For My Friends & Fans

Where do I start? How do I properly say thank you? You all have made this the best weekend of my year. So many of you have taken time to write me, either here on my blog, or privately, or over at Facebook and MySpace.

I have had hundreds of messages over the weekend, probably up to 400 now, and they’ve been so wonderful and positive and just plain fun to read. I’ve printed off most (yes, I’m that geeky) to stick in the scrapbook I’m going to make so I can remember this wonderful weekend. And please know that I’ve read every single message posted or sent, and have appreciated every wow, every cheer, every congratulatory email and greeting.  One Wow! would have been wonderful, but the sheer number of happy readers and friends writing have made me realize that I am luckier, and more blessed, than any woman has the right to be.

People have asked me, how does it feel to see your life played out as a movie? And I have two reactions: first, the whole movie thing is still completely surreal.  It’s a writer’s dream, and a personal Jane Porter dream, since I once wanted to be an actress and I love, love, love all things to do with stage and film. I originally went to UCLA as a Theatre Arts major so having a film made from a book is a huge fun dazzling thing.

And having ‘my life’ played on a screen? Well, that’s a different reaction because Flirting was a book idea before it became my life.  I got an idea, worked up a plot, interviewed a surfer, pitched the idea back home to agent and editor, and they both loved it. That should have been the end of my personal part in the story. But as it turned out, the things the surfer said, his philosophy on life, his warmth, his friendship and support for me when I was going through such a terrible point in my life, made me fall for him even though I wasn’t supposed to. Soccer moms aren’t supposed to end up with sexy surfers, right? But real life can be better than fiction and that’s the part I want my readers to understand. Real life should be better. It’s up to us to make it better.

One of the best parts of the movie Saturday night was knowing that so many of you got together with girlfriends to watch it. Over twenty-five of you emailed me evites to let me know you were having parties!!  This part makes me kind of teary. We should have time with our girlfriends, and we should be with those we love, and we should laugh, we should celebrate. Let’s each of us have our own red bikini moment–that moment where we discard the gray sweatshirt and say, I matter, I’m beautiful, and I’m not going to hide.

I’m sharing  a few of the photos that readers and friends have sent me from their movie premiere parties. If you have photos I can add to my blog or website, please send them to me privately and I’ll add them as soon as I can. And thank you again. Thank you for being the very best readers and friends a girl could ever ask for. I don’t need anything for Christmas. You already did it. You gave me everything I wanted and everything I hoped for.

Theresa Gault and friends at the Flirting movie premiere party she hosted.

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