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My email is my lifeline.  It’s closer to me than my cell phone.  I shouldn’t say I practically live on it, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t live without it.  Unfortunately, it’s not working the way it should right now and I’m missing more emails than I’m getting and the problem is, I don’t know what I’m missing.

If you’ve written to me in the past couple weeks and haven’t heard from me, let me know by commenting to me below.  Or if I was to have joined your Kirkland Book Group this coming Wednesday, comment below, too, as I don’t know where I’m supposed to go Wednesday night and am wondering how to find you.

With the exception of email, things are going very well.  I had a touch of a bug and spent a couple days in bed and used the time to read, read, read.  In the past week I’ve read far more than I’ve written and loved it.   I have to stop reading soon though as I’ll need to save a few good books for my trip to California next week.  I’m heading to Orange County on Monday via Amtrak and from Seattle it’s a two day trip each way.  Surfer Ty’s keeping me company and we’ll play lots of cards and watch some movies and when he’s playing games I’ll read.    If you’re in or around Orange County on Thursday, September 25th come see me at one of my two events, all the details are over on my event page and I’d love for you to join me.   While in LA and Orange County, I’ll also be seeing my sister Kathy and her daughter, Ty’s mom and dad and aunt, my writer friends Megan Crane and Liza Palmer and writer/director Christine Fugate ( who is brilliant beyond belief and put the Laguna Beach Books signing together for me.   Christine inspired one of the characters in Tiana’s book and has been such a great support for me.

For a movie update, the rough cut of the Flirting with 40 film has been sent out to the press.  I hear its wonderful and I’ll be getting a sneak peek soon (probably when I’m in LA).   Everyone worked so hard on that film and I’m so grateful for Sony, Lifetime and Lucy Mukerjee’s dedication and vision.

As many of you know, Odd Mom Out and Mrs. Perfect have also been optioned together and are currently getting some serious looks by big name actresses, directors and producers.  I’ve no idea who will eventually tackle it–there is a lot of story between the two books–and how it will come together but I’m not worried.  The fact that it’s getting this much interest is gratifying.  Besides, this is probably my favorite part of creativity–the point where anything and everything could happen.

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