Weekend Plans and a Hawaii Treat!

It’s been a crazy week holed up in my office trying to get words down for my upcoming deadline at the end of this month but I have made some good progress.  I’ve been bribing myself with all sorts of rewards just to stay focused and the best reward is just around the corner – the chance to dive back into Lisa Kleypas’ Wallflower series (so, so good!) or, if I’ve killed it with my word count, a chance to watch one of my recorded reality shows like, ahem, Bachelor in Paradise–but ultimately the real reward will be some serious family time this weekend as Surfer Ty is finally returning to us in California after being in Hawaii all summer long! We’ve all missed Ty a lot and my little Mac is really excited to have dad home again as he is truly happiest when they’re together.


What are you doing this weekend?  Any fun plans?  Talk to me.  Tell me what you’re up to and you’ll be entered to win a fun Hawaii treat!  Contest ends Sunday night with winner announced on Monday!




  1. Football season is starting in Western NY on Saturday, so we’ll be at scrimmages all day and then family time on Sunday!

  2. We are in escrow for our Lake Tahoe cabin. I’m getting boxes of things ready to take up there when we get the keys.

  3. Cleaning out the basement and then down time with a great book before heading back to work. Summer is over. Boo.

  4. The middle and youngest sons have soccer this weekend. School just started, so now I have time to write. 🙂

  5. I know you will be glad to have Ty back as much as mac will. My husband’s new job seems to have put us even further behind on bills than the one he used to work at, so he has picked up a couple jobs for the house. he will be working all day Saturday fixing a truck that a guy left her last weekend. And Sunday someone is bringing a car over for him to look at too. So, I won’t be doing much unless he sends me to the auto parts store for something. I do need to squeeze some grocery shopping in sometime too though. Not too much exciting here. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I bet you & Mac are thrilled. Feels so nice to have the family back together.
    My husband returns from a business trip, so we have a bit of the same going on here. Looking forward to doing something fun together – dinner or music or something out and about!

  7. we are camping again this weekend…. friday night they are having a birthday party for one of the wives at the MC Club then sat morning we are having a Scholarship Benefit Run the Sat Night we are having a Party in honor of a member who lost his battle with cancer . So we are camping out at the MC Club all weekend because Sunday is meeting day and the ladies do breakfast….lol… then Sunday afternoon I have my nephews bday party… long weekend

  8. I’m on Grama duty…it’s my job and my pleasure…and my littlest grandbaby is sick. :-/ Ear infection as a complication of the rubes in his ears. Irregardless…he’d in good spirits and wow’d the ladies at the store, and other places when we r@n our errands on the way home. My week behaved little guy was enchanting every female in sight! Now to relax for an hour and begin the rounds to pick up the older grandy and my youngest! Busy, busy, busy! Also celebrating Jake’s Birthday on Saturday…my baby turned 14 last week, and the party starts Saturday @ 2pm…and runs until (shrug)…whenever! So lots to do to get ready!

    Glad to hear you get your lovey back soon. Mac must be ecstatic! (y)

  9. I accidently hit the wrong thing. I work in a college in IT in desktop support. I walked in my job over 26 miles during the work week and this week has almost been as busy. Ready to rest.

  10. After working three 12 hour night shifts in a row, I’m going to a Heart concert with my sisters and cousin. Excited to spend time with family! Then it’ll be back to catching up with life that gets put on hold when you flip your life’s schedule upside down to work nights. Thankful I love my job as a post-partum nurse, but definitely ready for some days off!

  11. I’m headed back to the shore (better know as the beach to some)tomorrow. The summer has gone so fast this year. I just finished one book that I was taking (we are unprepared) glad I stuck with it. It had finally grabbed me a little more than 1/2 way into the book. It might have be a top rated book but not a bottom one either. Hope to get more reading and beach time this weekend. Last weekend I was reading Home Again by Kristin Hannah that was more than a top rater. Will be one of my top reads for the year I’m sure.
    I know you are glad Ty will be home. Hope the rest of the book goes well can’t wait to read it. I loved the Wallflower series and hate to say it but I’m even watching Bachelor in Paradise this season.

  12. Aw, this Sunday will be our last youth football jamboree after so many years getting our 3 grandsons through the program of 2nd graders thru 8th grade. So begins Joe’s final season as he’ll be in high school ball next year. His oldest brother plays semi-pro so football is in their genes.

  13. I’m recovering from two surgeries, and almost five weeks in the hospital. I am so, so happy to be home. I would love to get a surprise from you in the mail:)

  14. Babysitting my 2 yr old nephew Friday evening, my step brother is getting married Saturday and hopefully some pool time on Sunday if the weather cooperates! Our sunny pool time is close to ending!

