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I received an email from a reader yesterday and it was wonderful to hear how she discovered me and why she’s a fan of my books now.  It made me feel very lucky, and definitely blessed, to know that my books resonate with readers, and bring love and joy to some women who don’t get enough of it in their lives.

I’ve started my new book for Harlequin, the third book in my Desert Kings mini-series which is Zayad’s story, and it’s slow going.  Getting a new book going is hard for me.  I have all these ideas but putting the actual words down on paper is like wringing water from a virtually dry dishtowel.  Just not a lot there.  Maybe there’s never been a lot there.  Books, I realize, are written word by word over long periods of time.  Even on my good days, when words rush out in paragraphs, I’ll probably have to edit those down by slicing pages at a time.

Today being September 11th I have a lot of things on my mind.  It being 9/11.  As well as my friend’s daughter’s birthday.  Sinclair was in the hospital delivering her baby as the twin towers were hit by planes.  The nurse turned the TV off since the news wouldn’t help labor. I’m also thinking a lot about the upcoming presidential election.  A lot about Palin, both good and bad.

I’m thinking about our local teachers’ strike.  It’s September 11th and my kids haven’t returned to school yet and it’s unlikely they will until Monday.  If then.

I’m thinking about my next book I’ll write for 5 Spot and wondering if it should be Shey’s story.  Turns out there is a story there and it’d take her back to Texas and out of New York.  Thinking how thinking of writing is actually easier than writing.  There is also a road trip story I want to write about a woman, her former mother-in-law, and the kids.  The four go on vacation together and it’s not smooth sailing.  There’s plenty of conflict between daughter in law and mother in law and layers of lives are peeled back as we discover that being 65 isn’t much different than being 35 or 45.

I’m also aware that it’s time to give away the second of The Princess Brides prizes, this time featuring The Greek’s Royal Mistress, the middle book of the trilogy.  The prize is a soothing Mediterranean escape with beautiful bath salts and scrubs and pampering products along with a signed copy of The Greek’s Royal Mistress tucked into a princess tote. The contest will close tomorrow night at midnight and I’ll draw the winner’s name and share it in the comments below on Saturday.  If you’re the winner, send me your mailing address by Monday or I’ll pick another winner.

Enter to win by posting a comment.  How are things?  Is today a difficult day for you?  Reading anything good at the moment?

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