are the best, aren’t they? We enjoyed our two boys so much and still do now that they are amazing adults. And, the really good thing for us is one of our son’s had a little girl for us to play with and spoil. Now that is FUN!!!

    Enjoy your boys Jane now and every year of their lives. Someday maybe you will get to be Nana to a little girl, too.

  9. We have a creek behind our house. My nephew and niece go crawdad fishing each summer in the creek. They use cups to catch them. I remember doing that when I was little with my sister and brother but we didn’t use a cup to get them. There is also a lot of snakes around the creek.

  10. And that’s why God gave me a pink cheeked little girl! 🙂 Althought her preteen attitude is going to be the death of me! Ha! Bless you for raising strong boys to be good husbands to our little girls!

  11. I remember this one! Boys are never boring. My son (and daughter) keep things interesting. Enjoy your time with your boys – they grow up way too fast.

  12. I have two daughters…different as night and day. My youngest hated when we fought to get rid of slugs with slug killer. She didn’t want to touch them but she was determined to save them all.

  13. EWWW- so glad my boy was not into the “bug and guts”!

    Enjoy your time in Hawaii with your boys- can’t wait for your new book to come out : )

  14. I have been following you for years. I have seen your boys grow up and Mac born through your words.
    Like you I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t chaos and madness.
    That is why I am up so late tonight the madness is really getting to me.
    How I envy that you get to get away to Hawaii every so often. I would just love to get away to a place of my choosing but I fear that will never ever happen.
    You have a fun time and enjoy every minute in Hawaii 🙂

  15. Great blog. Don’t let Mac catch wind of this or guess what…you will be dealing with revenge and return of Mr. Slimey! Some how though, I am sure he will come up with his own unique ideas!

  16. I absolutely loved that, and as I have two boys ages 7 and 10 I can totally relate. In fact, I joked to my husband recently while all the neighborhood boys were running around our yard screaming and having a 2-hour water fight, that if we had girls they’d probably be in their rooms reading or doing crafts, haha. But jokes aside, my boys do make life interesting, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

    Thanks for sharing a “Classic Jane Blog” from the past, and enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii! Looking forward to the September release of your new book!

  17. What a great story! My son loved Thomas the Tank Engine and a series about Dave & Becky and different jobs. One day he told a friend of mine that she could have a ride in his helicopter and train and truck! He used to sit in his car seat in the back and tell me “don’t drive over the flowers!” or “Both hands on the wheel Mom!” I’m thinking he’s going to be a Driver’s Ed guy!!

  18. Great story! I guess I am at the opposite end. I have a daughter and I force things on her. So far she has had budgies, hermit crabs, hamsters, cats, dogs, and now at almost 14 she has her own leopard gecko and snake. Well, actually in the house we do have a zoo now. 6 snakes, 2 dogs, a cat, a panther chameleon, 4 leopard geckos, a European harvest mouse (teeny little mouse with a tail like a monkey), an African Pygmy Dormouse (think micro squirrel) and a chinese dwarf hamster. She loves the pets but her real love is books. My daughter is dyslexic and only ‘discovered’ reading last summer. Since then, I cannot get her away from books!

  19. I’m terrible with creepy crawlies. We have silk worms at work for the children & I just about gag looking at them. Not a very positive message for me to send, but……

  20. Too Cute!

    We have two girls (4 and 6 years old) and they go toad hunting while in their princess finery. Some of my favortie pictures are of them in their princess gowns, plastic high heels,and tiara’s holding a canning jar full of garden toads. Thankfully we managed to convince them that releasing them into the fairy garden once we reach plague level in the jar is a good idea. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  21. Love the retro blog! I do remember when you first posted it. Funny that it’s still true today. Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  22. Haha. I had daughters who liked bugs. A regular sleepover friend of my sons who collected lizards. My childhood cat used to bring disembowelled frogs to lay as an offering on my bedside mat. That’s my excuse for being a slugabed.
    So nice you have this lovely story to remember about Ty at this point. xx

  23. Good morning Jane. I am new to your blog. I loved your story about Ty and the slugs. I could picture the scenes as I read. The things we do and accept because we love our children. Thanks for sharing this memory. Enjoy Hawaii~

  24. Ah..the things we do for our boys. I have three (counting the husband of course!) I’d do anything for them…which is why I spent the last two days white water rafting when I’m afraid of water and hate camping! It was not my ideal relaxing vacation…would much rather have gone to a nice resort in hawaii…but I would not trade being with my boys to share this exeprience!

