Celebrating Flirting with Forty

Can you believe that tomorrow it will be four years since the Lifetime premiere of Flirting with Forty?

I can still remember getting the news that the book had been optioned by Sony, and then the regular updates after that…the hiring of a screenwriter, the outline of the screenplay, the script, the casting, and finally, the project being greenlighted.  It was a whirlwind of activity, with filming taking place in Calgary and Hawaii.  The cast and crew worked twelve hours a day, six days a week, to make sure the film was made in the 30 days they’d been allocated for budgeting purposes.

I flew out to Hawaii for the last week of the April shoot, and was able to meet the cast and crew and be on set for four days.  I was an extra two of those days, along with Ty and his surf instructors.  It was such a fun time, and such a novelty.  These things don’t happen in everyday life and I knew I was part of something special…something special that might not happen again.


Heather (‘Jackie’), Jane, and Robert Buckley (Kai) on
the final day of the Flirting with Forty shoot.

I’ve been told by many of my readers, that Flirting with Forty is their favorite book I’ve written.  I think a lot of people expect it to be my favorite, too.  I’m not sure I have a favorite book, but I do know that Flirting with Forty changed my life—it brought Ty into my life, and the themes in the story resonated with hundreds of thousands of women around the world.  I still get lots of reader mail from the book, and just received an amazing email this morning from a reader in Australia who discovered the book at a library in her hometown.


When promoting the movie, the Lifetime publicity machine asked me to do a radio tour Thanksgiving weekend in 2008.  I did almost 60 radio call ins, spread out over 3 days, and every radio station had the same 5 questions, including, “What was it like having Heather Locklear play you in the movie?”  And for the sake of good PR,  I’d laugh and say it was pretty awesome, but Heather wasn’t me, as Jackie was never me.   Yes, I was a single mom when I met Ty, and he and I did strike up a romance after I interviewed him for the book, but the book came first–with scenes and a plot and an ending–that had nothing to do with Ty and me in reality.  The fact that Ty and I ended up together was a fluke…no, a miracle.  But a wonderful miracle as we’ve cobbled together a very unique, and interesting life where we juggle his world of surfing and sea with my world of words and books, along with my boys, the dogs, and the son we had together.  Have to admit, there is stress in doing the long distance thing, but there is also magic in our little Mac, and our complex and creative family.

To celebrate tomorrow’s ‘anniversary’ I’m giving away two wonderful Flirting prize boxes.  Each box has a signed copy of the novel Flirting with Forty, a Flirting With Forty DVD, Hawaii coffee, a Hawaii Starbucks drink card, a Hawaii Christmas ornament and lots more fun goodie & JP treats.  The contest will run through Saturday Dec 8th, and I’ll announce the winners Sunday morning with the goal to mail the prizes on Monday.  How to enter?  Just tell me in the comment section below, if you read the book and saw the movie, or have only read the book, or seen the movie, or neither…  And, if you did see the movie, did you like the casting?  Or was there someone else you would have cast for the roles of Jackie and Kai?  Good luck and I think tomorrow night I’m going to make some popcorn and get cozy, and watch my Flirting DVD.  I haven’t seen the movie in years and I think maybe it’s time for a trip down memory lane!



  1. Jane,
    Flirting with Forty was the first book I read of yours. Just so happened I turned forty the year that I read it. I love the book and the movie. I don’t think I could picture anyone else playing Jackie except Heather.
    Thanks for the movie and the book!

  2. Happy anniversary, I have read the book and watched the movie a couple of times. Love both of them. Although the movie didn’t got into as much detail but they never do. Still love the both of them.The cast done an awesome job I think. I don’t think I would have changed a thing. Thanks for all the enjoyment from both the movie and the book.

  3. I read the book and LOVED it so much. Was in a bad marriage at the time and in a way, it gave me a little more courage to do what I knew I had to do… leave. So, this book is very close to my heart.

    Heather and Robert Buckley did a good job, but they weren’t the people I envisioned as I read your book. And I didn’t think there was good chemistry between the actors… Nothing against them or their acting skills, I was just a little disappointed. I’m sure that is often the case with treasured books that are made into movies. Having said that, I thought it was fun to watch and the scenes shot in Hawaii were just gorgeous.

