Post Movie Roundup

It’s nearly five in the morning and I’ve been awake since 4 am.  I think I’m still keyed up from the movie and all the amazing messages my readers and friends have been sending me, either wishing me well and congrats on the movie, or just letting me know they’d watched it last night.  It’s overwhelming and humbling to have such great friends and support.

An electronic billboard for Flirting With Forty

For those who haven’t seen the movie yet, I believe it’s playing again tonight (Sunday night) and tomorrow (Monday) and then sporadically throughout the month so you’ve plenty of time to try to catch it.

For those who did see it, and feel like talking about it, here’s the place!

Did you have a favorite movie scene?  Did you have a least favorite scene, or a scene from the book that you wished was in the movie?  I thought the movie captured so much of Hawaii so beautifully, and Heather and Rob had great chemistry, too.  Share your movie thoughts below and I’ll draw one comment Monday night at midnight and announce the winner Tuesday morning.  The prize is another blue beach tote with all the trimmings (plush blue beach towel, JP water bottle, signed copy of Flirting with Forty, plus a B&N gift card for $15 and a Starbucks card for $10).   To be entered just jump in the post movie round up and share what you think!


  1. Jane,
    I watched the movie last night and loved it!! I don’t know if I can really pick out a best part as I really liked the whole thing. I noticed a few changes but nothing that really changed the story. I’d say the only thing I though negatively of was the airplane scene where Jackie is drunk. I didn’t feel that fit Jackie. But otherwise, I can’t wait to keep watching it all month!!

    Hope you are feeling better! And enjoy the feedback!

  2. I was so excited to watch the movie last night! I can’t even imagine how excited you were. I think the only thing I wish there was more of in the movie was the annoying creep at the beginning. My friends and I all loved the movie and were wondering if it will eventually be available to purchase? Thanks again for the goodies!

  3. Not having read the book (yet) I can’t comment on differences between it and the movie, but I agree about Jackie being drunk on the plane. It seemed very out of character. I loved how Jackie threw Kyle’s own words back at him about going after the best thing in your life and how she finally stood up to her client. And running outside in the bikini to toss the sweatshirt was priceless!

    I’ll be recommending this to my friends for sure and am glad Lifetime will be repeating it.

  4. Loved the movie, Jane! The best lifetime movie I have seen to date. Favorite scenes include Kyle encouraging Jackie to keep getting up on that surfboard and follow through, their first night together and what Kyle does for Jackie the morning after and Kyle’s big surprise for Jackie later in the movie. I loved that the characters grew and evolved. More than anything, the tenderness that survives the passionate encounter between Jackie and Kyle is so life affirming and reassuring. I found myself smiling a lot during “Flirting with Forty.” Thanks for the early Christmas gift. Great job to everyone involved.

  5. Yippee! What great fun! I can’t imagine how it must have felt to have seen your own work there on the screen…Fabulous!
    I was hooked right from the start by Jackie’s reaction to the
    Christmas tree having fallen over. Was that you in the background at the restaurant being seated at a table? The children and friends were delightful…and “Kyle”…well…”A thing of beauty is a joy forever”!!!
    Hope you bask in this sunshine for a long time. Mary J.

  6. Loved the movie..and was surprised that my husband liked it too!

    My favorite scene was when Jackie is with her daughter and she opens the gift (a lei) Kyle sent for her daughter!

    Congratulations, Jane!

  7. I loved the final scence where Kyle arrives at Jackie’s door.
    The look in Heather’s eyes just said it all.
    I also enjoyed the initial meeting scence where Kyle rescues Jackie from the guy at the pool.

    The entire move was wonderful. It was watching someone learning how to live and enjoy life again.

    Did Heather know how to surf before the show. I thought she did a good job.

  8. I thought the movie was great, but of course the book was much better. My favorite scene was probably when Kyle showed up at her place.

    I’m sorry to hear that you were sick over the weekend. How horrible! Get better and enjoy all the after movie parties!!



  9. I have the warm fuzzies this morning after watching last night! I haven’t read the book so can’t compare but I agree that the airplane drinking scene was uncomfortable, running outside to toss sweatshirt while in bikini was too funny, and the chemistry between Jackie and Kyle was terrific! What a PITA her ex was – reminds me of mine!

    My rating – EXCELLENT!

  10. The movie was absolutly wonderful. I had to get right on line after the movie and find out more about you. I hope that there will be a sequal to this movie. I didn’t want the movie to end I wanted to know what happens next. Great Job. Look forward to watching it again!!!!

