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I received an email from a reader yesterday and it was wonderful to hear how she discovered me and why she’s a fan of my books now.  It made me feel very lucky, and definitely blessed, to know that my books resonate with readers, and bring love and joy to some women who don’t get enough of it in their lives.

I’ve started my new book for Harlequin, the third book in my Desert Kings mini-series which is Zayad’s story, and it’s slow going.  Getting a new book going is hard for me.  I have all these ideas but putting the actual words down on paper is like wringing water from a virtually dry dishtowel.  Just not a lot there.  Maybe there’s never been a lot there.  Books, I realize, are written word by word over long periods of time.  Even on my good days, when words rush out in paragraphs, I’ll probably have to edit those down by slicing pages at a time.

Today being September 11th I have a lot of things on my mind.  It being 9/11.  As well as my friend’s daughter’s birthday.  Sinclair was in the hospital delivering her baby as the twin towers were hit by planes.  The nurse turned the TV off since the news wouldn’t help labor. I’m also thinking a lot about the upcoming presidential election.  A lot about Palin, both good and bad.

I’m thinking about our local teachers’ strike.  It’s September 11th and my kids haven’t returned to school yet and it’s unlikely they will until Monday.  If then.

I’m thinking about my next book I’ll write for 5 Spot and wondering if it should be Shey’s story.  Turns out there is a story there and it’d take her back to Texas and out of New York.  Thinking how thinking of writing is actually easier than writing.  There is also a road trip story I want to write about a woman, her former mother-in-law, and the kids.  The four go on vacation together and it’s not smooth sailing.  There’s plenty of conflict between daughter in law and mother in law and layers of lives are peeled back as we discover that being 65 isn’t much different than being 35 or 45.

I’m also aware that it’s time to give away the second of The Princess Brides prizes, this time featuring The Greek’s Royal Mistress, the middle book of the trilogy.  The prize is a soothing Mediterranean escape with beautiful bath salts and scrubs and pampering products along with a signed copy of The Greek’s Royal Mistress tucked into a princess tote. The contest will close tomorrow night at midnight and I’ll draw the winner’s name and share it in the comments below on Saturday.  If you’re the winner, send me your mailing address by Monday or I’ll pick another winner.

Enter to win by posting a comment.  How are things?  Is today a difficult day for you?  Reading anything good at the moment?


  1. Yes, lots of things on my mind this day (9/11) also. I’m currently reading the first in a Harlequin American series by Lisa Childs, Unexpected Bride. Auto-buy author for me. She’s written for many different Harlequin lines & I’ve followed her across the genres because no matter what she writes, she draws the reader in and her books are always page-turners for me.

  2. Jane,
    Today is ok. I went for lunch with my best friend from high school that I finally got back in touch with after about 5 yrs. We had a good time, but then again, we always did. It was north of my house (like when I came to have dinner with you) and I feared car trouble but got home without any:) My other sister bought Mrs. Perfect and loved it so she has now borrowed the rest of yours from me. I am very greedy with my Jane Porter signed books…in fear that I will not get them back or I will and they will be damaged:) But I am also excited because I have made another woman a big fan of yours! Hope all is well with you! Cindy

  3. Just feeling antsy today. Remembering 9/11, worrying about IKE and family I have in Texas. I think I need to go for a walk and clear my mind.

  4. Today has been insanely busy with exercise and yard work and then house work! I did get to read for a few minutes today, but it’s just been busy. We’re going to a wedding on Sat. Hubby’s college roommate is getting married and he’s in the wedding. So, that promises to be fun! Other than that just trying to get tons of stuff done 🙂

  5. Today is such a strange day for so many people. First, I’m remembering the harsh reality of seven years ago. The television coverage is sad and inspiring at once. People speaking on the changes in their lives since 9/11, heroes lauded, and the community coming together as a whole–it’s inspirational.


  6. I think today is a ‘thinking’ day for everyone. 9/11 I was nursing BigBoy, watching it unfold like a nightmare on television. This morning I was nursing BabyGirl, feeling acute deja vu. He’s in second grade and has never known a world where his country wasn’t at war. That just…makes me want to escape into a book, really!

  7. September 11th – what a horrific day for the United States and the families of all those lost so tragically, so meaningless. And we all know where we were and what we were doing while this was unfolding and will never forget. God Bless those families who lost loved ones. They are in my prayers today.

  8. This day is always tough for me. I began my career in Tower 2 and was intimately familiar with the area. I was working on 42nd street on 9/11. No, not on the corner; in an office building of course.

    I couldn’t get back to New Jersey that night and stayed at a friend’s on 2nd Avenue. It wasn’t till the next day that I learned how friends of my family were on United 93.

    I always have the newscast on in the mornings and search out the one radio station transmitting the ceremony while driving to work. Once at work, I keep a live feed on the internet in the upper corner of my computer screen so I can listen as I go through my morning. I may not know any of the names being read, but I like to think that I offer a small bit of honor to their memories by hearing their names read and recognizing their loss and sacrifice.

    Kathleen Sullivan wrote a recent Harlequin book where her hero is a 9/11 widower and he says how NYC doesn’t allow the survivors to forget and move on, that reminders of 9/11 are constantly around, constantly keeping spouses and families from living new lives. I think that valid and no doubt very true, but the people I heard reading names this morning and talking to their lost loved ones have indeed moved on to marriage and family and new jobs and other lovely life journeys. They do this, many times, in memory or in honor of their lost ones and I just can’t see that as a bad thing.

    We need to remember. We need to move, yes, but we must never, ever forget.

