Good News Day

I’m jumping on a plane in just minutes but I’ve been told that Odd Mom Out has had a mini-review in today’s USA Today, so if you’re at the library or near a newspaper stand, check out today’s (Thursday’s) USA Today and see if you can find it.  I’m going to look for the paper in Hawaii but in case I can’t find one, I’d love a copy.

Also, I had an email from Lucy Mukerjee re the Lifetime Flirting with Forty film project.  There’s discussion that they might be moving into production really, really soon as the studio is considering making Flirting a Christmas movie.   A Christmas movie would be cool.  But a Christmas movie would also mean they don’t have a lot of time to make the film (it is almost Thanksgiving now, isn’t it?)…unless she means next Christmas…which would be better…  Let’s just be optimistic, shall we?

Lastly,  as my book tour wraps up Monday in Hawaii it’s time to get serious and start writing as my next book is due December 15th and I’m on page 3.  Which doesn’t leave a lot of time to write.  Which should lead one to wonder about the logisticis, never mind the quality of the writing.

But let’s not.

Let’s just be optimistic, shall we?


  1. I found it on-line in USA Today.

    “Jane Porter must know firsthand how it feels to not fit in. She nails it poignantly and perfectly in Odd Mom Out. This mommy-lit title is far from fluff. Advertising executive Marta Zinsser is a single mom who does things her own way even if it prevents her from meshing with the other moms in her cushy Seattle suburb. She rides a motorcycle, drives an old pickup and lives in flip-flops and cargo pants. When her daughter, Eva, 10, wants her to blend in, Marta tries with disastrous results. Her plans to remain single begin to implode when the studly, smart and handsome Luke Flynn steps into her life. Sensitive characters and a protagonist who doesn’t cave to the in-crowd gives this novel its heft.”

    Have a FABULOUS time in Hawaii–I am so envious–it is 30-something degrees here.

  2. You’re so funny!! I hope Tessa doesn’t read your blog or you’ll get in trouble 🙂 Congrats on the reviews – I’m forwarding them around LA right now!


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