  11. I really enjoyed the whole movie. I was looking for you and surfer Ty in the background but didn’t spot you. (You should have given us a heads up!) We have only had cable for a week and a half so this is my first Lifetime movie. Do they always do such a bad job of throwing the comercials in there..I kept thinking they cut off scenes for the comercials. I can’t wait to see Odd Mom and Mrs. Perfect..this time they had better film in Bellevue! Blessings for you and the baby! Marjie

  12. Congratulations! Loved the movie, but I agree the book was much better. 🙂 My favorite part was his surprise visit at the end. I’ll be watching it again!

  13. I thought they did a great job with the movie. Heather played Jackie so believably. And I know the book is loosely based on your experiences so I couldn’t help but compare her to you. There were a lot of scenes I liked – Kyle showing up out of the blue to help Jackie out of the uncomfortable situation, when they first met.

    I also loved the outtakes at the end, particularly when Jackie is on the phone and you hear someone tell her to take off her sunglasses and Heather thanking them and fumbling to get them off.

    It was a fun, feel-good movie – as the book was. I enjoyed it. Congratulations! 🙂

  14. Hi Jane!

    We all thought the movie was terrific! There were things left out, but I expected that as it would be hard to fit everything into two hours. I did think they captured the essence of the book, and Heather was excellent as Jackie! I loved the scene at the end when Kyle shows up, the scene where he asks Jackie to be his girl, all the scenes with Jackie and the kids, and the scene where she runs out in the snow in the bikini. Okay, I loved the whole movie lol. Congrats to you, and hope you are feeling all better!

  15. Congrats Jane! It was wonderful!!
    How amazing this whole experience must have been for you- I look forward to seeing many more of your books on the “screen”!

    I thought Jackie & Kyle had great chemistry and made it believable! (As we all know it can be!). As much as I liked their relationship – I also like the friends relationships too….It was all great!!
    Congrats again!!
    Deb (in TX)

  16. Jane, I just finished the book Friday and watched the movie Sat. and it was wonderful! There were changes I noticed…but nothing too drastic. My favorite part of the movie was seeing “Kyle” end up on Jackie’s door step at the end. I also loved the Christmas tree scene in the begining. You should be very proud!! 🙂

  17. I don’t have one scene- I loved it all!!! I think it was the happiness I was feeling that it was turned into a movie that topped it off. They did leave off the pregnant part, but I think the movie would’ve been longer if it was in. It was perfect just the way it was…I still love the book!

  18. Congratulations!! Just watched it and loved it. I realize though it’s been a while since I read the book and I might have to re-read it!!

  19. Jane, it was a great holiday movie. My favorite scenes were of Jackie and her girlfriends. They caused her to doubt her love, but then when she stood up to them they respected her choice (and the scene at the end when they finally met Kyle was priceless!). I also liked Jackie advising her ex in the bleachers about how he didn’t honor their real love that produced their wonderful kids and that he was a good father and how mean he spoke to her and him realizing that he needed to change or he would repeat his failure at having a good relationship/marriage. What a contrast to the other scene on the bleachers when Jackie moved and their son was upset watching. The kids were great – lots of kid actors are too mannered but they were genuine and since their caring and concern and love for their mom is based on your boys, how sweet! I loved her date with the doc and how she rejected the big bucks bore for the sensitive surfer guy who worried about selling out and who listened to her instead of talking about himself like the doc. I could go on and on – the scenery, the houses, the fact she wanted dessert and coffee and finally stood up to that demanding client who then understood and agreed to the change because Jackie was terrific at her job and worth it – it was all good. I didn’t get Lifetime cutting abruptly to commercials because at the end they showed all those out takes so they had time to transition a little. And I didn’t like the out takes because then the Jackie and Kyle became actors and it kind of spoiled the fabulous feelings of wonder and joy (it was a Christmas movie, right?) for cheap jokes that killed the magic. I just turned it off then, and I am going to watch Flirting again and tell my friends who missed it despite my telling them it was on to be sure to watch!

  20. Hi Jane, I just finished watching your movie. I recorded it last night and watched it this morning. I loved it!! It was one of those feel good movies that you wouldn’t mind watching again. I loved it toward the end when he showed up at her home when she was getting ready to take her children to Hawaii. Also the scenes where her girlfrinds doubted her choses. I haven’t read the book yet but am planning on it. I like to compair the two to see which I liked best. When will there be a Flirting with Forty Two? I want more.

