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Weekend Plans and a Hawaii Treat!

It’s been a crazy week holed up in my office trying to get words down for my upcoming deadline at the end of this month but I have made some good progress.  I’ve been bribing myself with all sorts of rewards just to stay focused and the best reward is just around the corner – the chance to dive back into Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series (so, so good!) or, if I’ve killed it with my word count, a chance to watch one of my recorded reality shows like, ahem, Bachelor in Paradise–but ultimately the real reward will be some serious family time this weekend as Surfer Ty is finally returning to us in California after being in Hawaii all summer … Continue reading Weekend Plans and a Hawaii Treat!

Happy Father’s Day!

I know a lot of you don’t get my newsletters anymore due to spam filters, so I’m sharing my newsletter here AND adding a special giveaway for one of you! Today is Mac’s last day of first grade and then, on Sunday, it’s Father’s Day! Where did time go? I began a book a few months ago, looked up, and now it’s mid- June. On Sunday we head to Hawaii for the summer so Ty can get back in the water. His surf school is always so busy during school holidays, and Mac can’t stand being apart from his dad, so we all pack up and travel together. I love Mac and Ty’s special bond. They are two peas in … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing

I’m in Hawaii for Christmas and New Year’s this year and taking time off to just be with my family.  I have a few revisions to wrap up on my next Harlequin Presents (was supposed to get them done before Christmas!) but stopped stressing out so I could focus on my boys and just enjoy the holidays this year. Part of the holidays means relaxing with a great book, too, and I love  Laura Spinella and thought we should prepare to ring in the new year with her new book, Perfect Timing!  And so here Laura is, doing an interview with me about her new release. Readers, help me welcome Laura back to the JaneBlog! Laura, tell us what your current … Continue reading Laura Spinella’s Perfect Timing

Featured Author: Beth Kendrick

I was trying to think when, and where, I first met Beth Kendrick…and I can’t.  I have so many great memories of her—tea with our librarian friend, John Charles…presenting together at a Scottsdale Library program, lunches and more teas, and then our great visit in Hawaii this summer when Beth brought her mom and son out for a week to Oahu, and I happened to be there, too, with my little guy.  Beth and her crew went surfing with Ty and his instructors and in less than a month, Beth will be here in San Clemente for my Orange County book party.  The party is going to be awesome…Anita Hughes, Beth Albright, Suzanne Redfern, and Beth Kendrick will all be … Continue reading Featured Author: Beth Kendrick

Back in Hawaii

I’m back in Hawaii and so enjoying the time with my boys.  It’s been six weeks since I saw my guy Ty and three weeks since I held Mac.  It’s so good to be back with them both, and now Jake arrives from California tomorrow with a couple of friends.   All I need is son Ty to be here too so I’d have my whole family with me, and it would be perfect!  Unfortunately, I have to wait another 2 weeks to see that boy.  It’s a tough summer this year with everyone spread out in so many different directions. Conference in Atlanta was fantastic – hectic but so much fun.  It was great to see my editors and … Continue reading Back in Hawaii

Featured Author: Amy Sue Nathan

I’m back from Montana and already packing for Oahu to attend this weekend’s Book & Music Festival in Honolulu, before heading on to Minneapolis for my reader dinner on Monday, and then a book club dinner on Tuesday with the Horshoe Trail Book Club.   I can’t believe I’m already repacking but when I fly, I read, so I’m packing a big stack of books to take with me. One of the books I’m taking with me is Amy Sue Nathan‘s debut novel, The Glass Wives, which releases today!  Your pub day is so exciting and I’m thrilled to have Amy Sue with us on her big day.  I hope everyone will give her a warm welcome to the JaneBlog! … Continue reading Featured Author: Amy Sue Nathan

Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since the Lifetime premiere of Flirting with Forty? I can still remember getting the news that the book had been optioned by Sony, and then the regular updates after that…the hiring of a screenwriter, the outline of the screenplay, the script, the casting, and finally, the project being greenlighted.  It was a whirlwind of activity, with filming taking place in Calgary and Hawaii.  The cast and crew worked twelve hours a day, six days a week, to make sure the film was made in the 30 days they’d been allocated for budgeting purposes. I flew out to Hawaii for the last week of the April shoot, and was able to … Continue reading Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Easter Parade

This will be a very short post as I’m on a plane right now heading to Hawaii with Ty and Mac and we’re going to lose our internet connection any moment.  I am so happy to be getting to Hawaii for Easter…but sorry I didn’t get my book in before I left, so Hawaii is going to be all about writing for the first four or five days, and then hopefully I’ll get it in mid week and have a few days to play with Mac on the beach Sending you all love and wishes for a wonderful Easter and beautiful Spring.  I’ve been writing a lot and its been an intense book…I’ll feel so much better when I hit … Continue reading Easter Parade

This is the Real Thing

I don’t relax easily.  Find it difficult to sit still unless I’m reading something, and even then I’m wiggling a foot up and down, a constant jiggle perfected by my fellow Porters…my dad, my brothers, even my sister to a certain extent.  I’ve a quick temper, too, far too impatient, and easily irritated when I have to repeat myself to the kids…or probably anyone. But something happens in Hawai.  I unplug.  I write less blogs, visit Facebook more infrequently, and I read lots lots more. Better yet, if I’m not on deadline, I have less childcare, or none whatsoever.  Which means I get to nap with Mac.  Every day.  It’s my favorite part of the day.  He can sleep for … Continue reading This is the Real Thing

A Very Beachy Tree

Christmas in Hawaii is so different from Christmas in Bellevue–different decorations and traditions–but still festive and fun.  Mac loved helping put the ornaments on the tree, each blue ball was his “favorite”, and he is having a very hard time resisting the few packages slipped beneath the tree.  Our tree here is a themed tree, with all the ornaments representing Hawaii or the sea.  I’ve collected the ornaments over the past seven years and hope you’ll like this sneak peek into our Hawaii home at Christmas! Sending love to you and wishes for a very merry Christmas! Yours, Jane