  15. Happy to hear your family is back together. It’s always better when family are together. Attending one of my grandsons birthday party this Saturday. Relaxing at home after that.
    Carol L

  16. My baby is coming home from college to spend the weekend with me and I can’t wait!! It’s been so hard having her so far away! I know 60 miles isn’t that far but it feels like the other side of the world when I can’t see her every day.

  17. Picking up my grandmother tomorrow and getting ready for my 9th graders baptism Sunday and a party afterwards…. She special requested chicken salad sandwiches and cake!

  18. Love this blog. I also hate it when the family is not together. My son saw the picture of the “swag” and he just said “A puppy” apparently that’s all there is in that picture when you are a young boy.

  19. Husband’s 67th birthday tomorrow but we can’t celebrate until we celebrate our daughter’s birthday a week ago. She was away at the time and we planned to celebrate both together tomorrow but now can’t. Husband crashed his bicycle with another oncoming bicycle when both went around a monument at a trail corner and didn’t see each other. Husband broke his right hip socket and tore ligaments in his left shoulder. Can barely move. He’s home and I’m run off my feet. My weekend will be trying to find time to sleep. Three hours last night because of staying at the hospital from 2pm-1am just isn’t enough….

  20. I’m not sure as it could depend on the weather. I do hope to set aside some time to work on organizing the pile of stuff from my mom’s house. Of course some reading!! Maybe some garden work. My oldest daughter needs my help creating a card box for her wedding. We are hoping to work on it on Sunday, but it will depend on her schedule. If not this weekend, then next. I always have lots plans and seldom make a dent on the list. Thanks for the chance Jane.

  21. awesome pic of Dad and Mac. i’ll be spending the weekend cleaning, painting the new abode and waiting for deliveries and cable man. hopefully i can sneak in some reading or at least an audiobook,

  22. Researching , food prepping and resting . My husband was just diagnosed with cancer , so things are alittle upside down

  23. Not sure… Have to get stuff together for school starting soon. We also have a yard sale coming up, so I will be cleaning and purging… It will be good for you both to have him home!

  24. I’m hoping we can go see the Weird Al concert that’s close to us on Sunday! I’ve been a big fan of his ever since I was a kid, and I think my daughter would enjoy it too.
    I’m glad your Ty is back home, and you deserve rewards! Thank you!

  25. Just had a makeover at the bare minerals counter after a very stressful few weeks
    Feel fab!
    Glad Ty is home with you all


    Enjoy family time x

  26. Tomorrow I have a family lunch with my in-laws as a thanksgiving for my nephew’s examination results, and Sunday I am going with my sister to an art showing of paintings by Michel-Jean Cazabon, a 19th Century Trinidadian artist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel-Jean_Cazabon). The government of Trinidad & Tobago recently acquired a collection of his paintings and for a limited time has opened up the display to the country. Other than that, routine weekend chores and church.

  27. Last weekend was fun with our Grands. Hope we get to see them this weekend, so our five-year-old can tell us about her first week of kindergarten. Praying Traveling Mercies for Ty. Happy for all of you that he will be with the family.

  28. Want to have a little dinner of grilled steak and a salad with elbow macaroni diced garden tomatoes and cucumbers and mayo salt and pepper so simple yet so yummy. Also want to sneak over to Victoria Secrets for a very secret something!

  29. My son got engaged last weekend They are recreating the engagement for family to see and take pictures! It has turned into a family gathering. She has a large family so should be fun! Just wish they didn’t live 2 hours away!!!

    Glad your hubby is home!!

  30. I am just relaxing with my family after a long work week and enjoying the last couple days of my sons summer vacation!

  31. off work so going shopping for my first grandson’s car seat so excited to be a nonna in October and having dinner with my son and daughter-in-law and to see the baby Tuff’s room! doing some reading too!

  32. SO glad Ty & Mac (&you) are reunited! we are doing different things to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. yesterday was visiting/touring Maker’s Mark, today was visiting my Dad and my Sis in Ohio…been a great time.

  33. One of the things I am doing is going to a pool party to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Should be good weather and good eats! Fun gossiping , too.

  34. Ty and Mac look like twins (double trouble for Jane…lol). Today we’ll get a little sun and walk and otherwise do as little as I can get away with. Enjoy your family.

  35. Thank you for sharing your weekend plans and chatting with me. 🙂
    Our winner is #24, Elisabeth R!! Package will be in the mail very soon once I have your address so drop me an email with details.
    Have a wonderful week, all!
    Jane xoxoxo

  36. I am going to spend time with my mother. She had a bad week at work and I am going to cheer her up with a dinner and movie.

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