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I hear your pain.

Some of you are frustrated by the link I provided over to the 5Spot blog. I’m sorry if I confused you. I know I confuse me. In fact, I’m so confused I used to wear a t-shirt in college that read, ‘I Never Get Lost Because Everyone Tells Me Where To Go.’ But that was college (and the 80’s), this is now, and yes, there is probably a better way to link to 5Spot without frustrating so many readers. But I haven’t learned yet, so a second round of apologies.

I posted a photo of my surfer guy last night over at the 5Spot Blogger (as Megan Crane called it, a ‘5 Spot exclusive’), and yet people couldn’t find it. So now I’m adding a new link which will hopefully take you straight over to the pic. And it’s not even a photo from Hawaii. It’s Banff.

Now I’ll tell you why it’s a Banff photo. It’s my favorite picture of us because we both look very fresh and shiny and new. And we look so shiny and new because we’d been walking, and it was really cold outside so we ducked into this Banff store to get some gloves for me, and once inside the store, I didn’t want to leave. From the icy wind chill our eyes were watering and our cheeks glowed with color and folks, this isn’t how we normally look.

What’s different? Besides me looking not quite as new and shiny in real life, Ty’s usually not this um, covered.

In Hawaii Ty lives in board shorts or shorts, forgoing shirts on warm days, which is well, most of the time–which I totally appreciate.

I’m not saying I date a younger man to oogle him, but, he does look good without a shirt and I do like to stare at him. A lot. Very shallow of me, but there you have it.

Here is the link.

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