Blue Hawaii

I’ve been in Hawaii nearly a week and having a really good time. I love having my own car here, helps immensely with the sense of needing to belong, and yet of feeling independent. Having my own wheels means I don’t have to go down to the beach when everyone goes for the lessons, and yet I don’t have to stay here all day and wait for Ty and others to return. I can come and go as I please, grocery shop when I want, run out for a latte at 5:30 in the morning, or be encouraged to go buy t.p. at ten o’clock because–well, let’s face it–surf guys use it but don’t like to buy it.

And then my feeling of good will extends to my three successful book events here in Hawaii this past weekend: a Navy Exchange book signing, a Barnes & Noble workshop followed by a signing, and then on Sunday a Borders booksigning and all three events had people buying books. Praise Jesus. I was not lonely or alone for any of the events and books were sold and people seemed happy and I could leave with pride intact.

And I can’t forget Elvis. Elvis has certainly helped my good mood. Friday night I purchased the Elvis Presley, Aloha From Hawaii DVD (January 14, 1973 concert) and watched it Saturday morning while getting ready for my first book event and Elvis is better than a mimosa. Two songs into the concert and I felt fabulous. I’ve been a huge Elvis fan since the end of college when I returned from Ireland to watch an Elvis biography and I fell hard during that two hour program. I got it. Got him. And the concert dvd captured everything I like about him–his voice, his music, his energy, his beauty and charisma. I love, too, how Elvis owns the stage, and my favorite song from the Aloha concert is ‘What Now My Love’. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and well, perfect.

I started my Saturday with Elvis, ended it with Johnny Cash, and had a busy day of book events in between and you know, it was a blue, blue Hawaii and I couldn’t be happier.

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