Liza Palmer Rocks

My good friend and fellow 5 Spot author is one cool chick and a huge talent.  I’ve been a fan of her–and her writing–from the moment I met her.  A Pasadena girl, Liza was a big help when I was writing Taylor’s story, Mrs. Perfect, as Taylor is also from Pasadena.  (Although I’ve been told that Taylor is imaginary and Liza is not.)

Everyone here should also know I looooooooved Liza’s  January ’08 release, Seeing Me Naked.  It’s one of my five fav books I’ve read this year and an incredibly satisfying read.  I was flying home from Megan’s wedding last March reading the last chapters of Seeing Me Naked and crying.  Worse, I was in first class and it’s not okay to cry as you read in first class.  It’s just one of those unwritten rules like don’t bump the seat in front of you when you get up to use the bathroom and don’t chat too much with the flight attendant because talking interferes with the attendant’s ability to wait on the demanding male passengers.

Conversations with the Fat GirlAnd now Liza’s got big news.  Her debut novel, Conversations With the Fat Girl, has been optioned by HBO for a new series! Think of it as anti Sex & The City set on the West Coast.  To read all the wonderful details about the deal check out the recent article in Variety magazine,  or just google Liza Palmer HBO and you’ll find tons of good stuff about the option.

This is hugely exciting stuff and Liza is so awesome, and warm, and wonderful (and funny!  She makes me laugh more than anyone else I know) that I’m giving away a signed copy of Conversations to celebrate the deal.

How to win?  Just post a comment here–you can congratulate Liza, or congratulate me for knowing Liza–and tomorrow morning I’ll announce the winner.  The winner also gets a bunch of fun Jane Porter goodies including my summer JP water bottle.

5 Spot authors Megan Crane, Liza Palmer, and Jane Porter.

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