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Flirting Movie’s Hunky Hero

We have a Kai. Last Friday Surfer Ty and I met Lucy Mukerjee, one of the Flirting with Forty film producers, and her partner Shelley in West Hollywood for lunch at the Mondrian Hotel, home of the famous Sky Bar, a cool celeb and wanna-be hang out. Lucy arrived a few minutes late as she’d been on the phone with Sony who is casting the movie and they had news that the role of Kai has been finalized. The actor’s name is Robert Buckley and he’s quite the young hottie on t.v. at the moment, playing Nico’s love interest on Lipstick Jungle. Now I haven’t watched Lipstick Jungle yet (I did read the book and I loved it…it’s by far … Continue reading Flirting Movie’s Hunky Hero

The Role of Jackie

For all you Flirting with Forty lovers who’ve been wanting movie details, the role of Jackie has not only been cast, but made public this morning. I’ve known for a couple of weeks that they’d cast Heather Locklear in Jackie’s role, and I knew it’s to be a holiday movie for Lifetime this December, but I wasn’t at liberty to share the details. However, now that there’s news in the press and online, I thought those of you who’ve wanted to hear the details would enjoy the update. While I’m not free to say anything about Kai yet, I will say they’ve offered the part to an actor who actually looks a lot like Kai in my mind so it’ll … Continue reading The Role of Jackie

Doctors & Shots

I’ve received so many phone calls and emails expressing concern about my comments in previous posts, particularly the last one, about all my blood draws and daily injections that I thought I’d better put any fears out there to rest. I’m not sick.  I’m just trying to grow the family.  And for me, that involves some serious medical assistance as well as time.  So, I’m going to need time–months, maybe–to try this and I’ve gone through it all before as my youngest son (now 9) was a doctors & shots baby.  But let’s face it:  I’m ten years older this time around and for women it does make a difference.  Our eggs have shelf-lives and there are more complications as … Continue reading Doctors & Shots

Good News Day

I’m jumping on a plane in just minutes but I’ve been told that Odd Mom Out has had a mini-review in today’s USA Today, so if you’re at the library or near a newspaper stand, check out today’s (Thursday’s) USA Today and see if you can find it.  I’m going to look for the paper in Hawaii but in case I can’t find one, I’d love a copy. Also, I had an email from Lucy Mukerjee re the Lifetime Flirting with Forty film project.  There’s discussion that they might be moving into production really, really soon as the studio is considering making Flirting a Christmas movie.   A Christmas movie would be cool.  But a Christmas movie would also mean they don’t … Continue reading Good News Day

Hollywood, Gollywood

I wasn’t going to say anything because a lot of times nothing pans out, but I thought, what the hell, nothing may ever pan out but having Hollywood call is always cool, so I’m telling. A little. Someone in La-La Land (L.A.) is interested in Flirting with Forty. It could go to their motion picture department, it could go to their television studio, it could just sit buried on a desk, or in a filing cabinet, but there’s talk and interest. But then, there’s been talk and interest before and their people and my people couldn’t see eye to eye and nothing happened. Their people and my people are again talking (different studio this time, different interested parties) and have … Continue reading Hollywood, Gollywood