  21. I wrote early this morning and my comment was posted for yesterday since I am on the East Coast. Can’t wait to read the book. Everyone who comments on the book says it’s better than the movie. The movie was just fine and my favorite scene is still the Happy Ending…:)

  22. I loved both the movie and the book. They both left me feeling inspired and that there is a lot of life left to live so might as well make it fabulous.

    I liked the bikini in the snow scene… (Heather looks amazing! Are you sure she’s had a kid?!?) 🙂

    I didn’t understand why they changed the name from Kai to Kyle, but maybe that was a TV sound thing.

    I really liked the “blubbering” scene after he left her in the hotel. That may sound crazy but it just seemed so real. After all that time with one man to have him shatter your marriage, forming a cocoon around yourself then letting this virtual stranger step across that line. I can only imagine the cyclone of emotions swirling through Jackie.

    There are so many other things…

    Just a great big Thank You!

  23. Good Morning Jane,

    I LOVED the movie!!!!! but I do have to tell you the book was so much better! I guess I would have to say one of my favorite parts of the movie had to be when “Kyle” said… “I want you to be my girl.” when they are laying on the hammock. There were so many great parts… oh and we can’t forget the scene where “Kyle” saves Jackie from the man by the pool in the beginning of the movie.

    I wanted to tell you that I sent out a mass e-mail to my all of my friends advertising the movie and did a count down on my myspace. I sent a bulletin out everyday counting down the days until your movie. I got a lot of friends interested that have never heard of you or Flirting with Forty and they watched and loved it! Now they are ready to read the book!!!!

    Enjoy your day Jane!


  24. Sadly I haven’t gotten the chance to watch it YET! I’m planning on watching it tonight or tomorrow night… looking forward to it!

  25. I am not even going to read the other comments yet, because I had to work last night and missed it! I was thinking about you Jane, though and excited for you! I told my coworkers about it and tried to watch in a patient room, but the darn hospital doesn’t get Lifetime! So, tonight I am trying to get a cut from work as the patient census was low yesterday and will hopefully be parked in front of my tv tonight! Congratulations, Jane!!!

  26. congrats on the great movie!! it was great…loved it and will rewatch it again…i think my favorite part was when kyle showed up at the door and how heather’s face lite up! how did it feel to be watching your story on t.v w/ty??? that would be soo surreal to see in person…

  27. The movie was great! I cracked up when Kyle rescued her from the orthodontist by the pool. But the best part is that I felt the same way at the end of the movie as I did at the end of the book, inspired to throw out my sweatshirt and buy a red bikini! Thank you for a wonderful story. Now, let’s get Mrs. Perfect made into a movie.

  28. I loved the movie. But I think the book was able to express alot more about Jackie’s feelings and the things women deal with all the time- like feeling worthy enough for happiness, struggling to break free from what other people and society think you should be and do… and how Kyle helped her to see life differently- in a more free-ing way. Not the put down the movie- it’s just that a book can go into alot more of what the character is thinking and feeling. The movie was alot of fun for eye candy! Both are great!

  29. I enjoyed the movie greatly. I loved the ending of the movie and the book was my first real joy. Thanks for the book and your wonderful writing. Stay well and enjoy the holidays.

  30. I waited all month for the movie and was not disappointed as it was almost as good as your book. There was terrific chemistry between the main characters. I would have fallen in love with “Kyle”, too!!

  31. LOVED the movie!!! Will watch it again today.
    My favorite scenes were “the rescue” at the pool, Kyle’s “return to the hotel” and favorite, when he showed up at her home! kleenex was needed! The story is one most of us women can relate to, and again remind us, to hang on to the love we find. Age is a number.
    Congrats on the success of your movie!! and in your own life. You deserve it.

  32. I had to comment again. Another favorite scene of mine just occurred to me! When Kyle left her in the hotel room early the next morning, you could just feel her sadness. Here’s this woman, feeling like maybe she’s still desirable after all, and then he just up and leaves. It was sad on so many levels. But I LOVED when he showed up again later to spend the day with her. That’s when you knew that it wasn’t just a one night thing for him. Great part!


  33. Not having read the book or seen the movie yet I can’t comment on differences between it and the movie. The goodies are calling my name, lol.

  34. Hi Jane,

    I really like the movie, but I just loved, loved your book. I have to say that I did not like the scene where she was in the airplane, supposably intoxicated. That scene was so uncalled for, it was not at all the character you created. Other then that I can’t wait to watch the movie again, I Tivo’d it, I going to play it in slow-mo at the beach to see if I can spot you and your surfer. I can’t wait for you next movies.


