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The Tycoon’s Kiss…a made for TV movie?

Two years ago I wrote The Tycoon’s Kiss, the second book in my Taming of the Sheenan series.  The Tycoon’s Kiss, is classic Jane Porter romance:  Troy Sheenan, a gorgeous driven tycoon falls for Taylor Harris, the smart, bespectacled small town librarian. A year ago The Tycoon’s Kiss was one of four Tule stories being considered for a TV film by a reputable Los Angeles producer.  Discussions and film options take a lot of time and very often nothing happens, so I was really delighted when just a couple weeks ago the producer’s team sent Tule an offer to option Tycoon’s Kiss.  The story is  now in pre-production and I promise to share more once I have firm details.   But until then, … Continue reading The Tycoon’s Kiss…a made for TV movie?

Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since the Lifetime premiere of Flirting with Forty? I can still remember getting the news that the book had been optioned by Sony, and then the regular updates after that…the hiring of a screenwriter, the outline of the screenplay, the script, the casting, and finally, the project being greenlighted.  It was a whirlwind of activity, with filming taking place in Calgary and Hawaii.  The cast and crew worked twelve hours a day, six days a week, to make sure the film was made in the 30 days they’d been allocated for budgeting purposes. I flew out to Hawaii for the last week of the April shoot, and was able to … Continue reading Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Love Between The Covers

Okay.  This is cool.  I seriously love Love Between The Covers and am so happy to share some info with you about this film project. Those of you who love romance novels–whether you are readers, writers, booksellers, librarians, agents or editors–will love this documentary, too.  If you have a moment, check out the video clip and discover Love Between The Covers. [youtube NhoAjOEWVkA] And why am I bringing it to your attention before its made?  Because Laurie Kahn, the filmmaker, could use some support to make sure the film gets made.   And I want to see this film get made.  I’m tired of romance novels, romance readers, and romance writers being mocked and belittled.  I don’t engage with folks … Continue reading Love Between The Covers

Events & Super Cool Contest

I’ve got so much happening it’s hard to keep it all straight. On the good news side, the Flirting with Forty movie will air for the first time in Australia on Christmas Day! Hurray! If you’re one of my Aussie readers, Foxtel’s Universal channel will be playing it at 8:30 pm. Very, very cool!! My not so good news is that I’m having to cancel a couple of my events next week to deal with family stuff and I hate canceling anything, much less opportunities to meet with my readers so huge apologies.  🙁 To make it up to you for not being able to do next week’s appearances, I’m hosting an incredibly cool contest—I’m giving away here on my … Continue reading Events & Super Cool Contest

Little Bits

I’m writing in little bits, hoping they’ll add up to big bits and trying to stay calm (and cool!) as kids run wild and temperatures hover in the high 80’s to low 90’s–not hot if you’ve air conditioning but sweltering if you’re at a computer without a breeze. Fortunately I’m feeling more and more settled here, but not so settled that I won’t be going back to Bellevue end of August for my kids school year. That’s right.  For those of you worried that I’ve moved to Hawaii permanently, that’s a no, not happening, not possible until son Ty goes to college which is 7 years from now.  So until then, Baby Mac and I will be making lots of trans … Continue reading Little Bits

Quick Flirting Movie Mention

I was asked by a number of my readers to let them know if I knew when Flirting with 40 would play on Lifetime again, and last night as I was watching a movie on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network, a sister channel to Lifetime) they suddenly played the Flirting movie trailer, along with the announcement that the movie would air on LMN on Sunday evening. I always get goosebumps when I see the trailer. It’s still so cool to me that it actually happened so I flipped ahead to see the show times for the West Coast and it looks like it’ll air here first tonight, Easter Sunday, at 5 pm and then again at 9 or 10 pm. So for those … Continue reading Quick Flirting Movie Mention

Where’s Jane?

I’ve been asked this so much in the past few days that I feel a little like Waldo in the series, where  is Jane in the movie? I am in there, briefly, and I’ll tell you where I am, and while it won’t help those of you who’ve already seen the movie, but might for those who have recorded it and can pause and freeze the frame. During the movie, take the remote and prepare to pause right after hot hunky Robert Buckley/Kyall rescues Heather/Jackie from the pool and walks her to the beach. I am sitting on the beach reading a book, and while my back is to the camera, you’ll see my hair.  It’s long and straight and I’m wearing … Continue reading Where’s Jane?

For My Friends & Fans

Where do I start? How do I properly say thank you? You all have made this the best weekend of my year. So many of you have taken time to write me, either here on my blog, or privately, or over at Facebook and MySpace. I have had hundreds of messages over the weekend, probably up to 400 now, and they’ve been so wonderful and positive and just plain fun to read. I’ve printed off most (yes, I’m that geeky) to stick in the scrapbook I’m going to make so I can remember this wonderful weekend. And please know that I’ve read every single message posted or sent, and have appreciated every wow, every cheer, every congratulatory email and greeting.  … Continue reading For My Friends & Fans

Post Movie Roundup

It’s nearly five in the morning and I’ve been awake since 4 am.  I think I’m still keyed up from the movie and all the amazing messages my readers and friends have been sending me, either wishing me well and congrats on the movie, or just letting me know they’d watched it last night.  It’s overwhelming and humbling to have such great friends and support. An electronic billboard for Flirting With Forty For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I believe it’s playing again tonight (Sunday night) and tomorrow (Monday) and then sporadically throughout the month so you’ve plenty of time to try to catch it. For those who did see it, and feel like talking about it, here’s … Continue reading Post Movie Roundup

Saturday the 6th

I’m alive.  Wow.  What a flu bug.  Nasty nasty stomach bug that I don’t want see in my house again…not for a long, long time.  Both boys have had it, too, but now I wait and worry that Surfer Ty, who is visiting at the moment, will be struck down.  Let’s all say a little prayer that he escapes.  It’s not a bug I’d wish on anyone.  Ever. As you know I had to cancel my book events this weekend as well as my appearance tonight.  I have several friends in the area all doing movie parties, too, and I’m keeping myself in the house under lock and key for fear of spreading this thing.  I don’t know how long … Continue reading Saturday the 6th