  9. september 11 is always difficult for me. When it happened in 2001, I just had read a travel guide for NYC and my love for new york was born!(althoug I still not have visited it)and I was just arrived from school(it was early afternoon here when the news came in) I had the radio on when the newscaster called an extra announcement: a plan had hit the first tower. I turned on cnn and saw the second one going in. I was so.shocked and started to cry.
    And now the news is saying that my country(holland) is probably a next terror target. That makes me so scared always. I hope no one will ever lose loved ones in those horrible events.A really good book about this subject is The Usual Rules by Joyce Maynard. A true reccommendation.
    xo and love,

  10. I was in nursing school and it was the first day of our clinical rotation. I’ll never forget all of the patients watching television and the unfolding of that horrific tragedy. I am feeling a little blue today and maybe I didn’t realize until just now that it is probably because of the date.

  11. Today has been a day of preparing…

    Preparing for the move. In a little over a week I will load up the SUV, my four year old daughter, and two cats. My hubby and the dogs will stay back in Montana while the house is on the market and I will go ahead and start the transition back to Washington State.

    There is a little fear in my bones…Questions that I try to hold back…How long will it take for the house to sell? How long will my hubby and I be seperated? Will I be able to get my daughter into a good preschool, Will I do alright living with my in-laws until our house sells?…So many thoughts and concern.

    On a lighter note I Look forward to visiting with you Jane!

  12. Today was definitely a day of thinking of others killed in 9/11, and the families affected by it. My cousins brother in law died in the twin towers, and had called to say goodbye, as he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get out in time. And I was thinking of all the widows whom were pregnant at the time their husbands died, and how those children will never know their fathers.

  13. It is amazing how we can remember exactly what we were doing when some events happen. I was playing with my baby nephew early in the morning, when my parents called and said to turn on the TV.

    I’m back to college so my reading is limited to Operation Management, Marketing, Java Programming, and Management books. Along with a few, kids books at night time. My pleasuring read has to be on hold, or I will never get my homework done.

  14. Today was an extremely busy and hectic day at work and at home. I’m also feeling sad while reflecting back on the events of 9/11.

    I’m going to a barbecue this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to relax and maybe do some reading.

  15. I’m not feeling too good as just got off from 2 night shifts of 12 hrs. each. I’m training at a Personal care home with 15 residents.

  16. A lot going on. Wondering how I did on my job interview today. Wondering if I’ll get news on a proposal tomorrow. Looking at the weekend and wondering if I’m going to get it all in.

    The normal stuff.

  17. Hi Jane. On 9/11 at my university, they always have a memorial service to remember the tragedy of the lives lost on that sad day.
    I am reading Stacey Kayne’s The Gunslinger’s Untamed Bride.

  18. Hi Jane! Did you come to Newport? I never heard from you so I figured you didn’t. I live in VA now.
    I got my hair done yesterday. Well head shaved and roots bleached. *g*
    I’m reading AN UNQUIET MIND by Kay Redfield Jamison.
    Oh and every day is a difficult day for me….

  19. Hi again,

    I just wanted to comment that I love the idea of the book about the two women and kids going on a road trip. That sounds like such a great story! Have a great weekend!

  20. Yesterday was a busy day. I live in an area that was under a mandatory evacuation order because of Ike. So I pulled in the potential projectiles laying around in the yard before I left town. Apparently I got a jump on the evacuees though because it only took me an hour longer than usual to reach my step-father’s.

  21. I always remember the events of Sept. 11 and hope that we will continue to honor all the brave men and women who protect us. I am reading A Thread of Grace by mary Doria Russell. Best of luck and thanks for this lovely contest.

  22. Jane, yesterday I was thinking about my husband Ron. As a firefighter watching 911 on the actual day was incredibly hard for him. I’m feeling blessed that I was married to him for all of years we had together.

    I remember when he was working at Holland America, Ron and his co-workers visited the actual spot where it all happened. His friend said to a police officer, “my friend here was an officer in the fire department”. The officer embraced Ron and then proceeded to take him down to the actual spot where most people don’t get to go. They both cried for all that was lost.

    So today, I pray for all of those lives lost and for their families. I pray for my children who to this day miss their father. I’m feeling blessed that I live in this wonderful country, and feel blessed for the love of family and friends!

  23. I just got off a 1-10pm shift at work. Tomorrow I have to do housework and on Sunday I’m going to a baby shower. Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. Jane, 9/11 is difficult. I resisted watching reports because having l watched it live it is too painful to see it again. The day here was beautiful, reminding me of that day of the blue skies being blotted out by fire and smoke.
    How wonderful that you know a child born on that day representing how life goes on.
    Happily, as I write this the teacher’s strike seems to be settled, pending a vote. Kids should be back where they belong, in the classroom. I was disappointed that teachers decided to strike rather than start school without a contract and keep negotiating.

    I am going to watch kid’s playing football on Saturday and enjoy the lovely weather this weekend with sun in the daytime and the beautiful moon at night. As always, nature brings us the comfort of season’s changing and the cycle of life which happens regardless of our pain or pleasure.

  25. Hi everyone and apologies for posting this late but computer had issues earlier and have been sorting it out. However, am now online again and able to announce…Renae, You are the winner!! Renae, please send me your mail address in next day or so and you’ll love this prize. Next contest featuring an incredible New Orleans gift bag will be given away in just days!!

    Jane Porter

  26. Congrats!

    It’s amazing how we can remember exactly what we were doing when events happeh.

    Renae: “I was playing with my baby nephew early in the morning, when my parents called and said to turn on the TV.’

    Incredible how it all happened and what we were doing and felt. As for now, I’m hoping you’re enjoying college life at it’s fullest. Again, congratulations.

  27. I look forward to the mother in law story, and a life perspective from someone over 40. Thanks…life is not all about youth,is it?

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