Flirting Film

The Flirting with Forty movie is officially in production. 

April 1st with cast and crew in Calgary, the film began shooting.  My producer contact, Lucy Mukerjee, has been watching the dailies and she reports it’s all going really well.   They’re filming the scenes that took place in what was Seattle but now sounds like Denver.  

On Tuesday I sent flowers to Heather in Calgary to celebrate the first day of the shoot and wish her well.   Tuesday noon I received a beautiful gift from the producers.  It’s exciting.  I’ve watched the process for the past year and a half, read the scripts and listened to discussion on casting and wondered if it’d really become a reality or if the story would just sit on a shelf collecting dust.  But it’s not collecting dust.  It’s coming to life, with new scenes being shot every day. 

The shoot schedule has them continuing in Calgary until the third week of this month and then head to Hawaii for the final two weeks.  I’m hoping to be in Hawaii for the last week of the shoot to watch filming and meet cast and production crew.

The movie really is a different beast from the book and readers who loved the book will enjoy the movie–they just have to remember that it’s a different story now, one perfect for a holiday film starring Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley.

So here’s to the cast, the crew and all the good people at Sony and Lifetime who worked so hard to make this movie happen.  Thank you.  I’m thrilled you chose my book for your 2008 Christmas movie.  Thrilled Flirting with Forty lives on.  Thank you for giving my story a chance and introducing it to new fans and friends. 

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