Doctors & Shots

I’ve received so many phone calls and emails expressing concern about my comments in previous posts, particularly the last one, about all my blood draws and daily injections that I thought I’d better put any fears out there to rest.

I’m not sick.  I’m just trying to grow the family. 

And for me, that involves some serious medical assistance as well as time.  So, I’m going to need time–months, maybe–to try this and I’ve gone through it all before as my youngest son (now 9) was a doctors & shots baby.  But let’s face it:  I’m ten years older this time around and for women it does make a difference.  Our eggs have shelf-lives and there are more complications as we hit our 40’s but I’m being hopeful, no, make that confident.  If I can sell a book after 15 years of trying, I can make a baby.  It just might need some time and attempts.

I won’t be giving any play by play updates until I have a big update because I hate being disappointed, and I don’t want to disappoint any of you who have guessed what I was trying to do and have sent me encouraging emails about staying relaxed and taking it easy and thinking positive.

But I will say this:  I’ll take all the positive thoughts I can right now, and have no problem if any of you wish to picture me with a big fat belly and then a happy, healthy baby. 

It’s funny how writing Flirting with Forty rewrote my own life.

Oh!  And keep your eyes open for more Flirting with Forty movie news as Flirting with Forty is casting right now and the part of Jackie has been locked in.  I’ll share the news of who they’ve casted, and when the filming begins, as soon as I’m able.  I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes at Lifetime or Sony but this is exciting. 

Heck, everything is exciting.  Even my bruised belly and butt.


  1. While pregnant, I was confined to bed for 5 months due to Placenta Previa.

    The Dr. predicted transfusions, and a preemie if at all.

    I used VISUALIZATION to literally move the placenta away from the birth canal.

    Sally was born 2 weeks late at 8lbs 11oz fit as a fiddle!

    Believe in the power of your mind!

    Uberchik Liz

  2. Jane, congratulations on the movie. That is such a wonderful thing. And I shall think bright and positive thoughts for you and your baby – yes, it will happen!

  3. Jane!!! Hi! Haven’t talked in a while so I didn’t realize what you’ve been up to!!! I will keep everything crossed for you–wouldn’t that be exciting! Sorry you’re a human pin cushion, but if it works, it’ll all be worth it! And wow! on the movie front! You are the big time now! Hope to see you at RWA this summer!
    By the way, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver came out this past week and it’s been an insanely busy but exiting week (although getting the flu wasn’t exactly in my plans!!!)–whirlwind trip to Florida for a signing and a TV appearance on a syndicated morning show, then back home and a huge an very fun launch party. Now trying to catch up!
    Best wishes that you’re as fertile as the Nile Delta, baby!

  4. After our conversation at Emerald City, I figured that is what it was. Have been thinking about calling for about a week now… I think I will in the next few days, so be prepared!

  5. Sending best wishes to you, Jane. I had a feeling this was coming your way. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

  6. Jane,
    Had 2 terrible pregnancies but 2 very healthy babies so I know from experience that help is okay and good for you!! Hope you are holding up and please know that you are in my thoughts!! Can’t wait to see the baby bump, you must be even more adorable with a baby glow:)


  7. Wow, Jane! Long time since I’ve dropped by your blog.

    Lots of exciting things happening in your life right now. I hope you’re doing well (and that everyone got down the mountain safely!)

    Take care and lots of positive thoughts and wishes coming your way.


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