  35. Feel as if I just missed a great party, because we haven’t had the movie in Australia yet, and all these comments are just sharpening my appetite.

    So glad they included the Christmas tree scene, because that was so real and funny. So glad everyone thinks the movie is great but the book is better – that’s just the way it should be!

    Congratulations, Jane. Now we’re all hoping for Odd Mom/Mrs Perfect to go to the next level and have a big cinema release, and I’m sure it will.

    Love, Lilian

  36. Jane, congrats on such a triumph! I felt such joy for you as I watched the movie last night and will look forward to catching it again. I hope you are as thrilled with the outcome as your fans are!
    Keep well and happy!!

  37. The movie was fantastic. There were only small differences between it and the book. One thing I liked better was how her friend who bought her the tickets for Hawaii had a much better reason not to go than in the book. It actually made you like her friend more. She was one of my favorite characters. My favorite scene in the movie was the part where the four friends were hanging out at the bar drinking and having fun…and just being friends. I think those are important parts in a person’s life that they sometimes take for granted.
    Of course, the parts where Robert Buckley had no shirt on were pretty nice too…

  38. I watched the movie and loved it!
    The movie was great but of course the books are even better.

    I mostly like the movie b/c it just shows that a woman at forty can find love and happiness with a man in his twenties.
    Even though its okay for men to fall for younger women they act like it’s some kind of plague for a woman to do it.

  39. Congratulations on your success with both the book and movie, but most especially in your personal life. I enjoyed the movie last night…the beautiful scenery of Hawaii made me yearn for my own get-away in paradise, the chemistry between Jackie and Kyle was intense physically and emotionally, and the message of your story inspired and empowered me (once again!). While I loved those “ahhhh” scenes, my favorites were the less obvious. I kept listening for your “voice” and your words of wisdom (like I experienced in the book) in the movie. I related so much to Jackie when she arrived back at home and was walking through the airport the first time. She had spent a week in sundresses and sunshine, experiencing such an unexpected intimate emotional connection with someone, and in the blink of an eye was wearing a white, fur-lined winter jacket walking alone in the rain. I could “feel” her sadness and depression….been there! I also loved when she was working on ridding her life of things that didn’t bring her joy and she said that she wanted more time for surfing… More time for doing something new and exciting and empowering!! The message of your story is an important one for all of us. Whether we’re “40-something” or not, we only have this one chance to create the life we want. Don’t let guilt, jealousy of others, or fear stop us. Get out there and ride that wave!!! Wishing you continued success and happiness. You have brought that to me with your words and by sharing a part of your life story. Can’t wait for your next book. Blessings,

  40. Wow! This is my present life!! I had not read the book, but all of my friends were calling me telling me “my movie” was coming up. I am 44, a single mom of 2 children, dating a gentleman who is 28. We have been dating for 6 months now and I can’t tell you how closely this story reflected our lives. He is a ski instructor, not a surf instructor and I am an attorney. I related to Jackie so much in her insecurities, her friends doubting and his not wanting to leave the “rock” or in my case the lake! We laugh and have fun doing everything and really don’t care what doubters think. Thank you for the happy ending. I hope mine is the same!!! I’m rushing out to buy the book and will be watching the movie again. You really captured all the emotions involved in this May-December romance accurately.
    My boyfriends parents watched it also and loved it. You’re my new favorite author. I wish you much continued success!

  41. Jane,

    Congratulations on movie success. I love the movie. The book is much more details and better but movie is great. Of course I would agree with you I prefer Seattle. How much I miss that city when I used live there before.

    I remember you post about this movie was being filmed last April that you and Ty were in scene. I wonder if you guys still seen on tv? I might have missed.

    Congratulations and hope you feel better soon!

  42. Jane,

    I loved the movie and so did my friends who gathered with me and we enjoyed the goodie bags, candy and popcorn. I don’t have a favorite part, I loved it all. I was thinking during the movie what an accomplishment this is for you and how proud you and your family must have been as you watched. Congrats!

  43. As someone else already mentioned, I liked the reason her friend couldn’t go with her to Hawaii at the last minute. And I love the scene where the girls compare their sexlives with one another, something I never could bring myself to discuss with my friends in public..LOL I liked the scenes where he calls her his girl and reprimands his friend for hitting on her. Very possessive! Congrats on the success of your book and the movie. And congrats on the pregnancy. I’d never have known this if I hadn’t come to visit the other night and gone through the blogs with a mention here and there. You never stated when you’re due, but I’m guessing March. Will you be attending the RWA in D.C. in July? It would be great to see you, sans baby weight (or not) as I’ve not seen you since Reno’s RWA (because I’ve not gone to one since then)..LOL Again, great news all around for you and hope it continues from here on out as well. Get well soon (being pregnant is enough without having the flu on top of it).