    1. I agree with you. I love the actors, but I didn’t see them as the people in the book. One of my favorite books. I believe that I read an excerpt initially in Redbook. There were many similarities in what I had just gone through including where the story originated-Cougar Mtn.

  4. Jane,

    I have read your book Flirting with Forty and it is my favorite one! I enjoyed the movie and thought Heather was perfect to play Jackie’s role. Robert Buckley was great in the movie. Plus, I loved watching all of the scenes shot on Oahu, since this is home for me. Mele Kalikimaka to you & your family! 😉

  5. I read the book and saw the movie. I absolutely LOVED the book (I recommend it to everyone I know) but unfortunately I didn’t love the movie, it was only O.K. for me. Oh well, can’t win them all! Long live books!!!!!!!! <3

  6. Hi Jane,

    I’ve read the book and have seen the movie. I thought that the choice in cast was shot on! Heather Locklear is a wonderful actress and played a great Jackie. The actor you chose for Kai was a great choose as well and VERY nice on the eyes 🙂 Any chance that you will have any of your other books turned into a movie?

  7. I’ve read Flirting with Forty, but haven’t seen the movie. I’ll have to rectify that soon! I remember seeing promos when it aired, but I never got around to watching it. I loved the book, and I’m sure I’ll like the movie!

  8. I read the book and loved it, but haven’t seen the movie – yet. The fun thing is my hubby saw the movie, on a plane I think, at the same time I was reading the book. It was fun that we were both on “the same page” then. LOL!

  9. I read the book and really enjoyed it but I haven’t seen the movie yet. Happy Flirting With Forty anniversary!

  10. Flirting With Forty was my favorite book too and the first one I read. it still remains my favorite all time book. I remember after reading it writing to you about it too (like so many other fans of the book did). It touched home on so many levels with me. I remember the day you came out with the news about the book becoming a movie. I swear I waited patiently every day until it was finally done and on tv. I never did get a dvd for it and when it does come on tv (hopefully soon), you know I’ll be watching again. I think they did a fabulous job on the movie and cast. I am also very happy interviewing Ty brought y’all together. Y’all do seem to have such a wonderful marriage.

  11. I first read an excerpt from Flirting with Forty in a magazine…fell in love with it and bought the book. It’s definitely my favorite because it reminds me a little of my own experience in being brave enough to start a new life in England, where I met my husband and moved after we were married (we’re back in the States now). I’ve also seen the movie, and while it wasn’t as good as the book, I did enjoy it very much.

    Thank you for Flirting with Forty…Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  12. I’ve only read the book. I didn’t even realize that it was a movie! If I don’t win I’ll have to get my hands on a copy. 🙂

  13. Both! I read the book first and just loved it then I found out it was to be a movie. Watched that and loved it too. Wish Lifetime would rerun it every now and then.

  14. Have read the book and seen the movie both…the book has given me hope for the future in a way that is hard to describe. It was my first novel of yours, and is still my favorite (although The Good Woman is a close second)! It’s my “go-to” book when I’m feeling low, or when I need a good read for a long plane ride…it always makes me smile. Thanks so much for writing it! 🙂

  15. I saw the movie. At the time, I was dating a much younger man, so I could totally relate. Loved the movie and would love to read the book.

  16. I loved the book, but have not seen the movie, though I would like to. I can only imagine what a fun time it was to see some of the filming, and then to ultimately see you story on tv.

  17. I’ve done both – read the book & watched the movie! It must have felt surreal being on a movie set and seeing your characters come to life. It is amazing how you and your love were brought together – just an amazing story! Hope you & your family are enjoying this beautiful holiday season.

  18. I have tear the book twice and I watch the movie every time it is on! I like Heather Locklear so I enjoyed seeing her in it! All the casting really fit into the visions I had of characters from reading the book. Congrats on it being the anniversary! And I really like the miracle of you and your Ty: you are so suited for each other! All my best!

  19. Hi Jane

    I remember your announcement back then! I was so excited. Flirting is my favorite of your books – actually one of my very favorite reads.
    Happy anniversary 🙂

  20. Happy Anniversary!

    I haven’t read the book or seen the movie. Actually this is the first time I’ve heard about either one. I am definitely interested in both!