  25. I love your story about your son, kids are so great. I have a girl and a boy and they are 10 years apart so it was like having 2 only children. Of course now they are 30 and 20 but I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I never see enough of my daughter. And I must say that after having a girl first my son was so easy. would love to win your gift and read your books…

  26. Hi Jane…so glad you are enjoying your well deserved vacation! Boys are something, aren’t they. I have two nephews and my sisters and I are constantly saying to each other, you guys are such BOYS. My 11 year old nephew always looks at us like we have three eyes and says “we are boys!” I grew up with three sisters and a brother, though our brother was the oldest and I was the youngest, so I wasn’t around for most of his slug and bug days. What I was around for was his obsession with professional wrestling as seen on TV and his eagerness to “figure four lock” his sisters. Lovely stuff, right!
    Take good care and enjoy your beach time.

  27. Oh my gosh…this brought back so many young son memories! No slugs that I can recollect, just lots of typical boy injuries…broken elbow falling while roller skating, clothes lined while riding his bike, leg burn from hot minibike exhaust, black eye from missing the baseball after throwing it on the roof & waiting for it to roll back down, but the worse one (for Mom anyway) was a trip to the E.R. to remove braces embedded in his lip from the skate board flipping up & smacking him! Ewww! Give me slugs anytime! LOL!!! Thanks Jane!!!

  28. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of. The rhyme I learned as a child has never rang as true with my son. The creepier it crawls the grander the prize in his eyes. Even though he is now 16, I am still amazed at his interest in bugs, slugs, and all critters big and small. Whether we are slinging mud on the four-wheelers at the creek, going to midnight showings of the latest super hero movie, or walking on the beach picking up shells, I wouldn’t trade having a son for all the money in the world. Mahalo.

  29. Can I just say thank you for putting your open, honest, self out there in the form of books and blogs? I’m sure we all feel as if we are chatting with a friend when we read your writings. My son is the highlight of my life, so I get that bond too. Hope Ty has had a chance to contact James Pribram. Enjoy your time off! You deserve it!

  30. Hi Jane – Sounds like you are having fun in Hawaii. Hope o get there one day myself. Loved your “vintage” blog about Ty and his slugs. I had the opposite of you. I had two girls and longed for a boy. Once my two girls started having children, I finally had boys to love and experience life from the male perspective. I am beyond thrilled that my youngest daughter is expecting our first granddaughter in early October. I have already started buying flower headbands, dresses, tiny shoes and lots and lots of pink. I love my grandsons to pieces, but it will be so fun to have a little girl in the house again. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Congratulations on the great reviews for “The Good Woman”. Can’t wait to hear what you have in store for us next.

  31. Bwahaha! So creepy! I’d be worried that every time I put my foot down I’d squish something (which would probably crack up a 7 year old boy but totally squick me out). At least he didn’t come inside with a black widow spider, which is what my brother did once.

  32. You know what they say…A mom of boys works from son up to son down! Would you change anything about them? NO! I’ve got boys and tried to smile and “fake” my LOVE of all things boyish…like lizards, frogs, and any and all slimy creatures. Now they both are in grad school. One day I look forward to the time when their little boys hand me a frog to hold…well, not really look forward to but I’ll grab it and act like it’s the best thing in the world. Enjoy your vacay.

  33. YOu never know what you will find with boys! I love how you never know what they will get into! Love following you and have a great vacation!

  34. Jane I think your son and my younger daughter Destiny could be soul mates. I thought I was reading a post about her. You would not a girl like her. Lol. She is always looking in the backyard for some kind of big or worm. She finds these huge beetles and brings them to me and says, ”Mom, isn’t he cute?”. And I say, ”Yes, he’s very cute. So sometimes having a girl doesn’t mean Barbies and dress up. But she is the kindest to all animals and loves all her pets, so I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful little girl. Have a great day at the beach Jane:)

  35. Memories! I have 3 “adult” boys – and hope that their kids and grandkids do to them what they did to me!! Hehehe.. 🙂

  36. As the mother of three boys myself, I can relate! Although, my daughter is typically the most “adventerous:)”!!

  37. I know exactly what your talking about. I have a 8 year old son and the things that he brings into my house never cease to amaze me. Our current “pet” is a hermit crab. We have had a collection of strange bugs and critters over these past 8 years and I can only imagine what the next 8 will bring, but I wouldn’t trade my little boy for anything. My 1 year old blonde, curly haired, bright blue eyed, niece just moved in with us and she is so much worse than my son. I dream of dressing her up and she just as soon wants mud and dirt rather than dolls. I hope you enjoyed your beach day.