  44. How exciting for you. I really enjoyed the movie…but of course I loved your book(books) so much more. You have a way of capturing the escence of the characters and making you feel like you can relate to what they are going through. Your book was perfect for me this year as I turned 40 and I went to Hawaii to celebrate it just like Jackie did. Congrats, I hope to see more of your work in the movies.

  45. Hi Jane,

    I saw the movie last night (actually figured out how to record it too!) and loved it. I must admit I do like the book a bit better, but books are almost always better than the movie because the reader gets so much more detail!

    My biggest disappointment was the fact that they moved Jackie from Seattle to Denver!! What happened!! 😉 Yikes – they called Kai Kyle!! Hmmmmm – personally I like Kai better.

    I thought Jackie’s kids were adorable, and loved that they showed how close she was with them.

    I think Heather and there were many wonderful parts! I thought they did a wonderful job of Jackie’s friendship with her girlfriends too. Hmmm – I could go on and on here . . . . I did enjoy the ending – it was cute!

    I’d still like to see a sequel to Flirting With Forty!! Lets see some of those things from Jackie’s list get done!

    🙂 Wendi

  46. Jane, what can I say? I was fabulous! I was thrilled for you as I watched the movie. I loved how you captured a woman becoming real and fun again. Finding herself in the midst of reality and hardships. I had many favorite parts in the movie, but I loved it when Jackie walked outside in her bikini to through away her past (sweatshirt) and ready to start being herself. Thank you so much for your inpiring story that teaches us women not to be afraid of living! Blessings.

  47. Jane~
    I loved the movie!! I think Heather Locklear was perfect for “Jackie.” I did miss a couple things from the book. The fellow at the pool could have hung around a little more like he did in the book. I was sad to see the pregnancy part wasn’t in the movie. I still LOVED every second of it!! Congrats, you did an amazing job!

  48. I watched the movie twice last night, I loved. I’m going out and buy the book for a friend for X-mas. I had got the book from my library. Anyways, I hope your feeling better. Take care, and Congrtat! Carole F.

  49. LOVED IT JANE! The whole time I sat watching it by myself — I thought — this is soo cool! This is Jane’s book! I like where Kai asks Jackie to be his girl. So sweet.

    How wonderful!

  50. Jane,
    I first read your book when the Edmonds Book Store had you as a featured author for that month. I remember reading the ‘preview’ of what was inside the covers and trekking up the tall hill of Main Street to get back home to start the adventure with Jackie. Having been divorced with an ex who had already moved on, it was like living out my fantasy to find that wonderful guy who was a bit too good to be true. I loved the way the book turned into the movie – loved your ending a bit more in the book – and really enjoyed seeing the film bring the characters alive. Thanks for writing for all us females who are looking for a little sunshine in their lives and letting us keep the hope that Mr. Pretty Wonderful may be out there waiting to be found.

    Happy holidays,

  51. Hiya Jane!

    Caught it on the DVR so I can watch it again and again!

    My favorite – the one I felt held the most for me in the book and in the movie.. from when they first made love and Kyle said “It’s the first time with me.” (MELT!) to the next morning when he shows up at her door while she’s on the phone and invites himself in for breakfast. I cried with Jackie when I read the book and made sure I had a tissue handy while watching the movie.

    Congratulations, they did a great job.


  52. Although quite surprising, I really loved the seen where Heather Locklear goes out in the cold to throw away her sweater in the garbage can. I really liked the theme of “moving on” and Jackie was putting the past behind her and moving forward! Overall, it was a fantastic adaptation of your novel. I really enjoyed it! Added bonus: the hot Robert Buckley (Kyle).

  53. Loved the book! Loved the movie! There are so many parts I love, but my favorites are the waterfall scene and when he shows up at her door at the end 🙂 The actors/actresses did an amazing job! Hope it’ll be available for purchase some day. I’m keeping it on my DVR until it is 🙂

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

  54. I LOVED the movie. It was really good. I have it saved on my DVR. To be honest, I totally prefer the book…but that’s usually the case. It’s never as good as the book! But I thought it turned out really well and Robert Buckley was very nice to watch 🙂

    Feel better soon!

  55. Jane, we loved the movie. It was so great to finally see it, and I was clapping for you when it started and when it was over!

