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Waxcreative Design's BlogEmily Cotler, my most amazing web designer, blogged about my site today on her blog and reading her column made me think about my site and all the features here, which led me to wondering what you like best.

Share with me your favorite features (blog, photos, event page, contests, book page, fun book extras, you name it) and you’ll be entered in today’s drawing. The contest prize is all about tropical fun and includes a red sarong from Hawaii, a Hawaii Starbucks drinks card, a 2009 beaches calendar, Hawaii goodies, and one of my books–your choice–signed for you. The contest will run through Tuesday night, midnight, PST and I’ll announce the winner Wednesday.

So tell me, what brings you back to and you’re in the drawing!


  1. My favorite part of your site is the blog. I love to hear whatever you have to say as a mom, writer, and as a person. I also like the events page as that is where I find out when you are in NJ!! The pics are fun too though!! Hope you had a great Monday!!

  2. Hi Jane!

    I love the blog to check in with the most recent news, and because you make it such a warm, friendly place. I like the bookshelf and coming soon pages to keep up with book news. The photos and contests are fun too. 🙂

    Also, we were away for the weekend, but I saw the Flirting With Forty preview on Lifetime about an hour ago. It looks so good! Robert Buckley should never, ever wear a shirt lol!

  3. I read your blog because I like you (too fangrrl? sorry) and I like hearing your voice and having this manner of keeping in touch with you. I also think you have really inspiring and insightful things to say about the writing process. You share a lot of yourself and I’ve been blessed more than once by your honesty regarding personal struggles as I’ve experience some similar issues/experiences Your contests are fun too (someday [fingers crossed] my number will come up!) I haven’t really checked in on other parts of your site beyond the “what does Jane’s site look like?” first visit, but I do like the various links you have for your viewers. I have your blog posts on my RSS reader, so I just click through and check in on you and maybe post and then back to the work on my desk. I do like the colors and feel of the site and I think it really reflects you very well.

  4. Whenever I’m online I must get my Jane fix- whether I’m happy or sad, you always seem to make me feel better. Thanks…
    p.s. I think the design of your blog is very appealing – I visit other sites that aren’t as eye catching or pretty.

  5. I definitely have to say that my favorite part of your site is definitely the blog. I mean, seriously, it’s the only way I can read new stuff by Jane Porter until the new book comes out!! I love your witty insights and you always have something fun to talk about!! I totally enjoy your blog 🙂

    Hope you are feeling well 🙂 We’ve been praying for you 🙂

    Much love,

  6. I like reading your blog but I love the photos. I feel like I’m snooping but that’s probably the best part! I’m allowed to look into someone else’s life through pictures!

  7. I like going to an author’s website…it’s like completing the picture, in my mind, of the force behind a book. I like YOUR website because you share, fairly candidly, your experiences in/on the business of writing/publishing and you put a real and human face on the life and times of a author/mother/woman. It’s a peek behind the curtain. Who can resist that??

  8. The thing that brings me back real regular is your Blog.

    I love looking at the photo album and your boolshelf is a plethora of information.

  9. I really love reading about your new releases, both Harlequin Presents and your women’s fiction. It is almost as if we are getting the inside scoop on and coupled with the blog, we really get more information about your writing and the writing process.


  10. I started going to your web site after reading Mrs. Perfect and Odd Mom Out (I read them out of order, not a problem) and I wanted to find out more about you. I love the blog and links to interviews and “web casts” of your appearances on tv and listening to your radio interviews and looking at photos of signings and events.
    I have always been a reader and as a kid would wonder about authors and how they wrote a book and now with the internet I can find out. It is almost like all your fans are helping push you along. I hope we give you energy because you inspire us.

  11. I like the blog best. I like to keep up with what’s happening with you (especially now that you have baby news).

    PS: I just started to read The Frog Prince today. I’m not very far in, but so far I’m very anxious about her ex (I’m feeling Holly’s pain) – what a weenie that guy is! LOL

  12. My favorite? Your blog. I started visiting your blog regularly after reading Flirting with Forty. I love the way you think and express yourself. It is so refreshing to read about a woman who is real. Thanks so much for who you are for all of us readers!

  13. My favorite part of your site is visiting your blog, and I have been doing so a few times a week since reading Odd Mom Out. I appreciate your honesty when you share your motherhood triumphs and frustrations, because as a Mom I really need to hear from other women that struggle with the same things I do!

    Thanks for sharing, Jane!

  14. I love coming back and reading you blog about everyday life, I also love reading everyone’s responses. I love looking at the picture of your travels, ((crosses fingers)) maybe one day you’ll come to N.Central FL.


  15. Honestly…I have you in my favorites and I head straight to your blog to see what you have written. I think I originally came for a contest.

    I just like to read what you write.

  16. I love reading your thoughts on life. Your books are my favorite and reading your blog is almost like reading one of your novels. After reading Flirting with Forty, I started stopping by. Now it is a daily read. I have also converted all of my coworkers to Jane Porter fans. They love your books too.

  17. What brings me back to is that I love Jane Porter! 🙂

    I do love the blog and the latest happenings with all your books…

    Hope you’re feeling better these days and mucho hugs,


  18. I love it all. Your page is so up beat and inviting. But I do have to say, my favorite thing is the blog! Love it! Of course I love the whole thing, but you did ask what our favorite thing is.


  19. jane, what brings me back isn’t the cool features, the easy loading or the bright colors. What brings me back, day after day, is, quite simply, you. I want to know how you are doing, how your writing is going and what is up in Jane’s world.

    What can I say? I think you rock:)

  20. I have to agree with Teri! It is just fun to find out what is going on with you! Also, I really liked seeing the Flirting With Forty cast pictures!

  21. Hi Jane! My favorite part of your website is your blog. I love reading what you have to say! I also like the bookshelf, photos, and your great contests!

  22. your site is wonderful and easy to check things out such as excerpts, what you are up to, etc. but I do like the blog best. Here you have interesting articles and I like to know about the author and some of her/his likes/dislikes and what’s going on in their life.

  23. Jane – YOU are the reason that I visit your website daily. I love to read your blog and find out what’s happening in your world. I can hear your voice – and your laugh! – through your blog. Your blog keeps me connected with you!


  24. Jane – YOU are the reason that I visit your website daily. I love to read your blog and find out what’s happening in your world. I can hear your voice – and your laugh! – through your blog. Your blog keeps me connected with you!

  25. I actually just finished creating a website for a personal trainer that I know. So I can really appreciate all the time and energy put into your website, blog, etc.

    And I like reading your blogs! Especially when your talking about being a mom or being pregnant, because I can relate to it.

    Keep up the good work and give your website designer an extra pat on the back!

  26. I love your blog.

    But on a wish list… I would like to see more author sites go to fluid width from fixed width since I don’t browse at 800×600 – I think there a lot of wasted space that way. But that is a general web design thought coming out of my fingers at the moment.

  27. Hi Jane! I must say I enjoy your whole site – excerpts, photos, etc. – but my favorite thing is your blog. It’s a great way to stay in contact with you!

  28. I used to be able to see you at the Tully’s in our building with your headset on “creating”. My friend and I would wait in line for coffee, wishing that WE would get to be in your books! Now I read your blog regularly for my Jane-fix.

  29. I love your blog as a new jane porter reader. I have been checking for news about “flirting with 40” movie. I also enjoy your contests and prizes, they are fun!

  30. Congrats to #36, Margie, you are our winner. Please shoot me a private email with your address and I’ll get the sarong, calendar, Starbucks card and rest of the goodies out in the mail!


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