  38. Just think, one day you’ll look back on all the crazy things they’ve done and wish for them all over again, slugs and all. 🙂 Loved it btw.

  39. New to me and very funny… but does make me wonder if I’ve also missed and ‘update’ post on slugs!!

  40. Loved your story! I have three boys and one girl, who I prayed for since I was a little girl growing up with 3 brothers and 10 male first cousins. Yet my dream, dress-up, barbie playing, tea and cookies hosting little girl is the one who carries frogs in her pockets. LOL Enjoy your holiday in Hawaii and your family. Love reading your books and blogs… 🙂

  41. A wonderful post. I have 2 boys and it is always a joy to deal with them. Your vacation stories are always the best. Enjoy and have a great time.

  42. That’s a sweet story. I can say that because I have two girls. A nine year old who runs from everything and a two year old who is yet determine if she’s a girly girl or a tom boy.

    Did you ever find the other ones?

  43. Hi Jane,
    I was hard at work and your email popped up in my inbox. I took a few minutes from my hectic day and read the post. It brought a wonderful smile to my face and warmed me from the inside out. Oh how boys drive us crazy but give us so much love!

    I hope you enjoy your wonderful break. I can’t wait for the newest JP book!
    Take care,
    in Denver

  44. I have a girl and boy and the girl was the one that collected lacy bugs, she kept bringing them into the house in little jars, boxes. I collected rocks as a child and drove my Mom nuts putting them into my dresser.

  45. I love your stories. I hate slugs well any type of bug. I’ve fell in love with your books when I first saw Flirty with Forty (did I mention I have it on VCR to watch whenever I want) and been hooked on your books ever since ( sorry to say they might be just a few I might have but haven’t read yet but will get to them at some point)
    I hope you enjoy your vacation and spending time with the family before going back to home and writing.

  46. thanks for sharing your Slimey Adventures blog. it was wonderful to bread. enjoy your vacation. it always goes too fast…my youngest starts his senior year of high school tomorrow.

  47. What a cute story about your son. I would love a little guy to get messy with and play cowboys and indians. I have a very girly girl. She is all pink clothes with matching ribbons.

    Enjoy Hawaii. I’ve never been there, but it looks like Heaven on Earth!

  48. I also love little boys. There is something so sweet about them. Is there anything funnier than a little boy telling you about his favorite book or movie? You always get a detailed scene by scene reaccounting.

  49. Slugs,frogs and all kinds of bugs. My son loved them all now it’s my Grandsons. Look grandma what I found in your yard under your big rocks a frog. Love them all..Love all your books keep writing..

  50. Jane,
    That is funny. It is so nice you will always have these blogs to remind you of all the things our kids do. I had two girls and they are both grown now and they each have a little boy so I’m getting used to the boy “things”. So much different then the little girls but so much fun to see them grow up. It goes so fast. Can’t wait for the new book. Have a great rest of your vacation.

  51. Slugs and slimy things just gross me out. I’m so glad I have a girl! She loves to play outside (as all kids should), but definitely does not like bugs. She saw a (dead) spider yesterday, and ran, screaming, away from it! But we do have a bunch of tiny toads all around our yard, which fascinates her. I’m hoping she doesn’t bring one into the house someday!

  52. I’d always wanted little girls but when my son was born that opinion changed very quickly. He was a joy, bright, smart, funny. Since then I’ve seen been blessed with two girls, and have to admit the gross factor was pretty tame except for the tricks he played on his sisters.

  53. Oh Jane, I can just see it… My Mother-in-law told me that she used to have to check my (much younger then) hubby’s pockets for worms. He used to go fishing a lot. His nickname then was ‘Tiny’ until he discovered he could buy fish and chips at the shop. I can’t believe it was 2006 when I first met you – at my first writers conference.