    I think my favorite scene was Jackie putting her sweatshirt in the garbage can. Women have so much shame over the normal changes aging (and kids!) bring; it’s just wrong. I also loved it that she walked out on the friends who were nothing but jealous and staging their “intervention”. As another commenter said above, we get one life. If it’s not going to be fatal or end in a hot date at the King County Jail, why not try it? The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t go the way we’ve planned. Isn’t it better to try something and fail, then regret never trying it at all?

    I hope you had a blast with Surfer Ty! All the messages are a fraction of the amount everyone who knows you loves you.


  56. You know what I missed? (from your book that didn’t make the movie) When he initially encourages her not to get involved with him at the beginning. It made it so real and touching. That they fell in love in the end. But ya know, like I said, the movie was still great anyway. It was still a charming love story.

    I have a friend who hadn’t read your book yet, and absolutely loved the movie. She plans to read the book next.

  57. Jane, I’m so happy for you! I just watched the movie, and it was great! You give us hope for a “happily ever after.”

    I’ve always love you and your work, but now – Loved the book AND loved the MOVIE! I hope I’ll see you at nationals in Nashville!

  58. Just like the book, the movie is inspiring. My husband watched part of it with me and was surprised that a “chick flick” could have a message – he commented on the theme of Kyle “enabling” Jacqui. My husband is an enabler and I am more the type who looks at things in a practical way – what I think I should do and what I think others expect of me (rather than dreaming big and following my dreams). I hope others caught the message in the movie too.

  59. A group of us had so much fun watching the movie together and drooling over Robert Buckley. Holy cow, that man is HOT! Heather looked amazing and we all agreed we’d go everywhere wearing a bikini if we had her body (I believe church was even mentioned as one of the places we’d go – LOL!).

    I loved the book so much more than the movie, but that’s to be expected with the amount of time they have to work with. Overall, the movie did a good job reflecting your story and I’m looking forward to watching it again (I recorded it!). I tried to think of a favorite scene but had a tough time…maybe the end where he shows up at her house? Or when they’re lying together in the hammock and he says he loves her? Or when she pretends to call his contact about the board wax? Or,…(see? I could go on and on!)

    Congratulations again, Jane, on your book being made into the movie! I hope you’re feeling better now! Get some rest! 🙂

  60. Although it took about 20 minutes to adjust to the changes from the book to the movie – especially using “Kyle” and not “Kai”- overall I think the movie was enjoyable and that it was a pretty good translation from book to screen. And Robert Buckley is adorable.
    That being said – give me your books any day!!!! You rock Jane, keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  61. Jane,
    Congratulations! I believe the movie was well done. However, nothing could compare to the real thing, your book, which was awesome!

  62. I just loved, loved, loved the movie. My favorite scence is when Kyle showed up the next morning as well, what a suprise!!. Alsn when she walks to the trash can in the snow and throws the sweatshirt away in the red bikini. Just Fabulous and I too will try that 🙂

  63. Confession time: I haven’t read the book – yet! Yet, I say! [I read the others in MS form – do I get points for that? :-)] HOWEVER, I did enjoy the movie. What I most enjoyed was seeing glimpses of your story within it. Also, hot Robert Buckley didn’t hurt. And Hawaii. Sigh.

    Sometimes, I could even hear your voice in certain spots. I thought of you while watching it, about how awesome and awe inspiring it must be for you to see your creation unfold in this new and exciting way. I often wonder what it must be like to be Jon Bon Jovi (or any rock star really, but I’m from Jersey and grew up in the 80s, so Jon it is) and stare out from a stage across tens of thousands of people screaming out the words to songs you wrote. I imagine having a movie made from your novel must be the same kind of high for a writer.

    Congratulations! Awesome accomplishment babe!

  64. This is sitting in my TBR pile, but I knew the name was familiar when I saw it on TV Guide the other day. I started watching and it was great fun! Unfortunately I had to quit about half way thru as my kid decided throwing up was more fun. By the time I got back, the movie was over. Hopefully I’ll catch it today. What portion I did manage to see what GREAT! Heather, Hawaii and that hot sexy guy were to die for!


  66. I had to comment again, because I saw the movie last night and loved it! I forgot to say that my mom had seen it Saturday night and loved it as well! And this is coming from a lady who never watches tv, but stayed up to watch! I thought both Heather and Robert were great! Robert is so adorable as well as Heather and I think that they also had great chemistry! I think that my favorite seen was watching the surfing lesson! It actually made me chuckle out loud! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of you and surfer Ty as well, but didn’t see. Were you in it? Anyway, it was a great holiday movie and I am just so happy and excited for you!


