I Saw It!

The promo ad for the Flirting movie on Lifetime.  Producer friend, Lucy Mukerjee, emailed me at noon to say the movie trailer for Flirting with Forty has been running on Lifetime today so I turned on the tv, watched one and a half Lifetime movies and then I saw it.

Snow flurries.  Heather Locklear at the window.  Music.  Sexy sexy tan half naked Robert Buckley.  The title, Flirting with Forty, and the words, world premiere December 6th.

World premiere.

I got goosebumps.   I still have them.  That’s my story.  That’s the book that became my life that became a movie that became everybodys story.

I feel the same giddy awe I felt the first time I saw my book, Italian Groom, in a store.  I’d spent fifteen years trying to get published.  I’d written twelve, thirteen rejected books.  I’d worked so hard.  Tried so long.  And finally, there it was, my baby, my book.

And now Flirting with Forty will soon be seen by millions.  Amazing.

Amazing.  And I saw it.  And if you should see the trailer, let me know what you think.

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