  54. Loved your story! I’ve got one daughter and two sons. All they have to say is” Mom, come look at this!” to scare me. I never know what they’ll have. Kids…gotta love ’em ! Thanks so much for your books. I love your Characters. Please keep writing!

  55. As a mom of boys (who are now 8 and 10), I can totally relate to this story! I can’t remember ever having slugs, but there have been plenty of bugs, frogs, and countless lizards. I never thought I’d love a life like this, but now I can’t imagine what it would be like to have girls. I love your blog, and this entry was a lot of fun. I felt like it could’ve been a day out of my life!

  56. My daughter caught a one foot missing mole in our house for me. Our Siamese cat Sassy had brought it in and I assume had chewed off the foot. Years later since she is now 38 she told me she knew I was scared to get it myself. She was 8 at the time. She is also the girl who handed me a garter snake and had a boa at her college grad party.

  57. I have two daughters and I have never had to deal with any of this. They are actually kind of shy with any kind of animals. But I have listened to many tales from my friend who has a boy who loves snakes. The period where she found snakes in the pockets and in the house is gone now, as he is older and she broke down and got him a dog.
    Your boys are grown up now, but I bet they get a kick out of these beautiful memories you have written about them.

  58. Hawaii is in your blood. You are so lucky and how lucky we are that you will be starting a new book.
    I would lov for my son to play with a snail. He hates bugs and dirty stuff. I’ve never seen a boy so worried about keeping his room so clean and in such order. He is fixing to turn 13 and all he cares about is reading and learning about stocks and investing, at 13!!! I just want him to be a kid and get all dirty and play and have fun. Now on the other hand my daughter is now 22 and let me tell you she played with dirt, she made mud pies. She would help her dad do mechanic stuff on our autos, she would even drive our excavator and dump truck around the property. I tried buying beautiful barbie dolls for her and I would always clean her room, she was so messy. As I would be cleanimg her room all I would find would be all the barbies with their heads misssing or all the hair cut off. I wouldnt trade my daughter or son for anything. I love my kiddos more than life it’s self.

  59. Oh yes, the joys of raising boys! I have 2 sons myself, so I know all about the adventures of boys. They are such a blessing to me…most of the time. LOL

  60. I hate slugs! They are so gross and while reading your blog post I was thinking how I would react to seeing slug in my house and let me tell you it won’t be pretty LOL

    I’m sure that even with all the madness in your house you enjoy and treasure every moment with them!
    Enjoy your time in Hawaii and have fun at the beach 🙂

  61. Having kids myself, ages 21, 18 and 2, all girls, Ive been through some memorable incidents myself and I treasure them all, just like you do. It makes for a good laugh later, even though at the time the moment is filled with “yucks” and “ewws” and sometimes even tears. With girls its actually a lot of tears. 🙂

  62. Great to go back and see what your life was like in 2006 when your boys were younger. Time goes by way to quick so good for you for enjoying your time in Hawaii!

  63. I had a daughter who didn’t even like dirt so I can’t relate. My mother however can. My brother at the age of 2 was found in the kitchen one morning eating maggots off the floor. The dishwasher had overflowed a few days before and my parents didn’t realize there had been a puddle left in one area that I guess some flies found. There my brother sat munching away. My mother freaked. I just get to laugh and say I always knew he was yucky. Love your books. Keep writing for us!

  64. Oh I remember when I was into bugs, worms, snails and the assorted. I’m grossed out just thinking about it now. I think I would freak out pretty bad now if that were to happen. Have fun in Hawaii.

  65. Hahaha! I totally get it! My two boys love anything related to dirt and bugs. One has even eaten ants to see what they taste like. (He said they’re spicy; I’m going to take his word for it.) Even their very girly little sister gets in on the fun and plays with worms. Every once in a while, we have “mud days” where we all make mud and play in it! Yes, I do participate.

  66. Hi Jane,
    Loved the slug story! Boys are definitely fun. I am so glad to have one. I’m wondering if the bulldog puppy mentioned was the one who passed away recently??
    I am eagerly awaiting your new book! I am just about done with another one by Claire Cook – Seven Year Switch, and I am loving it! Her writing pulls me right in and before I know it I’ve read 100 pages – love that kind of book! Thanks for recommending her.