  67. Hi, I loved the movie. I have watched it three times this weekend. Now I want to read the book. I loved the chemistry between Jackie and Kyle. He made his feelings seem very sincere and believeable. She did an excellent job playing the role as real as possible. Love the way the movie ended. I have always wanted to see Hawaii, now I really want to go. Can’t wait to buy the book and get to reading. Will be looking for more of Mr. Buckley too.

  68. There were 5 of us at the WORLD PREMIERE PARTY in my living room on Saturday night. Three of us had read the book and two hadn’t but are planning on correcting that mistake in the very near future!! When Kyle “rescued” Jackie and her bird’s eye view was of his totally tan tummy and all the nummy muscles – we all screamed like a bunch of 13 year old girls!

    On the book vs movie aspect ~ I actually thought the rescue scene played out better than all the back and forth between Michael (AKA “Butch”) and Jackie. Much more romantic in my opinion. I loved the scene with the French child on the beach as it seemed to serve as a point of discovery for the two of them and I also thought the hammock scene was delightful.

    As far as things I missed or was looking forward to seeing: one of the most important parts of the book for me was the birthday cake scene with Jessica and William when she first gets home. The realization that she not only sacrificed the best piece of birthday cake for her kids – but was EXPECTED to, really hit home with me. We deserve the good piece with the roses too!

    And yeah, I really got a kick out of Jackie strutting to the curb in her hot red bikini and Uggs to toss her ratty old sweatshirt in the garbarge. You go girl! It would have been even better if her Ex would have been driving by and ended up hitting a parked car!

    The best part of the whole night though was when I announced to the ladies that not only was the book semi-autobiographical, but that you and Surfer Ty are still together and expecting a child! Are you sure you didn’t hear the cheers??


  69. I saw the movie last night and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a good portrayal of what anyone of us that is going thru a divorce faces, except I’m still hoping for my hot surfer! Keep up the good work.

  70. We had such a good time at our Flirting with 40 Party! We had great food…compliments of Jackie/Jane. We wore leis and drooled over Robert Buckley’s extremely hot bod!

    I loved the movie…but have to say I loved the book more. I cried almost the entire book, I think, but not so much the movie. I think, Jane, it’s your way with words that made the book so much better for me. But still, they did a fabulous job on the movie!

  71. Hi Jane-
    We all gathered in my living room on Saturday night and watched Flirting in our new matching Vera Bradley jammies. We had a great time and all loved the movie. Our favorite scene was the New Years Eve red bikini scene! That was classic. We were disappointed that Jackie lived in Denver rather than Seattle, but we understood the need for more snow in a movie out at Christmas time! Hawaii was beautiful and so was Robert Buckley- very enjoyable evening- you are the talk of the town! Can’t wait for the next movie or book! Hope you are feeling better. Need to stop by and return your book covers.

  72. Had to DVR Flirting with Forty, Hubby wasn’t in the mood, so I just watched it today! I haven’t read the book yet, (it’s either always checked out, or the library doesn’t carry it, not sure which). Anyways, after seeing the movie I am gonna move earth, and probably my standard B&N christman gift card and buy it!
    BTW is that really you on

  73. Still bummed that I don’t get Lifetime here and haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will continue to watch local TV listings to see if another network picks it up!

    Congratulations on your success Jane, it sounds like everyone loved it!

  74. Like the “other” Marilyn, I loved the bikini scene as well. Made quite a statement!

    Since I loved the book I was nervous about how it would be portrayed but I think they did an excellent job.

    Chris and Keri knew it was airing on Saturday, how could they not? My “macho” son loved it and thought Heather was hot! Keri said about Rob “be still my heart”!

    So my question would be to Lifetime, how about The Frog Prince?

  75. Those two did have steamy chemistry!

    A couple of my favorite scenes. I liked the one where the Christmas tree fell over, just like in the book.

    I also liked the scene where Jackie came to the hospital wearing that small t-shirt that she had brought back for her son because it was the only top she had. She looked so cute!

    I really enjoyed the whole movie!!

  76. I turned 40 this summer as a single Mom trying to remember who I once was. I went to Europe (something I never thought I could or would do) and realized I wasn’t ready to lay down and watch life pass me. I watched the movie both Sat (it has been on my calendar) and Sun. I couldn’t get enough of the “hope” embedded. Thank you Jane!!!

