Status: Happy

It’s been unbelievably gorgeous here in Seattle the past few days. Blue, blue skies and perfect temperatures. I’d meant to write this week, too, but instead am getting ready for my Texas tour and handling all the mom stuff that comes up when you get ready to leave 2 school age kids for over a week.


Mac is going to Texas, though, and that makes me happy. He’s at the best age right now–and is so very funny (as well as busy…. crazily busy…) and I can’t stand to leave him for a day, much less a week, so he goes along with a massive suitcase of promo material and clothes and the tiny bag Surfer Ty uses when he travels.

What else makes me happy?

1) My big boys. They’re awesome.

2) My friend Lisa Johnson because she’s always there for me, and usually with a platter of chicken enchiladas and a hug or a laugh.

3) The fact that I’m able to shimmy into my size 8 Lucky jeans again. It feels so good to pull out things I haven’t been able to wear in over two years (9 months pregnancy plus 17 months post baby body) and while the weight loss hasn’t been rapid, I’m finding that 1/2 pound loss  every week or two eventually adds up.

4) The fun events I’m doing in Texas, including the reader lunch I’m hosting in Georgetown next  Friday before my signing at Hill Country Books. If you’re in the Austin/Georgetown area, email me so I can add you to the 1:30 pm lunch reservation. I’m also trying to put together a reader lunch or dinner for San Antonio so email me if you’ve got time to meet up for Happy Hour!!

5)  All the readers who sent in their friends and family names for the contest. You guys rock!!

What doesn’t make me happy???

The 32 of you who haven’t sent me the name and address for the person you nominated!!  🙁 The sad thing is, I signed nearly all those 33 books to your person’s name that I took from the blog comments. I have 33 packages made, wrapped, and taped but they’re just sitting on my dining room table without an address and a home. I can’t use those books now for anyone. They’re signed to someone specific. PLEASE if you nominated someone, do follow up with me!

Now I want to be happy again, so I’m going to do a special Frog Prince contest where 3 of you could win a signed copy of The Frog Prince, chocolates, a $15 Starbucks card plus JP reader goodies. It’s a short contest, runs until Saturday to whenever I feel like drawing the 3 winners and will announce those three winners Saturday afternoon before I fly out to Texas.

Here’s how to enter: Tell me 5 things that make you happy in the comment section and you’re entered. I want 5 happy thoughts or things and we can all be happy together. (If you don’t want a prize, but just want to comment–than say so in your comments so I won’t pick you. But if you do want the prize, you’ve got to claim it!!!  Fair?)

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