  67. What a great exciting story. I have one daughter and she loved to play with slimy slugs and bugs when she was little, a total tomboy. One night I found one snuggled in her bed. She never wanted to wear frilly dresses or play with barbie’s. I wished for a boy but never had one, you are lucky. I enjoy instead spending time with my nephew’s.

  68. Love your blog and glad you found this file. I love it that I too just had a baby boy and I now know how fun boys are! I grew up in a household filled with women that’s why. Take care!

  69. Loved that story! Although, I’m not sure I’d ever recover myself lol. I have a daughter and a son, but thankfully neither of them have any interest in bugs or small creatures so I think I have dodged a major bullet there. Then again, my son is only eight so that can always change. Hope not though 🙂

  70. ROFL. That had me cracking up. You poor thing with slugs in your house. Mine has not done anything like that as of yet, fingers crossed. I just started following you and I am glad I did. Thank you for sharing that with us readers.

  71. Ha ha! Yep – disgusting and totally wonderful all at the same time. That’s boys for ya! 😉 My son wasn’t keen on slugs or your “typical” dude things, being sandwiched between two sisters and all. But he could paint fingernails and play a mean “Ken” doll when the situation called for it. 😉 Ha! Poor kid…(He’s pushing 14 now, so I should probably start saving up for those huge therapy bills that are bound to rear their ugly heads soon. Ha!)

  72. Oh gosh. Those pink cheeked, dress-wearing girls also come with some serious sass and attitude! Mine is only 4 and I can’t even imagine what the next 10 years is going to be like! My now 11 year old boy has enough calm and patience for the both of us, so somehow they even each other out. Enjoy your beach time! I’d kill (not really) to be at a beach right now. Completely land-locked Kansas is hotter than ever!

  73. I laughed so hard at your post…I have a girl and a boy and have experienced similar things with both at different times. Even though we miss your posts…I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying your time off with your family.

  74. My sister makes me clean the fish bowls of my nephew & niece because it creeps her out. So I don’t really mind bugs, slugs, and all things slimy. I love how the kids are fascinated with slime, puts a smile on my face for sure. Whenever I see a lizard, I cry out LIZARD, just like my 8 year nephew does. Enjoy your Aloha time!

  75. I was with you in 2006. Boys are a challenge. I always wanted one but only had girls. Now I have two grandsons. I taught boys in Royal Rangers for years.
    Please enter me to win.

  76. Hi Jane,
    I have a 19 yr old son and also still remember those bug days. It was definitely fun. Boys, boys, boys!


  77. How cute – and creepy! Slimy things (for me) are acceptable as long as they stay outside, but absolutely NO rodents will be in my house. That isn’t much of an issue for me, since I don’t have any children except students, but I hear stories like this from them all the time. Thanks, and enjoy your vacation!

  78. Too cute. But I’m with you, way too disgusting! We have both boys and girls in the family, they each have their moments!

    Thanks for the contest!

  79. You had me laughing out loud. Ahhh, memories! When my son was little we moved into a two story house. I received a call at 6 am from a neighbor I’d never even met, asking if I realized that my son was hanging out of the second story window! I always tease him (he’s 30 now, married with two kids of his own)that he’s the reason I grayed at a young age.

    Boys are great fun and a blessing, aren’t they? Enjoy your time with them. It goes SOOOOO fast!

  80. Jane, I have a girl and a boy (1 year apart). My daughter, age 6, is not into Barbie’s. at. all. She LOVES the color purple and her hair in braids. She loves chickens and dogs. (we have 24 chickens, no dogs) My son, age 5, is into Cars.(Disney pixar) He wears a Cars shirt EVERY DAY. Has the underwear, pajamas, sneakers, you name it~he’s got it. It is so fun to see the interests our kids have. Their imaginations, creativity, and the things they say.
    I loved reading your little ‘story’~and it must be fun for you to look back on. (I have journals I write for my kids of funny things they’ve said and done) How quickly they change and will be so grown up too soon. I am learning to ‘go with the flow’ a little more. As hard, at times, as it may be!!
    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. 🙂 Enjoy your vacation!!