  21. I enjoyed both. The books are always better, but I thought Heather was a great choice. I’ve always liked her. Happy Anniversary ‘Flirting with Forty’

    1. Thanks ladies.One conmemt to those who would use my list as a jumping-off point: check with me before you try it. Just because I’ve read it doesn’t mean I’d necessarily recommend it. Even if it’s a part of a series, and I’ve read the whole series, don’t go by that. I’m a bit OCD. I may not like something about the books, but I’m compelled to tough it out anyway for some reason. Like watching a train wreck, you know? No reason for you to go through it, though.

  22. I haven’t read the book nor seen the movie but this sounds like a book I need to put on my request list at the library!

  23. Hi Jane!

    I have read the novel AND watched the movie! Both are fabulous! And I think the casting was great (although I’m pretty sure Heather wasn’t flirting with forty!)! Have loved all of your novels and would love to see them all made into movies!

    Take care,


  24. I know I’ve seen the movie …. but I have not read the book! I should say not YET read the book because I’m pretty sure it’s in the stack of your books that I ordered after I read The Good Woman! 🙂

  25. I guess I didn’t entirely answer your questions before!

    I read the book, several times, then excitedly waited for the movie to come out. I enjoyed it too, but revisit the book, not the movie 🙂
    I liked Heather as Jane. She wasn’t what I pictured at first, but she was easy to accept in the role. I can’t imagine another actress instead.

    Thanks for a wonderfully entertaining book. I recommend it whenever I get a chance (or display it “prominently” whenever I see it at the bookstore 😉

  26. Jane, I first met you in Jefferson Tx at Girlfriend Weekend – I guess that was 4 years ago! I wish I had bought the book that weekend but I didn’t. I was a vendor and the weekend was over before I knew it! I saw the movie soon after that and loved it! I would like to see it again soon!

  27. Happy Movie Anniversary!

    I have only read the book, I have not seen the movie. I came to “Flirting with Forty” after I had been introduced to you and your books through our bookclub. I don’t visualize Heather Locklear when I read that book, so it will be interesting once I finally see the movie, to see how she fits the role. And while I know it’s not you, I do “see” you when I read that one.

    Sounds like it’s time to re-read a great story. 🙂

  28. As I’m new to your books that aren’t Harlequins, I haven’t yet read Flirting with 40 or seen the movie but they are both definately on my to read list! 🙂

  29. This was the first book I read writtten by you and I was instantly a fan. Can’t get enough of your books.

  30. Did not see the movie, but read the book and loved it! (So, would love to win the prize so I can see the movie!) Fun to follow your interesting life on facebook, too.

  31. congratulations Jane! Flirting with Forty was also my first Jane Porter book and I’ve been hooked ever since! I absolutely loved the book (one of my fav all times)and I enjoyed the movie-thought the casting was good even knowing Heather Locklear was not 40 🙂

  32. Jane,

    Wow 4 years already, I clearly remember the first time I was introduced to you and your books. I had a subscription to a women’s magazine, women’s day, and there was an excerpt of your book in there. I was at lunch looking at the magazine and starting reading the excerpt and couldn’t put it down. After lunch I immediately got online and looked to see if my local book store had a copy in stock…jackpot they did. Purchased it that evening and finished it in 2 days.

    I am so thankful that I came across that excerpt. I have read all of your books and loved everyone of them.

    I also watch the movie, though I have to say I liked the book so much more, but then again I am a big fan of reading.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us and for being such a wonderful, caring, and devoted author to your fans.


  33. Hey! Flirty was the first book I read of yours and have been a fan since! I actually have re-read the book many times-love love love it! I couldnt wait til the movie came out-I waited ever so patiently 🙂 I absolutely love both the movie and book. I actually came down to Ty’s surf shop (before we moved from Hawaii to Washington), you were there-but had just left to go check on the little man so I missed ya. Congrats and happy anniversary!

  34. Unfortunately, I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, YET! I’d love to do both though, so crossing my fingers for this one 🙂 I just read The Good Woman a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVED it. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

  35. Oh my goodness- I can not believe your teasing me with the giveaway! I loved the movie but loved the book more and the actors were right on. How cool that a sequel could be in the near future: )

  36. I never read the book but I did see the movie and thought it was great. The casting was perfect too.

    Hopefully, they will select another of your books to be made into a movie.

