Flirting with Friday

It’s Friday!  I’m so glad it’s Friday and the weekend is ahead.  I love weekends.  I love it when the kids don’t have to go to school, and with one boy sick, it will probably be a slower weekend.   I need to write this weekend but I want to read.  I have a terrible feeling reading will win out.  I made the mistake of reading a book yesterday.  I couldn’t go to bed until I’d finished it as I like reading best when I can do it in big long chunks.  I love being deep in a story and nothing matters but getting to the end.

Flirting with FortyThe Flirting movie premiere invites keep coming in and I’m up to twenty now which is brilliant.  Some of you are having parties with all Flirting fans.  Others are inviting friends who have never heard of the book but you want them to see the movie and learn about the book.  And some of you just want a chance to throw a party.  It’s been so fun getting the invites and reading the details.

Apparently there was a little blurb on Access Hollywood about the Flirting movie night before last.  It seems they showed a quick clip of the film and an interview with Heather where she was talking about how hot Robert Buckley is.  Rob is hot.  He does a great job as surfer Kai (now Kyall in the movie).

To celebrate that its Friday, and all the fun things happening with my books as movies (Odd Mom Out and Mrs Perfect continue to head in the right direction in Hollywood with another big meeting yesterday) I’m doing a Flirting film contest with the prize consisting of three beautiful Vera Bradley purse accessories in Mediterranean Blue (make up bag, coin purse, and purse notebook with stickie notes) along with a $15 Starbuck drink card tucked in the coin purse.  You’ll also get lots of my JP goodies including my clear blue Jane Porter water bottle and new fat Flirting pen.  So share with us your weekend plans, if you’re going to see any of the new movies, or if you’ve got a new book to read.  I’ll pick a winner Sunday night and post first thing Monday.  Come share and hopefully win!

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