Hollywood, Gollywood

I wasn’t going to say anything because a lot of times nothing pans out, but I thought, what the hell, nothing may ever pan out but having Hollywood call is always cool, so I’m telling. A little.

Someone in La-La Land (L.A.) is interested in Flirting with Forty. It could go to their motion picture department, it could go to their television studio, it could just sit buried on a desk, or in a filing cabinet, but there’s talk and interest. But then, there’s been talk and interest before and their people and my people couldn’t see eye to eye and nothing happened.

Their people and my people are again talking (different studio this time, different interested parties) and have been talking for a number of days and I don’t know what they’re saying, but there is no agreement and yet eventually there could be. Who knows. I don’t get all worked up about Hollywood anymore. Too many hopes dashed, I suppose, and none of them related to my books but my own short years in Los Angeles pursing my ‘acting dream’. I didn’t fare well in Los Angeles. One, I’m too Type A for traffic. And two, I’m not thin or pretty enough for Hollywood but not interesting enough to be a character actor or talented enough to ever break any barrier. So acting, although it was my chief love from thirteen to twenty-one was booted, and I focused increasingly on my writing.

And my writing has caught some folks attention in Hollywood. Strange this circle of life.

I think I’d get more excited about LA offers and possibilities in La-La Land if I didn’t know how people talk. And how people credential themselves. Almost everyone in LA is a producer. Or a writer. Or a producer/writer/actor. Or, an actor/producer. So on and so on which is fabulous, I suppose if you’re high up on the foodchain and are a producer/writer/actor like um, Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell (okay, I totally love SNL and comedy), but most aren’t. Most….want to be.

I just want to be a writer, and write.

But in the meantime, while their people talk to my people and discuss if Flirting is the right vehicle for this studio, and if the studio can pony up whatever money is required (I really don’t bother with reading contracts because they just plain scare me) I think I’ll hold my own imaginary casting sessions for the tv/movie. I want suggestions for Jackie and Kai. Which actors do you see playing the part? And what about Jackie’s friends? Who should they be?

So if you’re bored and you’ve nothing to do, send me some names and we’ll put together our own cast, and that way, even if Flirting never leaves the bookstore, it’s had it’s bit of movie magic.

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