  37. I read the book AND saw the movie. I think Lauren Graham would have been a good Flirting with Forty–I have to say, I was too distracted by the stuff going on in HL’s face for me to think she was 40 OR an everyday woman.


  38. I’ve read the book and absolutely loved it! I think it was my first Jane Porter… Sadly, I’ve never seen the movie, though. Would love to.
    Say, when are they making the movie of Odd Mom Out? :-)))

  39. Flirting with Forty was the first book of yours that I read, and it propmted me to read all of your novels. The movie was good, but the book was amazing!

  40. Flirting with 40 was my first Jane Porter book…and I’ve been a huge fan and follower ever since!

    Own the book and the movie! Feels like it’s time I pulled out the DVD and had a girls night again!

  41. I’ve seen the movie a few times loved it one of my favorite movies. I think the casting was perfect. and since enjoyed seeing Robert in other shows and movies. I think he become one of my favorite actors. The book I have but can’t remember if I ever read it or it’s one I keep saying I’m saving to read for that special time. Happy anniversary. love reading your blogs and posts.

  42. Hi,
    Happy ‘anniversary’. I haven’t read the book and haven’t seen the movie. But I really like the casting.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  43. I remember that I picked up this book while I was visiting the hospital for multiple days of testing. It was such a comfort to me to have Jane’s story to escape the fear and worry I had on my mind at the time. Thanks for writing such a beautiful love story and for sharing your true life love story with your readers! The movie was just icing on the cake!!! Love them both.

  44. I saw the movie on Lifetime but did not read the book. I’ll bet when you wrote it you never imagined the road it would take you on. Amazing and Congrats!

  45. I must confess I have not read the book or seen the movie yet but certainly look forward to doing so. Ultra confidential…I really should read the book as this year I turned the big 40!

  46. Loved the book and movie. Going to buy your new book and excited for the second to come out. Happy Anniversary.

  47. I have read the book, but have not seen the movie. I don’t watch alot of TV…I much prefer to read. When the movie was on and caught my eye I had the book but hadn’t read it yet and I refuse to watch a movie before reading the book!

  48. Wow I can’t believe its been four years!! I can still remember reading the book on the beach and not having a care in the world on what was going on around me. I couldn’t wait for the movie and to see Robert in it made it even better! I still think this is my favorite book of yours. Congrats and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! I look forward to your Christmas card every year Jane! 🙂

  49. I own the book & watched the movie on tv twice! I first heard of you when I read the book excerpt in a magazine & had to go buy the book to read it all! : ) Loved the movie…I know they changed a few things, but it was still really good. Hope to catch the movie again, or you could just PICK ME!! 😀

  50. HI Jane,
    I loved the book. I’ve read it 3 times! The movie was very good also. But the book is always better then the movie!

  51. I read and re read Flirting with Forty and I OWN the DVD, its true I can snap a picture of it!
    I love how real all of your female characters are, Jackie needed to stop feeling selfish and have more joy and not leave her self last! So many great quotes that made me think differently. I loved the movie, Kai was perfect!!. Thank You for inspiring me, I watch it every year during the holidays, alone with a glass of wine!

  52. Hi Jane,
    The book was great! I could only imagine what the characters and scenery looked like. When I watched the movie, I was amazed at how the actors brought the images to life! Happy Anniversary to a great book and many wishes to you for a successful future of creating more magic!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize! Good luck to all!

  53. I read the book AND watched the movie and loved both. I have read all of your books and am anxiously awaiting a new book!! In my mind Kai was Hawaiian, so I was a bit surprised with such a California looking dude in the movie, but still loved it just the same!!

  54. Flirting with Forty was my first book that you wrote. I followed with Easy on the Eyes, Odd Mom Out and Mrs Perfect. I haven’t seen the Flirting movie.

  55. I have the DVD and watch it every Christmas – love it!

    I think the casting was good over all – HL was hard, because I pictured Jackie differently – but I LOVED Kai!

  56. Jane,

    I saw the movie first, and loved it! It was because of the movie, that when I was in the Barnes and Noble a few years ago, and saw the poster saying you were going to be there, that I hung around to meet you and find out about your books! I am sooooo glad I did! You made such an great impression on me that day that I bought all of your titles they had, and started reading them and buying them for friends!You are defintely one of my favorite authors! Well and one of my most favorite people in period! =) Enjoy your movie night tomorrow. I had one with one of best friends and her daughters in October, we all watched “Flirting with Forty.” And of course they all loved it too!

