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‘Tis Flu Season…

I am down for the count. I woke up at five this morning feeling so very very awful and I know this has nothing to do with being pregnant. Pregnancy isn’t contagious. But right now, I am. And so with heavy heart and rapidly dwindling tissue supply, I have cancelled both events this weekend: tonight’s Book Signing at Bellevue Barnes & Noble, and tomorrow’s event at Eastside Pi Phi. I am so sorry. You can be sure I will still be parked in front of my television tomorrow night for the Flirting With Forty movie on Lifetime. Please check local listings for times. (Did you see the new front page article about the movie? Here’s an online article, too.) And … Continue reading ‘Tis Flu Season…

Flirting With A Headache

I was excited about the article appearing in this morning’s Seattle P-I written by P-I book editor John Marshall. The article’s about me, Flirting, and the Lifetime movie. And then I read the four horrible comments that follow the online version and nearly burst into tears. I am such a ridiculous combination of bravado and sensitivity! I should know people are going to ridicule me, my life, the movie (especially the fact that it is a tv movie), but I forget that many people thrive on being unkind. That’s not my style, but then, that is why I write what I write. Most women don’t get enough kindness in their life. Most women don’t get enough love. And maybe it’s Pollyanna-ish, but … Continue reading Flirting With A Headache

Chasing Pavements

Haven’t seen the Lifetime movie trailer yet?  Well, I have it right here!  Viewers who’ve seen the trailer have been asking me about the song, and as I was curious, too, I emailed the publicist over at Lifetime and she provided me with full details.  The artist is UK singer Adele, the song is “Chasing Pavements” and the song is from her album “19”. It’s a really cool song and I plan on tracking down the album this weekend as Adele has a sound I could easily write to.  (I also keep thinking Adele was just on Saturday Night Live in the last couple of weeks…so if anyone knows, confirm or correct me!) For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer but want to … Continue reading Chasing Pavements

I Saw It!

The promo ad for the Flirting movie on Lifetime.  Producer friend, Lucy Mukerjee, emailed me at noon to say the movie trailer for Flirting with Forty has been running on Lifetime today so I turned on the tv, watched one and a half Lifetime movies and then I saw it. Snow flurries.  Heather Locklear at the window.  Music.  Sexy sexy tan half naked Robert Buckley.  The title, Flirting with Forty, and the words, world premiere December 6th. World premiere. I got goosebumps.   I still have them.  That’s my story.  That’s the book that became my life that became a movie that became everybodys story. I feel the same giddy awe I felt the first time I saw my book, Italian Groom, … Continue reading I Saw It!

Flirting with Friday

It’s Friday!  I’m so glad it’s Friday and the weekend is ahead.  I love weekends.  I love it when the kids don’t have to go to school, and with one boy sick, it will probably be a slower weekend.   I need to write this weekend but I want to read.  I have a terrible feeling reading will win out.  I made the mistake of reading a book yesterday.  I couldn’t go to bed until I’d finished it as I like reading best when I can do it in big long chunks.  I love being deep in a story and nothing matters but getting to the end. The Flirting movie premiere invites keep coming in and I’m up to twenty now … Continue reading Flirting with Friday

Flirting with Forty Film Premiere

With less than a month until Lifetime’s Flirting with Forty movie airs, I’m beginning to get really excited about the film.  I’ve watched it several times now and I always start smiling at the opening credits.  I love the opening shot with the soundtrack.  It’s fizzy and fun and so perfect for the holidays.   You can find more info about the movie over at Lifetime, including the air time of 9 ET/PT. My publisher is also re-releasing Flirting with Forty in a trade edition that has the Lifetime logo on the cover to tie-in with the movie.  You can see the cover on my site, and I’m hoping the new cover will grab some new readers.  Lifetime has planned some very cool promotions, including print … Continue reading Flirting with Forty Film Premiere

Pesky Email

My email is my lifeline.  It’s closer to me than my cell phone.  I shouldn’t say I practically live on it, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without it.  Unfortunately, it’s not working the way it should right now and I’m missing more emails than I’m getting and the problem is, I don’t know what I’m missing. If you’ve written to me in the past couple weeks and haven’t heard from me, let me know by commenting to me below.  Or if I was to have joined your Kirkland Book Group this coming Wednesday, comment below, too, as I don’t know where I’m supposed to go Wednesday night and am wondering how to find you. With the exception of email, things … Continue reading Pesky Email

Liza Palmer Rocks

My good friend and fellow 5 Spot author is one cool chick and a huge talent.  I’ve been a fan of her–and her writing–from the moment I met her.  A Pasadena girl, Liza was a big help when I was writing Taylor’s story, Mrs. Perfect, as Taylor is also from Pasadena.  (Although I’ve been told that Taylor is imaginary and Liza is not.) Everyone here should also know I looooooooved Liza’s  January ’08 release, Seeing Me Naked.  It’s one of my five fav books I’ve read this year and an incredibly satisfying read.  I was flying home from Megan’s wedding last March reading the last chapters of Seeing Me Naked and crying.  Worse, I was in first class and it’s not … Continue reading Liza Palmer Rocks

On Set

What an amazing week. For one week I felt like a VIP. It was so cool. Being on the set was far more interesting, far more exciting and far more fun than I expected. Okay, I’m not a good extra. I got hot. And bored. And I’d wander away from the extras to behind the camera where I’d sit with a headset and listen in as the director gave directions and the actors did their scenes. I met Heather on that first day, too, and then we talked on Wednesday, and then by Thursday I felt comfortable enough to hug her goodbye. I have photos with Heather and pics with Robert Buckley. Rob and Heather wanted to meet Ty Gurney … Continue reading On Set

Flirting Film

The Flirting with Forty movie is officially in production.  April 1st with cast and crew in Calgary, the film began shooting.  My producer contact, Lucy Mukerjee, has been watching the dailies and she reports it’s all going really well.   They’re filming the scenes that took place in what was Seattle but now sounds like Denver.   On Tuesday I sent flowers to Heather in Calgary to celebrate the first day of the shoot and wish her well.   Tuesday noon I received a beautiful gift from the producers.  It’s exciting.  I’ve watched the process for the past year and a half, read the scripts and listened to discussion on casting and wondered if it’d really become a reality or if the story would just … Continue reading Flirting Film