  81. Jane~
    Reading this post, which was new to me, I was squirming in my seat, envisioning my son and his friends dreaming this grand idea to raise slugs or something just as icky. I have one son and one daughter, mind you I do NOT have a girly-girl, but she is not really a tom-boy either. She will NOT play in the dirt or with the creepy-crawlies, but her hair or clothes are not a priority at all. Boys are so much different than girls, typically.
    Enjoy your time in Hawaii, I was just there in March and enjoyed every moment. Spend as much time as you can relaxing, life at home will always wait for you.

  82. I don’t have children of my own yet but, honestly, I’ve already thought about the fact that if I do have some they might one day bring home creepy crawly things, and I will scream bloody murder! I’m absolutely terrified of/disgusted by worms, bugs, etc. I have two spirited dogs, and they’re plenty of work themselves and can get messy. I can’t even begin to imagine the things that parents of human children have to deal with!

  83. I totally remember that one! Did you ever find the other two slugs? LOL!

    Weather is still hot, hot, hot here in west Kentucky. Rain is scarse and the crops are drying up 🙁 I do hope we get some more rain soon. My garden has done pretty well this year and I’ve been able to put up lots of salsa, peach, grape, and strazberry jams. We’ve been eating our fill of fresh zucchini and yellow squash all summer and it’s been wonderful.

    Have a blessed time in HI!

  84. Oh my gosh! Boys are fun. We have two with a girl in the middle. Although all of them are adults now, sometimes, they are still that little boy and you can’t help but laugh.

  85. Really fun post thanks for sharing with us Jane! Boys are alot of fun mine makes me laugh all the time !

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach and thank you very much for the super nice give away !

  86. My boys are grown with families of their own, but I well remember the ‘ick’ factor of two small boys who seemed to find every horrid thing around the yard – and yes, I miss that sometimes.
    Great post, lovely covers on your books. Enjoy your vacation.

  87. i have 2 girls and 1 boy and am very thankful that my son never did like bugs even now he wont touch a worm and he is 18

  88. I have always hated bugs & worms, so my father laughed at me every time my son would turn over rocks looking for them. My son is now 19 & works in a pet store & what pets does he bring home? Tarantula’s and a scorpion! I do have a girl to sort of balance it out, but she isn’t a girlie girl. Hates shopping! But not wild about bugs.

  89. Oh, that post brings back memories of my son when he was a little boy. He brought me an egg carton one time with each egg slot filled with a snail. And another time he brought home a “pet” gopher that somehow he managed to catch in the neighborhood. Not exactly my pick for pets, but what fun memories our boys give to us. Enjoy the rest of your Hawaiian Holiday, Jane.

  90. not a big fan of the slug either LOL. God know what you will find in their pockets and thank you for this opportunity

  91. Oh my GOSH! Too funny. Not for you back then of course.
    I have 2 boys that are not mine for the summer. Just turned 6 and 10. They are so different and so funny. One is game for everything and the other will eat only toasted white (if it has no hidden nutrition, he can somehow sense any value) bread with cream cheese and is uber sensitive.
    It’s been awhile since my DH and I have had his kids for any length of time so having these boys who are even younger then ours has been a surprise and blessing. Especially since they don’t love slugs!!

  92. Oh man! What a funny story and a little scary! Kind of like our fear of mice.. they can’t really hurt us but they can creep us out like no other!! Enjoy your time left it Hawaii! I’m so jealous. I’d love to visit there one day, but it’s so hard when Cancun is so cheap…I don’t want to spend more to try new places. Maybe one day I’ll find a man with money who likes to travel!

  93. Loved the story! Our house is chaotic too, but the girl is the one that creates most of it. The boys have to put up with her obsession with all things creepy & crawly. She loves to hide the hermit crabs in their room, chases them with worms & frogs, and delights in surprising them!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii!

  94. That’s hilarious….ah, little boys, you just got to love them. 🙂 Enjoy your time on the island in the sun and surf with your family.

  95. Oh how I love this, I called my sister-in-law and read it to her, she is thanking her lucky stars that my nephew is into motorcycles actually anything with wheels and not bugs. When he was three he got tired of the baby wheels on his bike we still don’t know how he knew which tool to get but he took them off, his parents said now you can’t ride your bike he looked at them and said “yes I can” and got on and off he went he hasn’t stop since except now we are jumping things and have faster bikes….. lol

  96. My kids are 19 ( 20 next month) and 16 and 9 and the caos never goes away. lol Never! Least not yet anyway. Hope you had a great day at the beach. It one of our fun places to take our boys as well.