  57. I loved reading Flirting with Forty. I know a woman who usually reads only thrillers and she adored it too. Since I haven’t seen the movie yet, that may influence my casting choices:) I would have picked Kristin Davis as Jackie and Orlando Bloom as Kai.

  58. I have not seen Flirting with Forty, but would love to see it! I enjoyed that book sooooo much, especially since I love Hawaii. Congrats on it being 4 years since the premiere. I think Heather Locklear sounded great for the role. I always loved her as an actress since seeing her on Dynasty and TJ Hooker. And Robert Buckley’s abs totally work for his role. 🙂

  59. I was given the book by my cousin and instantly became a fan of the characters and the author. It was the first book of yours I had read and now I read all your new releases. I believe you know how to write from the single mom perspective. I was so excited when I heard Lifetime was turning this novel into a movie. I was not disappointed! The movie made me smile and hopeful that love can appear at any age in my life. Heather was perfect and I loved the bikini shot in the snow. Again it made me hopeful that you can feel sexy at any age. Mr. Buckley was such a hottie and i really could imagine why she fell in love with him. It is still one of my favorite movies and I still have it saved on my DVR. Actually I still have the novel because I never returned it to my cousin. I guess I know what to get her for christmas.

  60. Although I have read other books by you, I have not read this one nor seen the movie. Looking forward to both in the near future.

  61. You’re awesome. Congrats on the milestone! I haven’t read the book or watched the movie but I’d like to. I read the Frog Prince and thought that was really good.

  62. I loved Flirting with Forty! It was the first book I read of yours and introduced me to your great writing.

  63. It’s funny because I was just looking at “Flirting with Forty” at the bookstore! It is seriously going to be the next one of yours I read. I am currently reading “Easy on the Eyes” and love it!

  64. Hola Jane!
    Sorry we missed you in Houston. I know it was a nice turn out.

    I can’t believe it has been 4 yrs since the movie came out. I enjoyed then and will watch again if and when it comes back on TV. This book was my 1st introduction to your books and have read all since then.

    You should make Marta and her friends into a movie!

    Happy holidays…

  65. jane,

    no, i’m ashamed to say that i have not read this novel…yet!
    and i haven’t seen the movie, either…hopefully, i will read/watch it soon 😉

  66. I love Flirting with Forty! I am only 26 years old but I am married to a much older man than I am. I belive that there is no age for love and I just saw myself as Jackie and my husband like Kai. I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop reading the book. When I finished the book, I was disappointed that it ended, I wanted to keep on reading. I have only read the book. I want to see the movie but I haven’t been able to find it.

  67. I loved Flrting with Forty and it got me hooked on your novels. I have not seen the movie, but would watch it if I had the chance.

  68. Flirting With Forty is one of my favorite books and I think one of your first that I rad. I have been hooked ever since. love all of your books. Was so great to meet you, Marti

  69. I’ve read it and watched the movie and loved them both. I liked the casting and I can’t think of anyone that could have done a better job. All your books are fantastic so I’m not surprised it was snapped up for a movie. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  70. Hi Jane,
    Flirting with Forty was the first book of yours that I read, and I absolutely loved it! The title and cover caught my eye. I was just a bit past 40 myself at that time. After finishing it, I looked into what else you had written and read those as well. I have been a fan of yours ever since. It has been awhile since I have read the book and am thinking of reading it again. I have only seen the movie once when it first was shown. I enjoyed the movie also, but like always, the book is always better than the movie.

  71. What a fun contest. I loved the movie. Thought it was cast perfectly and wouldn’t change a thing. Glad you got to have such a wonderful experience with the process. I have not read that book but that started my journey with your books. After the movie I was on a mission and started reading Mrs. Perfect and have loved many more since. Thanks for sharing your talents. Happy anniversary to Flirting with Forty!

  72. Jane,

    I absolutely loved Flirting with Forty which if I remember right was the first book I read from you. But then again I love all of your books ;o) However, I haven’t seen the movie yet.

  73. it’s been 4 years already ? Happy Anniversary 😀

    i read the book but still haven’t seen the movie. Both Cast seem great. looking forward to watch it.