  77. Thanks so much for all of the goodies that you sent for movie nite! The girls loved them all! The chocolate covered almonds were a big hit! We had a fabulous time at my house for movie nite! Good friends, good food and a good movie! We all really enjoyed watching Robert Buckley in this movie :)I like the ending best of all 😉

  78. I meant to run right in here and post after seeing the movie but my family, friends and I stayed up a bit late after the party…ahem….I mean movie. What a great time we had. My husband watched it, too!

    And then I spent Sunday in Seattle watching the Seahawks. My first NFL game and again, we got back late. I LOVE the city.

    SO….all that blabbing aside. It was a great movie and we all loved it. I don’t see how it could have got less than fantastic reviews.

    I even have it saved on my DVR for future viewings. Thanks, Jane!

  79. Hi Jane! Congratulations on the movie! I loved it! One of my favorite scenes is when Kyle showed up at Jackie’s door. There were so many great scenes! Thank you for such a “feel good” movie. I’m still smiling when I think about it. Congratulations again! Wonderful job!!

  80. Hi Jane! Congratulations on the movie! It was awesome! Loved everything about it! I even taped it so I can watch it over and over! Thank you, Jane!

  81. Hi, Jane! I finished reading the book a couple of days before the movie premiere. I loved them both. Like so many others, I loved the bikini scene . . . new year, new attitude for Jackie!!

  82. I watching it right now!

    I loved her failure with the tree and the tree stand.

    I like that she looks like a basket case before meeting Kyle, but looks better after she meets him.

    I LOVED the red bikini run to the garbage can to throw away the sweat shirt.

    Even though she is trying to inspire him, she already is.

    I love the fact that her date was her daughter’s doctor.

    Oh my gosh! I’m freakin’ JACKIE! I need to make a list.

    I love how he shows up at the end.

    The blurbers were the best!

  83. I watched it a 2nd time too. I love that neither Jackie nor Kyle were drama queens/kings. I like that they talked about their age differences in a mature way. They were forthright about it. It was like she pointed out that he was obviously going to act younger than her (when she said she thought he was acting his age) and that she accepts that. And for him-he was clearly the kind of person that doesn’t care what other people think- he makes his own decisions- and he really didn’t care about their age difference. In the end he did grow up a little – by advancing his board wax business- so he did come up to her age a little more. And I like that all along Jackie never lost sight of who she really was- her responsibility to her kids and love of being close to them… and so in the end- she didn’t have to give that up to be with him. I thought they were good role models for a healthy relationship. Too many movies have too much drama queening going on. I liked how Heather stayed mature, calm, and level headed in certain scenes. It was like she wanted to be with Kyle but she could only bend so far. That’s the tough part about relationships- how much do you bend before you lose who you were too much?

  84. Hi everyone, sorry I’m posting the prize winner’s name so late but I spent the morning at the doctor’s getting an ultrasound that ended up taking forever. Fortunately I’m home again and able to say….congrats to Michelle B, #40, you are the winner of the beach tote, towel, signed book and lots more goodies! Congratulations and please email me soon with your address and how you’d like your book signed! And wh did #40 win? Well, the movie was, Flirting with Forty…

  85. Hey! I know its too late for the contest, but I just wanted to make a comment! I couldn’t wait for the movie….and it was worth the wait. (I can’t believe I’m going to say what I can’t stand other people saying…haha…”The book was better!”.) Anyway, I ended up watching it alone, because my girlsfriends all got ill and we didn’t want to spread it any further. However, my 4 year old daughter watched it with me. We “played” during the commercials and she was quiet so I could watch when the movie came back on. Congrats Jane! You certainly deserve it!!!!

  86. It was so fun watching Flirting. As many other would agree, my favorite moment was the red bikini moment. To be different, I’ll add that I loved watching the kids surf with Santa hats on. I also got choked up when Ky arrived at Jackie’s house at Christmas. My least favorite? I kind of felt that if they had included the pregnancy/ miscarriage it would have allowed the viewer to connect more with Jackie.

  87. Congratulations Jane!!
    The movie was terrific! It really did capture the essence of the book. I loved the scene at the waterfall, the red bikini and seeing Jackie as her role of mom to her kids…and I could go on.
    Keep up the great work you do – we all love ya!

  88. Wow Jane!!
    The movie was terrific! It really did capture the essence of the book. I loved the scene at the waterfall, the red bikini and seeing Jackie as her role of mom to her kids…and I could go on.
    Keep up the great work you do – You must be very proud of all your hard work-
    we all love ya!

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