    Lisa B

  97. Boys are always an adventure! Enjoy the rest of your time in Hawaii! Looking forward to your next book. September is getting closer….

  98. ugh — slugs are not my favorite garden product! love how your son treated them tho.

    and i can’t wait for another book…soon??

  99. Awesome blog! Those slimey adventures, I remember & treasure them all… I have 4 boys and my”baby” is now 22! I can’t imagine even having a daughter, I would have been lost…. Boys were everywhere in this house & I loved it…. Children complete our world….. They are blessings & I thank God daily for them… Your story brought me back to the days when they were young, loved it….

  100. I always enjoyed reading Some Smug Slug to the kids in the library. But the boxers manage to bring in lots of slimy dog toys so that works and Otto likes to eat worms. Does that count?!!

  101. Jane,

    What a cute story, thanks for sharing it again for those of us that hadn’t yet discovered your wonderful writings back then.

    Enjoy the beach and your boys!

    I only have a few more days here in Indy, part of me can’t believe how fast vacation has gone!

  102. Hi Jane!

    What a fun story! Boys are interesting creatures, but having both a boy and a girl, I can assure you that girls are interesting creatures, too!

    Having fun in Boston! Opening Ceremonies to our Cal Ripken World Series was tonight! Very well done! Tour of Fenway tomorrow.

    Enjoy your beach time!


  103. Jane,

    I enjoyed your post. It brought back memories when my daughter was about 2 yrs old and I was fixing a friends computer at their house and she walks around to the kitchen and try’s to hand my friend a spider she had caught and Diana screamed and ran.

    They grow up way to fast. Enjoy the boys!


  104. I loved reading about your family, mine son is 35 and I can’t believe how time has flown by. I also have a daughter ad she got in so much more trouble than her brother, she is 24 now and has a beautiful daughter too.

  105. That sounds just like every other moms household. I wish it was just boys who collect them, lol..sigh! My daughter who is 12, still likes to collect slugs. Funny thing is she is a girlie girl and is afraid of bees and spiders. and other insects.

    She loves to collect slugs and puts them in a bug container which has a vent on top. Some how the slugs all managed to reach that very top lid which happens to house the vents by morning. My daughter was horrified at the thought of her little “pets’ passing away. I help her add water and boom they are revitalized and moving around. Then I became the “mean” mom. I had her walk them outside and put them on the ground. Later that day. I accidentally ran one over with my car. She actually accused me of doing so on purpose. So much “drama” You see girls are a hand full to, lol!!

  106. Hi Jane…I have three ‘pink-cheeked’ girls (my oldest turned 7 today) and often times have thought that there is no way I’d be able to keep up with a boy! Your blog post from the past just reaffirmed that thought. My girls like to collect ladybugs, much nicer than slugs for sure!!!

  107. Awww, you story made me smile! (I still shudder at the thought of slugs though)

    I live in Hawaii, and I’m sure you’ll have a ton of fun! The tourists always do. *wink*

  108. Hi! I’m here to announce the winners before I jump on a plant to California for a family meeting and then turn around and race back to Hawaii on Sunday morning.

    I ended up putting together 2 prizes and so I’m drawing 2 names instead of just one–

    the 2 winners are:

    #5 Kim Taylor

    #115 Isabel V

    Kim and Isabel, please send me a private email ASAP with your mail addresses and Monday morning I’ll pop your Hawaii tote bags and goodies in the mail! Congrats to both of you and enjoy.

    And everyone else, the winner of the fantastic Liza Palmer blog prize hasn’t been drawn yet, so make sure you comment there on her blog for a chance to win!

    Love to all and thanks so much for being here on my blog! xoxox


  109. I think you should share this post with Tupperware! There’s a great documentary on Tupperware on PBS What a great summer you’re having!

  110. Oh, My! This brought back memories of the summers my sister and I spent in Seattle with my grandparents while my mom was sick. But…instead of collecting them, we delighted in sprinkling them with salt to watch them bubble and ooze. Honestly, I was creeped out by them and was so glad to see they had shells in California when we moved here. yeah, I know they are snails!

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