  74. Hi Jane!
    Read the book, watched the movie and loved both! I think the casting was spot on! I was under the impression that your book WAS based on your life with Ty!! Now I know the real scoop!

    I also feel like I need to re-read the book…….
    and look to see if it’s on OnDemand!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful books! Merry Christmas! I am sure you enjoy this time of year with all of your boys but especially little Mac!

  75. HI Jane,
    I have missed the blog for about a week now.
    My mom had to have emergency surgery and is not doing well.
    I have been staying at the hospital.
    Yes, I have read the book a few times and I watched the movie.
    I loved the movie but the book is my favorite of the two.

    Happy anniversary of the book that changed your life.

  76. Read the book; missed the movie (but heard it was super!).
    Liked how the book’s story took over a year to play out, so it didn’t feel rushed at all. Liked Jackie’s evolution/road to finding herself. Enjoyed reading it in the first person; made me feel more like it was MY life I was reading! Really liked a quote on page 141 where a comparison was made between turning 40 and turning 50; seemed pretty astute to me!
    Congrats, Jane, on a job well done. This is indeed a nice anniversary to remember.

  77. Both!!!! I enjoyed them both in different ways. I just wish Kai’s name wasn’t changed to Kyle for the movie.
    Wish more of your books were made into movies.

  78. I’ve got to read the book. My friend Kim keeps telling me it’s her favorite, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. And since I’m around that age mark, I’d like to see your take on it.

  79. I have read the book AND seen the movie. My friend introduced me to your books, and I was excited to see this great author had a movie made from one of her books, too! “Happy anniversary!!”

  80. Hi Jane,

    Flirting with Forty is the book that introduced me to your writing. I loved the book. You mentioned the movie on your blog and even though I don’t have a tv, I happened to be visiting family when it came on, so got to see the movie. I thought the movie was okay, but not as good as the book. The leads weren’t like what I’d imagined when reading the book.

  81. Oh gosh where do I start? I ran across the movie when I was flipping through my channels( on the one night I got control of the remote) and I connected to the story immediately. I ran out and bought the book the very next day.I know that movies can be so different from the book and I knew that I did not want to miss one thing. Not the very slightest variant of scenery or emotion.I love the book so much that I have highlighted phrases throughout it. I got up off of my rear and started college that week. Now take into consideration that I saw the movie late compared to its origination and I am doing great.I was at my end when I found the story. Saved by a plot , a friend, and an idea I have not looked back. I am a junior in college now and although I am divorced I am very much inspired and alive. I had forgotten what it was to have dreams, forgot what inspiration felt like and lost sight of what was important in life.My sons, my dreams and waking up to a new sunrise. Thank you Jane for continuing to write what women feel. Imaginary or real it doesn’t matter as long as it inspires.My five sons just smile when they hear the familiar sounds of the Christmas music that plays at the beginning of the movie. They are grateful too.

  82. Jane,
    I loved this book and I loved the movie too. This was the first book I read of yours and I got hooked. I watch the movie each time it comes on. It reminds me if Hawaii and it is one of my favorite places and it’s such a fun book. Congrats!!

  83. Jane,
    Read and enjoyed the book, and loved seeing your book turned into a movie (I wish it would happen to the others). I thought the casting was good, and I wish Healther L. the best.

  84. Happy 4th Anniversary to Flirting with Forty, the movie! I’ve read the book and seen the movie. While Heather is good in the role of Jackie, I always think of you, Jane, as Jackie. Besides, you are a lot prettier than Heather is.

  85. Hi Jane,
    I read this wonderful book of yours first and retread it, loved it, bought books for family and friends and then saw the movie, again several times ! I recorded it on my DVR and was sick when when had to get a new one and lost the movie .
    I would not change the cast, or anything about the movie at all.
    I love all your books, but this one was magical for me, maybe because I was from the NW and love Hawaii !

  86. I am absolutely hopeless at casting, but Heather Locklear seems to be a good fit. It’s been ages since I saw the movie though.

  87. I love this book and movie 🙂 I always thought it was my favorite but I love all your books and The Good Woman is amazing so now I’m not sure which is my fave. Flirting is what made me a fan though 🙂

    Hugs and kisses on this anniversary!!


  88. I like if book has been casting to movie but mostly what i see was dissapointed, the movie is always unsatisfied 🙁

  89. I haven’t read the book or seen the movie, but after reading what you have to say about it, it sounds great! I can’t wait to read it! And what a hunk you got your hands on! Congrats on your success!

  90. Hi Jane,

    I have read the book a few times…it’s on my keeper shelf, and I have seen the movie twice – love both. Great premise, and I am so, so glad it has done so well for you. Happy Anniversary! Lisa

  91. I have read and watched Flirting with Forty. I couldn’t tell you which I liked better because they were both wonderful. The choice of actors was perfect and they worked so well together. I have to say that I fell in love with Kai and wish I could have my own 🙂

  92. I discovered Flirting with Forty and you at the book store one day. I was attracted by the cover and loved what was written on the back. The fact that it was based mostly in Hawaii was very attractive too. I love Hawaii. So I bought the book and since then I have been a fan of yours and read all the books and Harlequin and saw the movie. They played it on TV again in Canada a couple of months ago, but I missed it. Hope to be able to see it again soon.

  93. I read the book when it first came out (it was the first book of yours that I read) and was so excited that it was being made into a movie! It’s been a long time since I saw the movie, but from what I remember I thought they did a good job with the casting.

  94. Happy Anniversary Jane! My introduction to JP books was through Redbook’s excerpt. I loved Flirting with Forty and it is one of my favorite books. I also have the movie. I definitely had a different person in mind for the role of Jackie. I would have cast her differently however, I still enjoyed the movie.

    I think I’ll pull out my copy and celebrate with you this weekend. Cheers to you!

  95. Flirting…is the first of your books that I read and yes I did see the movie, too. I think the casting was good, although when I read the book I kept seeing you in the lead…so unfair to Heather to be compared to you Jane. You have the light inside that not everyone has. Even though the book is not exactly your story, it always makes me think of you and Ty. Praying God will bless and be with you and your family this Christmas…children are worth all the tears and worry we have with them. Love, j

  96. Hi Jane,

    I have read “Flirting with Forty” and just two months ago I bought the movie and had a blast when I watched it with some of my girlfriends. We had a great time talking about the book and the movie. And of course we also talked a lot about you 🙂
    Can´t believe that it´s 4 years ago that I sad glued to the TV to watch your movie.

  97. I originally read the book and one day not long ago the movie was on and I finally got to see it. Not a fan of Heather Locklear’s, but can’t think of anyone else that could play the part. Once I found you as an author, I read all your books and I think Mrs. Perfect may be my favorite so far. I just enjoy your writing and sense of humor. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

  98. Flirting with Forty was the first book of yours that I read… and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I will one of these days. What an amazing path for a book to take and how great for you!

  99. When I saw Flirting with Forty on TV, I almost attracted by it. It’s one of my favorite film. The story is great; a women finds her true love in the end. I really like the actor who interpret the character very well. You really chose the best casts.

  100. I was introduced to your books when my friend recommended Flirting with Forty, from then I was hooked! I watch the movie every time it’s on Lifetime ~ loved the casting! Congratulations on the anniversary. It’s hard to believe four years has passed.

  101. Hi Jane! I have to admit that I am extremely biased. Today, December 6th is our wedding anniversary! And today happens to be our 26th year. On year 22, I stayed home and watched the movie on TV. I admit my husband was not too thrilled with my choice for the evening, but he understood completely. And that is just 1 reason why I still love him so much. I introduced your book and you to my book club who have all since, become some of your greatest fans.
    I am blessed in so many ways. Among them I count that I already do own a signed copy of FWF. Another is that I have had the pleasure of knowing you and your family personally, all BT (Before Ty!) and before you became incredibly famous. 😉 We met through church and school and soccer. You knew me as your son Tye’s “Teacher Mary”. I will never forget that sweet boy at age 4 and I cherish those memories more than you can imagine.
    I am in awe of your accomplishments. I love being able to pull out my DVD and watch Flirting with 40 anytime I’d like. But, Heather and Robert have nothing on you and Ty. Happy anniversary and may God bless you and your family continuously and always , with much love!

  102. Oh how cool! I cannot believe it’s been four years! I remember discovering your books and the first book I read was Odd Mom Out. I fell in love with your characters and immediately read each book one after the other. I think Flirting with Thirty was third or fourth… I think I’m due for a re-read though! It’s been awhile. I know I saw the Lifetime movie, but only once when I caught it on tv. Owning the DVD would be awesome!

    Happy anniversary, and I hope you’re having a wonderful December!

  103. I haven’t read the book or watched the movie. It sounds very good and I would love to read the book and watch the movie. Thanks for the chance to.

  104. One of my favorite books and I LOVED the movie! I remember the great movie party I had the night of the movie and all the goodies you sent me, Jane. Loved the recipe for the Blue Hawaii drink too:-)

  105. This was the first book of yours I read and it turned me into a BIG fan! I’ve seen the movie several times – great cast. I hope more of your books wind up as movies.

  106. Hawaii is so beautiful and was a great setting for Flirting with Forty. I haven’t seen the movie, but would really think it would be fun. I have flirted with forty and never felt better, I know your book aged just as well as me, lol

  107. Hi Jane,

    Congrats! I Love the book & movie! Well done! Happy Anniversary!!!

    Happy Holidays!

    take care,

  108. I have seen the movie several times and love it more each time I see it. At the time that I discovered the movie I was turning 40 and had been separated from my abusive husband for a year. I had befriended a younger guy that surfed who later on I ended up dating who made me feel alive again. I did not realize there was a book I am so going to have to get it ASAP unless I win it. Heather and Rob were great.

  109. I’ve read the book and seen the movie. Heather has such a magical innocence about her. She was the perfect choice. Since the story was about the “Jackie” character and her choices, almost any actor could have played the “Kai” character. happy anniversary.

  110. I read the book TWICE and have seen the movie more times than I can count as I am a big fan of Lifetime! My favorite book of yours is and always has been Frog Prince–love, love, love followed by Mrs. Perfect which makes Flirting with Forty third! I loved Heather Locklear as Jackie! Happy Holidays! xo

  111. I read the book but have not seen the movie yet. I saw Robert Buckley in Lipstick Jungle though, so I can just imagine that he was cast perfectly as Kai!

  112. I have not read or seen Flirting With Firty but after reading about it here I want to! Thank you for the giveaway! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


  113. I read the book and saw the movie. I loved both. This is the first book of yours that I read. I have loved them all.

  114. Read the book and saw the movie three times. I enjoy stories like this and tear up still after seeing it again and again. My husband has watched the movie with me each time too and also enjoys it. I would have liked to see you play the part, you are much more suited and much prettier than Heather..and you feel it because you wrote it. Your real life story of you and Ty is wonderful and I hope someday you write all about it…what a great read it would be to all of us who have followed you since Flirting With Forty, and before it’s time too. Your relationship has been intense and deep, never a dull moment. Then, there was Mac. Ironic that your son’s name is also Ty, as it’s not really a common name. You have a beautiful family and beautiful life and I think it’s time to write about it…who knows…maybe another movie, I’ll bet and you can all play your parts…Ruth

  115. Flirting with forty is my absolute favorite book of yours! The movie was awesome and was just how i pictured it from the book.

  116. I have read the book quite a few times- LOVE IT and also have seen the movie. Loved Robert Buckley as Kai!

  117. I think I read about the movie or saw a preview for it and that it was based on a book. Once I read the book, I passed it to my mom and then several friends. We saved the recording of the movie until we all had read the book. Once we had read the book and seen the movie, I had to look Jane up. The rest is history! I’ve read all of her books, I own all of them except the Frog Prince :O( And I love passing them around. Which reminds me I need to get my Flirting With Forty back from a friend!

  118. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I have been at my desk from 9 am-10 pm every day for the past 4 days and am wanting a break…but not yet. I’m just about to lock myself in my office for the next 10 hours.

    But until I turn off my internet and write, I’d like to announce the two–no, let’s make it three– winners for the Flirting/Hawaii prizes.

    #1 Tammie

    #76 Karen K

    #119 Meg M

    Congrats to the three of you. I do hope you’ll enjoy.

    And now will the three winners please email me privately with your mail address so I can get your prizes out? And winners, I need to hear from you by Wed, or I’m drawing new names for any unclaimed prizes.


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  120. I loved the movie on TV but missed the ending of “Flirting with 40” as I watched it on TV. Due to so many commercials I decided to do something in the kitchen but when I came back the movie has ended. Did Kyle and Jackie end up together?

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